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I am a Berkeley mama, writer, photographer, recipe developer. Most of the food you see here will be in my book. Details soon!

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More silliness. Just landed in Oakland. Back to schlepping and school lunches and dog hair and back-to-school nights and that weird mold that is growing in my washing machine.


Special shout-out to my daughter, @isabelrossss, for teaching me how to flat-iron my hair, how to use highlighter on my cheeks, and how to be organized. #emmys2017 #siliconvalleyhbo


When your closet is too short for your fancy dress, use a surfboard! P.S. That is some #CaptainFantastic magic still lingering on the walls. #venice #emmys2017 #hbo #siliconvalleyhbo


My hottie. My Alby. My Gavin. My writer. My director. My husband. My sharp dresser. #emmys2017 #hbo #siliconvalley


I want to master Cacio e pepe! I had some remarkable inspiration tonight from chef @evanfunke. at Felix Trattoria


Steak, whipped horseradish, creamed spinach, mascarpone mashed potatoes. And an endless martini. Thank you, @lfonda and @ereinemann, for pulling me out of 2017. I needed it. at Alfred's Steakhouse


My friend left me a voice mail today about menopause. She mentioned how I have been all coo coo crazy about pickles over the past few years and suddenly she feels the same way. She called our current phase: Pickle Menopause. Before that it was all anchovies all the time. Well, I can now add to the list slow-roasted tomatoes with salt, sugar, garlic, Aleppo pepper, and olive oil. Stand back. We are over here listening to our cravings, keeping our kids alive, and making fucking crèpes for the fucking bake sale for hurricane relief. We got this. Link in profile to a very powerful story about menopause by Mary Ruefle. Read it. All of you. It will help you guide those around you. It will help you listen. It will help you empathize. And thanks to so many of you for sending her story my way. You know who you are.


"I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced." Obi-Wan Kenobi I just watched this scene from Star Wars to confirm the quote and realized that about 16 years ago, in my mind, I had changed millions to thousands. Today was hard. Lots of tears. Not sure why this year hit harder than last year. But it did. So I stopped trying to change the world and I walked into my kitchen and made panzanella with cucumbers, feta, early girls, Castelvetrano olives, Aleppo pepper, hella mustard, sherry wine vinegar, basil, mint, parsley, garlic oil, lemon zest. The chopping distracted me. The tossing of everything with my hands made me fingers smell sweet and spicy. And I kept thinking that 16 years ago, I was in my kitchen in the West Village, cooking like a motherfucker, feeding my friends. Because that is all I could do. Link in profile to something I wrote a few years back


New on my fridge. Top 2 photos = Juilliard audition piece I choreographed in 1987, photos by my dad. Bottom left = postcard from @cafeluxembourg, the first restaurant I fell in love with in 1988 when I moved to NYC to go to Juilliard. Bottom right = the most beautiful film still ever from Captain Fantastic. 30 busy years.




Last time I used these pink hair clips, I was at the Cannes Film Festival attempting to curl my hair for the Vanity Fair party. I now use them to pin the ricotta bag to the sides of the strainer. #captainfantastic at Berkeley, California


final few hours of summer featuring a lemon drop and my favorite sport


Today is my grandma Phyllis' birthday. She is with me all of the time: as I cook and parent and read and write. Thank you to the @diebenkornfoundation for sharing this photo and continuing to show her strength and beauty.


I have been dreaming about this Double-Double for 6 months. 6 days of summer left with my son. So we are diving in. at In-N-Out Burger


Early girl tomatoes drenched in tahini sauce and garlic oil. Topped with lemon zest, mint, parsley, coarse salt, toasted pine nuts. #hellasalads


Arugula. Peaches drenched in garlic oil and Fresno chili pickle brine and then baked at super high heat with prosciutto. Gorgonzola picante. Pine nuts. Meyer lemon shallot vinaigrette. Wine. #hellasalads


I just welcomed a few sharp props into my kitchen from the Captain Fantastic set. Very useful for the zombie apocalypse. And for cutting brown butter blondies. Recipe link in profile. #captainfantastic #captainfantasticmovie

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