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✦ owner @americancrowtattoo ✦ columbus, ohio ✦ books closed for now, lots of projects in progress ✦

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✧ attunement ✧ Impossible to describe the incredible journey that David’s nature sleeve has been for both of us. One full year in the making, many movies and Bob Ross episodes later, and new house and baby on the way for him, and all the while keeping sight on all the amazing splendor around us. Thank you David for so much. It’s been amazing growing as friends, and I know there are so many journeys and stories still to be had. 🌲💚🌲 at American Crow Tattoo


Thank you so much for everyone who reached out and who claimed designs to donate to charity! We will post our final donation totals tomorrow but it’s been such an amazing and positive experience! at American Crow Tattoo


*update* Both designs got claimed but the first two messages I clicked on, but I was really surprised at how much interest I got- I have decided I want to do a few more of these soon- witchy talismans for charity, so stay tuned. I’ll post more soon. Thank you!! ✨🌑✨ at American Crow Tattoo


***Update*** I got way more DMs than I anticipated for the first design- which has been claimed! So I haven’t had time to reply to them. Everyone liked the first antler talisman so much I drew a second one, this one for a little later around 1:30/2pm. If you dmed me for the first one or if you just got here, feel free to DM me again if you’d be interested in this one! It’s late so I’ll likely reply early tomorrow morning to confirm. Thanks everyone! (See original post for details about size and donation info) at American Crow Tattoo


Here’s 1 of 2 designs I’d like to do tomorrow! ✨Magical crystal antler talisman ✨ Each will be around 4”, $100 will all proceeds being donated to a charity of your choice! Looking for two clients available at noon and 1:30 for tomorrow. I’ll post the second design later tonight :) DM me if you’re available and interested, mention where’d you’d like to put it, I’ll be getting back to everyone at some point tonight after I’m done tattooing, but definitely before tomorrow. Thanks! at American Crow Tattoo


After we finished our last session we took a short break before pictures and I came back to the room to find the most adorable thing happening with Abbi and her husband Luke and said “Wait! Hold that pose” lol. I love when naturally occurring things show off beauty more than I could ever hope to conjure as a photographer. Anyway enjoy this beautiful couple and her artwork that I’m incredibly proud of so far. Hoping to continue to grow this one over time. Thank you both for being such wonderful guests! at American Crow Tattoo


If the forbidden fruit had been a peach... at American Crow Tattoo


✦ when the light is dark and the dark is light ✦ Blackberries and skulls on Kelli’s sleeve. Her sleeve is a true example of how I work best- just some core concept ideas- pretty and macabre, and trust to let me do whatever comes flowing in that day. True story, I texted her to confirm her appointment about an hour before and about a half hour before she said, what do you think about some blackberries? And I was like yep. Love it. And in a bizarre example of synchronicity it occurred to me as we were finishing up that I had had blackberries for breakfast that day, the first time I had had them in months. 🌑 at American Crow Tattoo


✦ art is never really finished. in truth art is creating, not the creation ✦ Thank you Maggie once again for your trust and commitment to such an epic project, almost two years in now, and no end in sight. ☾ at American Crow Tattoo


✧ the past breathes life into our present, so that we may breathe it into the future ✧ Mary Frances’ grandfather was an incredible watercolor painter, and these peonies were done in a more realistic style referencing one of his originals as an homage to his inspiration. As always I’m honored to take on such special projects. at American Crow Tattoo


✦ embrace the cycle, and the cycle will embrace you ✦ at American Crow Tattoo


✧ transcendental concrescence ✧ The culmination of all the sacred pieces of art and life that Alison and I have merged into being, as she ascends to emerge from her crystal chrysalis and spread her seraphlike wings to evolve to her next form of being. As many of you know our beloved Alison has finished her time here in Ohio at American Crow, and is moving to the next phase of her journey in Colorado to complete her union with her loving and wonderful partner Kris. They will be married in June and start their new life there. I am honored to have worked along side you and forever grateful to be your friend. 💖💖💖💖 May your wings guide you safely and true. at American Crow Tattoo


✧ timeless ✧ So many great projects in the works lately but first have to share a shot from this wonderful healed photoshoot Ally and I did recently. Her first serious tattoo and first real photoshoot and we are so excited about the results of both! She’s a natural! I loved creating both forms of art with her. Timeless black roses on a classic beauty, thank you Ally! 𓅨 #davidboggins #americancrowtattoo #columbusohio #columbustattooers #ohiotattooers #columbusalive #onlyincbus #lifeincbus #equilattera #tattrx #blackwork #blackink #blxckink #darkartists #occultarcana #blackinkedart #crowdaddy @americancrowtattoo #sexyink #darkart #ornamentaltattoo #ornamentalika #crowcult at American Crow Tattoo


✦ icosahedral spirit integration ✦ Jordan drove in from Virginia last week and got this piece from me for her first tattoo! An amazing fusion of organic and geometric patterns and styles, and I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of her journey of fusing her body with her cosmic identity! Thank you so much Jordan! 𓅨 #davidboggins #crowdaddy #americancrowtattoo #columbusohio #columbustattooers #ohiotattooers #columbusalive #onlyincbus #lifeincbus #tttism #blacktattoos #theartoftattoos @theartoftattoos #blackworkerssubmission #equilattera #tattrx #blackwork #blackink #blxckink #darkartists #occultarcana #blackinkedart #sexyink #darkart #ornamentaltattoo #ornamentalika #crowcult at American Crow Tattoo


❩ ✦ moon witch ✦ ❨ From a fully healed photoshoot with Emilie- her nature goddess inspired piece. And the tattoo was drawn from reference of @devon.malfarian! I love the idea of a true artistic collaboration between Emilie’s ideas, Devon’s modeling and my tattooing- a genuine fusion of artistic vision of everyone involved 🖤 Thank you Emilie for being such a great client and friend all these years! ☾ #davidboggins #americancrowtattoo #columbusohio #columbustattooers #ohiotattooers #crowdaddy @americancrowtattoo at American Crow Tattoo


Happy Friday the 13th!! Thank you @tyfighter009 so much for sharing our work and congrats on winning this piece from me! I tried to come up with the quintessential American Crow talisman, I hope it brings you good fortune. Looking forward to seeing you around more sir! 𓅨 #davidboggins #crowdaddy #americancrowtattoo #columbusohio #columbustattooers #ohiotattooers #columbusalive #onlyincbus #lifeincbus #tttism #blacktattoos #theartoftattoos @theartoftattoos #blackworkerssubmission #equilattera #tattrx #blackwork #blackink #blxckink #darkartists #occultarcana #blackinkedart #sexyink #darkart #ornamentaltattoo #ornamentalika #crowcult #f13crowcult #fridaythe13th at American Crow Tattoo


✧ cascading elegance ✧ Betty has been growing her piece from her ribs all the way down her arm for the last year and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you Betty for just letting me do whatever moves me each time. ☾ #davidboggins #americancrowtattoo #columbusohio #columbustattooers #ohiotattooers @americancrowtattoo at American Crow Tattoo


Last week Olivia came from hours away and stayed all day to get this incredibly fancy lace ornamental underboob tattoo from me, and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for committing to such a big piece in one undertaking! Proud to be part of your journey! 𓅨 #davidboggins #americancrowtattoo #columbusohio #columbustattooers #ohiotattooers #columbusalive #onlyincbus #lifeincbus #tttism #blacktattoos #theartoftattoos @theartoftattoos #blackworkerssubmission #equilattera #tattrx #blackwork #blackink #blxckink #darkartists #occultarcana #blackinkedart #sexyink #darkart #ornamentaltattoo #ornamentalika #crowcult #underboobtattoo #sternumtattoo #lacetattoo at American Crow Tattoo

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