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I love you so much cevans

probably crying over stony somewhere bye

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˗ˏˋ grey’s anatomy ˎˊ˗
carol | final cut pro
grey’s anatomy 🏩

+ missing her hours🤧 ac sxftseb fc 2805 cc richloren dt vaniya!!! for getting me back into editing greys so this account doesn’t flop🤠 (also for tagged ppl)


+ cinema lovers, irl best friends <3 song cry baby cc okayjaynnie fc 2785 dt kaylynn loan sydney andy elizabeth jules the quality is really shitty sorry🙄


+ I love you so much robert downey jr <3 song rather be fc 2750 cc venturadols dt kaylynn, andy & @robertduckeyjr


+ I’m sorry this is so simple skskksks song ready or not cc venturadols fc 2735 dt kaylynn, anahaze, jordan, stephanie, juli fucking anne, vaniya, maddie, andy, jane, and nitzan #skysgrp


+ and this stupid bearded sweater wearing dumb dork is the absolute loml 💘💞💗 song void fc 2720 cc richloren dt jules bc I wuv you hoe;) also happy birthday Alena #skysgrp


+ has full permission to fuck me sideways rm colesvfx cc venturadols fc 2700 dt @derekscrvbs @starryrobbins @skys.aep @paddyuwu @vansspams_ @starkofuck @voidpostit @starkosexual @whereismypaddy @dempehoe pretty much given up on my theme sorry


+ mcu x greys rm: spobys.aep song distribia fc 2670 cc venturadols dt nat bella jules andy & cam •AU/CROSSOVER: tony stark gets shot in the chest one night and gets rushed to the hospital. On the way there there the ambulance crashes and he falls out. Derek finds him hours later stranded in the middle of the woods, unconscious. Derek then takes him to Seattle grace to get the proper surgery ASAP. during his surgery he bleeds out due to his wound being open too long and unfortunately dies.


+ two precious angels that never fail to put a smile on my face ilysmrdj & ilysmpd fc 2602 song love and war cc venturadols dt andy cam & maria


+ here’s a really (really) old patrick scrap because I haven’t posted in a while song heart attack cc ? fc 2578 dt jules kaylynn andy anahaze & maddie (I’ll probably delete soon, just needed smth to post)


+ continues to radiate her hot energy phew this is really old sorry cc venturadols fc 2558 dt jules nitzan andy sky anahaze carrie & josy


+ let’s be real, these glasses were suck a look fUck song- idk cc- okayjaynnie fc- 2542 dt- elenor sergio alissa jules andy


+ here’s a scrap (I’m deleting it later) song: clarity (ac: YouTube) cc: venturadols 2 tc: darktwistymer fc: 2508 dt: kaylynn (happy very belayed birthday) jules nitzan carrie jenna andy jordan maddie natalie and anahaze


I’m changing my theme again whoops sorry


+ back on my bs I already miss them oml🤧 song: miss you cc: okayjaynnie fc: 2505 dt: nele olivia anna jess jules selina @starkosexual & @chunkystony #skysgrp 💘


+ Happy mf Halloween bitches for sPoOkY sZn or whatever cc okayjaynnie fc 2390 dt nitzan ava kaylynn anahze natalie jules andy 💘

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