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Caffeinated, unemployed, and on tour.

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We're coming back to Bend, OR on Dec 1st! Playing the Domino Room. Get yer tickets now, while they're piping hot!


Party Drum partied a little too hard yesterday. Thanks, @kaaboodelmar , this is your fault.


Kaaboo today! San Diego! 1:30pm at the Tourmaline stage!


We're playing KAABOO on Friday in San Diego! Let's all be socially awkward together (is it really socially awkward if we're all awkward?). @kaaboodelmar


Y'all know we just put out an acoustic version of "Don Quixote", right? We recorded it in Santa Cruz, CA. Watch the warm juerga goodness right here or find us on Youtube!


Jake was just featured on the @workingdrummerpodcast !!! Skip to the 4:50 mark to hear about his experiences with Hamilton and making a living as a drummer.


This guy thought sardines would make a suitable treat for the long van ride to Chico.


Chico! Tonight! Don't forget to scrub behind the ears. We're playing at Sierra Nevada, and be sure to get your tickets before it sells out. Photo by @photo_sami @sierranevada


Chains Addiction. We're playing @sweetwatermv tonight! We open for @metalachi !!!! Doors at 7pm, we hit at 8pm.


This Thursday we're playing at Sweetwater Music Hall with the most amazing band ever, Metalachi: The World's First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band! Come party with us! Photo by Josh Coffman @hardlineentertainment @joshphoto_net @sweetwatermv @metalachi


SANTA CRUZ TONIGHT! Join us as we play our favorite club in Santa Cruz, Moe's Alley! Here's a photo of one of our founding members, Tyler Mullens. Saddest baseball player in history. @moesalley @coffeezombiecollective @hardlineent @fredene311


We made the news! Go pick up a copy of Good Times Santa Cruz and read all about our upcoming show at @moesalley in Santa Cruz this Saturday! Or read it here: goodtimes.sc @goodtimessc @hardlineent


Fun fact: Santa Cruz, CA is the birthplace of Diego's Umbrella.  Another fun fact: Diego's Umbrella is playing lovely Santa Cruz this Saturday, 9/1, at Moe's Alley with Coffee Zombie Collective! @hardlineentertainment @coffeezombiecollective @moesalley


Big shout out to @giggletherapeutics !!!! Best edibles west of the Mississippi. And they're as generous and kind as they come. Thanks for making tour life that much more special and comfortable!


You know what makes our hearts melt? When fans and friends, like super awesome @fredene311 , make us COOKIES!!! Thank you, San Luis Obispo! What a great show. We're playing @thesirenmorrobay on Oct 6th! Hope to see you beautiful people there. @hardlineent


Tonight we play @themintla !!! Also on the bill is @hoistthecolors ! We hit at 10:30pm. Here's a photo of our old bandmate, founding member, solar panel guru, and unofficial mayor of SLO, Tyler Mullens. @hardlineent


Today we're playing lovely San Luis Obispo! 5:30pm at Concerts in the Plaza! Now remember, kids, what happens in the photo booth doesn't always stay in the photo booth.


We're playing Los Angeles on Saturday at The Mint LA with our homies Hoist the Colors!  Hoist at 10pm Diego's at 11pm Photo by Lindsay Carroll Photography Hardline Entertainment

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