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OUR CHRISTMAS ALBUM IS FINALLY OUT! AVAILABLE ON CDBABY, ITUNES, AMAZON, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY. It's the best stocking stuffer of the century. Get your copy today and get your friends their very own copies! #stuffyourstocking #ernieballmusicman  #iplayslinky  #mxrpedals #dunlopstrings #jimdunlop #christmas #holidaygifts #holidaymusic #gypsylife #ReadingThisListOfHashtagsIsWorthless


We made a Christmas album! Surprise! This is a collection of some choice holiday cuts that you won't find on typical xmas albums (sorry, Rudolph). More details to come! #stuffyourstocking


Are you ready to stuff stockings like you've never stuffed stockings before? We've got a surprise coming out in a few days... #stuffyourstocking


We've got a little surprise for y'all! Stay tuned. #stuffyourstocking


SEBASTOPOL! TONIGHT! @Hopmonktavern PANTS OPTIONAL (aren't they always, though?)! Photo by @photo_sami


Friday night we play at @hopmonktavern in Sebastopol! Come give us some big sweaty hugs. Photo by @photo_sami


Come party with us in Sebastopol this Friday at the HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol! It's going to be so beyond epic that we'll need to make up a new word to describe such extreme levels of awesomeness. Here's a potential candidate for the dictionary: "Zax" As in "hey man, this party was so beyond amazing, it was zax!". This word will also slay on the scrabble board. Triple-word-score that shit and you'll be rich!


Jake's got a new drum book coming out pretty soon! Here's a solo he improvised using just the kick, snare, and floor tom. Come see us in Sebastopol this Friday as we play at HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol! @hopmonktavern


Sebastopol! We're one week out from our epic dance party at the HopMonk Tavern Sebastopol on FRIDAY, Oct 26th! Let's do this! @hopmonktavern


Marking territory with a fierce color scheme along the I5.


Thanks for the good times, Sacramento and Morro Bay! It's been a real treat.


Morro Bay/San Luis Obispo! Tonight we're playing @thesirenmorrobay with @quelbordel ! We'll be holding a lecture on the possibility that Pauly Shore and Richard Simmons are in fact the same person. Photo by @photo_sami


Sacramento tonight! Come party with us as we extensively explore our feminine side! We play @momosacramento tonight at 7:45pm! Photo by @beersimages


Morro Bay/San Luis Obispo! We're coming back down south to party with y'all this SATURDAY at @thesirenmorrobay ! We'll be playing with @quelbordel! Let's do this! Photo by @zippylomax


SACRAMENTO! This Friday we're coming back to the Capital, playing at @MomoSacramento . This is an early one and we hit at 7:45pm. Photo by @zippylomax


Last week Jake brought the Party Drum to his studio in honor of national "Bring Your Party Drum To Work" day! The students did a fine job playing the darn thing, even with it outweighing them by a good 500 lbs. There is hope for our youth!


Do you even personalize, bro? We're playing Sacramento and Morro Bay next week!  Fri Oct 5th - Momo Lounge, Sacramento Sat Oct 6th - The Siren, Morro Bay w/ QUEL BORDEL @thesirenmorrobay @quelbordel @momosacramento


We're coming back to Bend, OR on Dec 1st! Playing the Domino Room. Get yer tickets now, while they're piping hot!

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