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↟ Tjørnuvík is probably my favourite village in the Faroes Islands. A black beach and the deep blue Atlantic make the perfect companions 🖤 #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ A classic Faroese cabin adorned with stone walls, classic grass roof and white single glazed windows. There were no grand views of the lake beyond but the cabin looked perfect that day 😍 #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ How can you be original in a place where many have visited? An alternative view of the classic Drangarnir #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ Morning drives in the beautiful Lake District #adventureisoutthere at The Lake District, Cumbria


↟ I’d love to be sitting here right now. No worries. Just a sweet view. An amazing sunrise and the locals for company #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ She bares her soul for all to see, But no one knows what she could be, Her scars, her fears, they hide, For on the outside, She shines as bright as you or I... /w @hayley_h_19 at The Lake District, Cumbria


↟The peaks surrounding Fjallsárlón, towering out from some moody evening clouds... #adventureisoutthere at Iceland


↟ We planned to head to Mykines for the day and see the puffins but the sea was too rough. Heartbroken 😩 ... However, the next day we ended up catching this one on the mainland, just chilling on the cliff face. ‘Suppose’ I will have to make a 4th trip out there to see them... If you haven’t seen I am taking over the @visitfaroeislands account this week, head over there to see more of Sandoy, one of the smaller and less explored Islands! Canon 6D + Sigma Art 85mm #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ We didn’t get many sunsets in Iceland but this one was amazing w/ @tomkahler at the helm for @rentalcarscom #adventureisoutthere at Iceland


↟ There’s too many waterfalls in the Faroe Islands to count, but Fossurin í Fossá is definitely my fave! w/ @bemyghost #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ One of my favourite days in Iceland. My kind of conditions, swipe for some scale! Also massive thank you to every single one of you that supports me on the daily, I’d not be where I am without you! Still can’t believe there’s 10k of you that follow me! As always ... #adventureisoutthere at Iceland


↟ An amazing experience staying in the finest hotel in the Lake District. The night was extremely cold dipping into negative figures, however the @icebreakernz #originalnaturalbaselayer was a perfect way to stay toasty! Will definitely be a great addition to the kit for the coming Slovenia / Dolomite trip 🙌 #sponsored at The Lake District, Cumbria


↟ Exploring cute little villages in the Faroe Islands with thanks to @rannvajoensen Which one would you have? The orange one caught my eye 🏠 #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ The beautiful church of Vidareidi, overshadowed by mountains and bound by the sea. Out here, the sheep carve their way around the cliffs and shape the land 🐑 can you see it? #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ These guys are my favourite, such weird and curious creatures, but cute x1000. Longing to be back in the Glen 😔 #adventureisoutthere at Scotland


↟ In Iceland, it’s compulsory to stop every five minutes and take road pictures 🚘 #adventureisoutthere at Iceland


↟ Kalsoy is already a marvel up close...from 2km away though, the crazy scale of the cliffs you stand on are revealed 🤯 #adventureisoutthere at Faroe Islands


↟ A castle of sorts, probably the best looking house in Scotland. Wouldn’t you agree? Speaking of houses, been off the grid this weekend spending time in one of the finest bothy’s in the Lake District. The night was cold but the fire kept us going! #adventureisoutthere at Scotland

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