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🔺Saturday’s are for GAINS | Gym arrival time 9am. Departure time 2:30pm in the afternoon. #itwasarmday


📈Tag us in those daily victories! Progress, progress, progress! TEAM WORK HARDER #GAINNSSSCO!


🔺late night LIFT 🔺 #13hourday | still gotta get it in! Letsgoooo GAINSCO! ❌cheaper than therapy #thegainsco #weBEAST


🚩Division Supply Co.™️ | wake up with a purpose, sweat the details, greatness is in the small choices, it’s in the small successes repeated day in and day out. There is no finish line, just a never ending hunger to be better every single day. 🔋pop the lid, hit the PRE and leave it all in the gym today GAINSCO ~ lets get it today, letsgoooo 🚀


On that PUSH ❌ PULL grind daily | progress, progress, progress. Get lost in success 📈 | it should be all you know. #TEAMWorkharder | #letsssgooooo


🔺The GAINS Company🔺| let the results do the talking. Lock-in, it’s time. 🚀 #workHARDER


🔺BACK DAY 🔺 | there’s nothing like Back day to get you out of bed and excited to start the week out STRONG! #letsssgooooGAINSCo!


🔴 FRIDAY GAINS | the best part of our day is seeing those @division_supply tagged posts, stories and MOTIVATING Comments that go along with them! | ✖️ #workHARDER| wake up everyday with new goals, new ideas, new gains! Don’t be afraid of failure. We grow the most in failure, we learn from failure! 🚩invite it, let it challenge you, then when you overcome whatever it was you will never fear it again, you will then take that new found knowledge to attack bigger and better mountains. PROGRESS never stops and neither should you! #theGAINScompany


✖️the real recognize real | let’s be honest about the hustle it takes to reach peak performance daily🔺it’s not pretty, it’s not easy and it’s not attained in the way people portray it on IG. It’s not 7 days of perfect meal prep, perfectly measured in fresh clean Tupperware that are photo ready and spread out on a fancy counter top. It’s not professional photographers following you around the gym and editing in “GAINS”. 🔺it’s DAILY meal prep, large zip lock bags of rice, chicken, and ground turkey... it’s paper plates, heavily used Tupperware and silverware on you at all times. It’s daily check ins, weigh ins, bathroom selfies and gym floor selfies. It’s a GRIND, it’s HARD... but we LOVE this life, we LOVE this HARDWORK.. we are thankful for this HARDWORK.. we invite it, we are STRONGER than most #WORKharder #GAINSCo


🔛 | GAINS on GAINS on GAINS 🔄 | there’s nothing like seeing results from HARD work and DEDICATION 🔥 | hold yourself accountable and tag us in your daily grind, we see the stories, posts and hard work that goes into your everyday and we LOVE it 🚀 | #teamNOdaysoff | 👊🏼here’s to a new Monday, a new week of SUCCESS and PROGRESS! #GAINSCo


🚨it’s the W E E K E N D | so much progress went down this week it’s ridiculous. Already want Monday to be here! Kind of joking...kind of not! #reUP on supps, sleep, and FOOD this weekend and LETSGGOOO! | don’t forget to #tagus | we LOVE your daily GRIND, your daily HUSTLE and your daily GAINS🚩 | #weBEAST #GAINSCo


We🔛 | GAINSCo ▪️Division Snap Back on point ✖️@nattypattyaesthetics conditioning isn’t bad either! 💪🏼 #WORKharder #thegainscompany


PREMIUM WHEY | every day, no excuses | BUILD. Recover. GROW #thegainscompany


GAINS SQUAD 🚩 | #reprep | Monday! Letsgoooooo


✖️Since Day 1️⃣ we envisioned a MVMT...we didn’t want to just take part, but we wanted to take over. We started with one product and a Dream. Today the MVMT pushes on, we are still growing, still learning, still HUNGRY for more. Passion, persistence and insanity are needed, there is no finish line, just a undying will to be better and work harder every single day. We now offer a full range of PREMIUM GYM supply products 📦.. from a Division smart watch to the luxury of never having to ask someone if they are done with the tricep rope.. you can get it all on divisionsupply.com | we will keep motivating, we will keep innovating, we will keep pressing forward! Always one step ahead, always the GAISNCo 🔺 #supplyGAINS #toldya #thedivisionsupplyCO


Premium GAINS #weBEAST


🔺GAINSCO | we see you in those stories! 🔄 daily GAINS #LETSGOOO | is it Valentine’s Day? Oh, I’m sorry but it’s simply CHEST DAY over here! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


🚀 | motivateDAILY 🔛 | you may not realize that those same positive choices you make day in and day out are not only making a difference in your lives, but are helping others do the same in a incredible way. A lot of negativity is spread via social media, those who choose to spread negative vibes and continue to look at their lives as what they do not have yet, instead of what blessings they already have and are grateful for...those people will be stuck there, never progressing, never moving forward. Choose to motivate and be motivated daily, choose progress, choose gains, choose to be happy in your struggle, happy in your journey. You got this. You are stronger than most #GAINSCo #theDIVISIONdifference #goodvibesgoodsetsgooddays #letsssgooo

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