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pisac market 💜 textile heaven! @coasttocosta at Pisac, Cusco, Peru


the charming narrow streets of cusco 💙 blue balconies everywhere. #peru @coasttocosta at Cusco, Peru


and here’s an up close of that little babe and her flower crown!!! at Cusco, Peru


our first hour in peru with @coasttocosta and these sweet women put a baby lamb in my arms and a hat on my head!! 🧡💜💛 at Cusco, Peru


our fave @parachutehome opened up a new store in silver lake and it feels like a spa in here!! I love it ✨ @parachutelosangeles at Parachute Silver Lake


did a little summer style post! my new favorite patterned dress and a few stacked necklaces. i’m working with a new company called @lightboxjewelry, they make lab-grown diamonds. they share the same physical, optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds but they are a fraction of the price! how cool is that? see my outfit details on the blog! #ad #lightboxjewelry


carnitas tacos! my new favorite thing to make for a party. episode two in my cooking instastories show tomorrow! #dlfcooks


things have just felt really really happy lately. which always freaks me out a little? but trying to just ridddee the wave ✨🌞🌊


we have spent almost everyday together for 5 years!! summer spritzing🍹with my work wife joanie, thank you for your hard work and loyalty, I love you! @aperolusa #ad.21+ #aperolspritz


made me happy today! 🍭 @alexandani


made me happy today! 💕 @loriastern


our kitchen is my safe zone now. it’s where my mind can check out, be creative, relaxed, experimental and excited. i’m going to have a little cooking “show” on instastories on the weekends starting today! i’m partnering with @samsungus (where my oven and fridge are from) to create approachable recipes that hopefully give ideas for your own kitchen. i’m not an expert by ANY means, but I have grown to love cooking so much. I hope I can inspire more people to pick up the hobby because it’s extremely rewarding ✨🍳 today’s first episode is all about weekend breakfast recipes! #DLFcooks #ad

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