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Great excitement in our Milan office this afternoon.Ando in the office,Siza exhibition in our Casabella showroom and a competition win in Padova


We are so honoured that Thomas Struth is photographing the James Simon gallery,soon to be opened by the Chancellor Angela Merkel.Photo by Nina Helten. #jJames Simon gallery


Shocked to see the Mackintosh school of art during my visit to lecture to the architecture school.Thank you to all those who turned up including the fire brigade half way through the lecture... no one is taking any chances after what’s happened!sorry I only managed the first half of my lecture.. I wish the fire brigade had cancelled the second half at Twickenham yesterday instead!


We lost a big and brilliant friend this morning.What a sad day.Okwui


Beware of 1960’s cars.Interesting that the contemporary car silhouette can’t complete with what we think a car should look like.


This is the coverage for the handover of the James Simon gallery in Bild,Germany’s most successful tabloid,the equivalent of our Sun newspaper..... say no more about comparing cultures... #davidchipperfieldarchitects


Handing over the keys at James Simon gallery,our last day on the museum island #davidchipperfieldarchitects


Gallery Bastian finally has a friend across the street #davidchipperfieldarchitects


James Simon gallery in Berlin nearing completion ready for next weeks handover #davidchipperfieldarchitects


Having spent the last week travelling in Europe I’m exhausted and demoralised having to continually explain the ridiculous situation we find ourselves.Now that nothing makes sense and all predictions are futile probably the only thing that unites our country is a wish that we had never started this whole thing.Perhaps that would be the best referendum question...followed by do you think we should lock up those that pushed us into it?

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