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David Naimark

26 years Tel Aviv, Israel fixedgear rider, racer, traveler team - @lifeitself_crew #sneakercommunityvk physicist cooking enthusiast

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Series of endless empty road landscapes- the highlights of my 250km daytrip at Israel


yesterday I did my longest ride ever - 247km on a fixedgear bike, solo. It was the celebration of judgement day in Israel - one day in a year when nobody rides a car and you can ride a bike on the highways, so I decided to take as much as I can of it. Very long and mental day on a bike.. at Tel Aviv, Israel


Wanted to ride around the Sea of Galilee for a while and finally did it. Amazing route, beautiful landscapes, very warm, but the best thing is that you can jump to the lake after you finished. You’re chilling in a fresh water, rotating your head and realizing that you’ve been all around it) at Sea of Galilee


It’s so cool to escape your usual cycling routes and explore new places This time it was a small weekend trip to the north of Israel at Northern District


when you CHALLENGE yourself to climb the steepest hill you ever climbed and there are a monument to THE CHALLENGER on top of it at Nes Harim


AM I CRAZY ENOUGH to climb mountains on fixed gear?? Yes I am! ...or maybe just stupid enough 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 at Nes Harim


It was the year full of days and nights, some events took place - good ones and also bad ones. I was eating, sleeping, riding bike, resting and working. I met some people and haven’t met others. It was a good year and I’m excited what will bring the next one! (average new year philosophy post) at Tel Aviv, Israel


climbed to the top at Ariel, Israel


all of the lights ...and some water at Yarkon Park


playing in the rain 💦💦💦 . . . . . 📸 : @dimageyets at Tel Aviv, Israel


just couldn’t pass the mirror 🤣 at Petah Tikva


why not to do some shopping right after your morning session if it helps to manage your time?) probably from the side it’s very funny to see a guy in lycra and stuff buying some fruits in 8am at Ramat Gan


throwback to my first alleycat race can’t wait to race again at Tel Aviv, Israel


where it all started.. at Vilnius, Lithuania


not just a bikes corner, but a spiritual place at Givatayim


If someone would told me then where these bikes will bring me in the next 9 months I would never believe! Still wondering what life’s preparing for me at Tel Aviv, Israel


Thanksgiving post to all the people I met on my trip - supercool guys from Vilnius for the great time in Vilnius and 2 days riding together @jurgisjorje @kazlas @rokstarfresh @dmnts.dmnts @tomasmeleska and everyone from @fixedgearvilnius I met, awesome dudes from Kaunas for ridiculous ride and chill @lucyforbreakfast @sukronsadat , the most hospitable buddies from Riga for the best rest and showing me around @about.dave @diana_up @brukleneshop and all of your friends with whom we hung around, @ievinsjanis for sharing some kms with me and for this photo, very welcoming people of Tallinn for the nice ride and beers @kermokalberg @m2nna @teamv2nt and @jookscc for helping me with packing my bike. And all the other people I met here snd there. You all the best and made my trip so amazing and unforgettable! Looking forward to see you again one day and thank you very much for everything!!! at Riga, Latvia

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