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Christopher Setterlund

...and the mornings you’ll never forget. at Moab, Utah


There nights in a life like this when there seems to be nothing better to do than sit in the falling snow and watch the firefight flicker on an old juniper tree. There nights in a life like this a person will never forget. at Moab, Utah


Pining for the moon. at Adirondack Mountains


Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful. at Shenandoah National Park


One year ago today I took a little bit of a chance. After hours of looking at every forecast model available, I hopped in the adventure machine and drove six hours, straight to the trailhead that lead straight to this spot. And as the moon rose and the clouds rolled in, I knew it was all worth it for the 10 minute show I’d been waiting years to see. I haven’t stopped taking chances in the year since. I drove to the desert southwest because I thought it would be a good place for viewing a lunar eclipse. I spent weeks in the canyon country, shivering in my tent every night, waiting for my chance to finally see white snow coating the red rocks I’ve loved for so long. I slept through rainstorms, thunderstorms, windstorms and snowstorms. I spent time with bears and wild horses and tried to get a stray dog to come travel with me (though that mission has yet to be accomplished). I ate awful bagels and somehow even worse huevos rancheros. I made new friends and spent time with old friends. I read 17 books and went to 0 movies. I spent more time adding logs to fires than I did adjusting wall-mounted thermostats. I took chances that worked out and I took chances that haven’t worked out just yet. Looking back now on the past year though, I’m glad I took them all, and I’m ready for the next ones. #staywild at Somewhere Out There


I guess he was to young to read the “do not approach the humans” signs. at Grayson Highlands State Park


“...while I am alive, I intend to live” - Everett Ruess #VagabondForBeauty at Peaks of Otter Bedford, VA


Family time in the park at Shenandoah National Park


I spent the last view days living in the same area as this little guy. I couldn’t always see him, but I don’t think he ever went more than a few hundred yards away from where I was set up. I’d see him every now and then, sniffing around in the woods down by the creek or climbing up and down trees. Most often though, we would meet when he was on his way in to or out of this tree, which seemed to be his favorite, about 15 yards from my tent. He never approached me and, to reciprocate, I refrained from doing any cooking while I was there, opting for yogurt and sandwiches instead. On this occasion though, he didn’t run off when he got down the tree. Instead he went about sniffing around the area and I went back to reading my book and tending to my fire. He wasn’t much for conversation, but I’m pretty sure we were friends. at Shenandoah National Park


Stay wild at Shenandoah National Park


This photo is sixteen months and seven days old. I knew the moment I hit the shutter it was going to be one that I’d love, but I never could have guessed just how meaningful it would become. Three hours before this photo was taken, before he had walked over to our campsite to inquire about the presence of grizzly bears, I hadn’t even known Neil existed. We chatted briefly then, and I was happy to see him come back to the site right next to ours after going back around to register for the night. After a couple hours of telling stories and a couple rounds of huckleberry vodka drinks, we wound up here, on the shore of Lake McDonald. I could never have known then that this beautiful moment was going to change both of our lives. I’ve never been a religious person, but sometimes I like to think that I may be a spiritual person. And maybe I’d like to believe that people do sometimes come into our lives when we need them the most, whether we know it or not. Happy birthday @neilmiles1, thank you for being one of my best friends. I never knew I needed you then, but I’m so glad you were there, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have you in my life now.


I sat in the grass today and watched this mama bear eat apples off the ground as her cubs shook them out of the tree. Today was a good day. at Shenandoah National Park


I wanted to stand here because my dad once stood here. We don’t have as much in common as we maybe should. He’s a calculus professor, and I suck at math. I’m a wanderer who has a hard time with the idea of staying in any one place for too long, and he somehow managed to put down roots in Pennsylvania and raise a family there. But he was the first of his family to leave the south for the north- the first to go beyond everything that was normal. Maybe I’m just the next. Maybe we have more in common than I thought. at Sharp Top Mountain


Little one at Grayson Highlands State Park


The only way. at Charlottesville, Virginia


There are moments on trips like this when you wonder why you’re doing it in the first place. Tree limbs fall on your tent one night and it gets flooded in a downpour the next. The firewood you got a really great deal on turns out to be wet on the inside, so you’re eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches again. You turn off the gps, throw the atlas into the back seat and just drive. And then you wind up here: in a meadow at 4,000 feet, staring into the eyes of a wild one as it slowly approaches you, and you know, finally, it’s where you’re supposed to be. at Grayson Highlands State Park


Waking up in a flooded tent at dawn has some surprising perks. at Shenandoah National Park


I want a life on fire, going mad with desire. at Monongahela National Forest

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