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Professional fun haver at @TemptMedia. 👻 doitforbmoore 📍LV/SD Similar users

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My little shotover tech in training. We will get you all better soon. You are the biggest trooper of them all. ❤️ 🦄


Gonna need everyone’s positive vibes, prayers, thoughts whatever you’re into today. My sick little princess is getting put under here shortly to hopefully finally get us some answers and a fix so we can get her feeling better. Nothing worst than having a sick child that you can’t help or fix. I would gladly trade 😢😢😢 at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center


Congrats @thehoonigans on the very successful year of #dailytransmission. Always awesome to see my buddy @bjbaldwin tear it up. It’s been fun to watch grow! Hopefully I get to drive the Miata again now that it is a cart!


7 years and it has never gotten easier. 6 years to this day I spread your ashes in our favorite place. I will continue to visit until I can’t anymore. They say in life you find that one person that will change your life forever, and that was you. Best friends forever. Till we meet again my friend. Corey Wilcox


Never felt better to be on my way home. So close but so far. Gonna be a 20 hour travel day. Time to get this little girl fixed and that’s what’s most important to us. This princess is a fighter and we are hoping doctors can figure out what’s going on with her. Send some good vibes. #daddysgirl


2018 @ultra4racing #KingoftheHammers 7 LONG days of shooting , Over 12tb of footage which equates to like a zillion hours to go though and our team kicked butt!!. Check out the link in profile to watch team @monsterenergy take on 2018 #KOH Go NOW!!! @temptmedia @monsterenergy at King of The Hammers


The beauty about being able to go where ever you want. @temptmedia @shotovercamera @ultimatearm


Battle born 🇺🇸@safarilandgroup


Will travel for dirt trips.


They grow up so fast 😊❤️. Blast off tomorrow for another long but fun project. 🌎 ✈️🚀🏔 at Las Vegas, Nevada


Equivalent to how my morning went today. #Monday


Random phone find. Lol truth! Camera guy trophy truck sender!! #TBT #Teamblamebmoore @bjbaldwin at Las Vegas, Nevada


Had to spend 6 hours driving to the #KOH lake bed to pull broken shit to the road. Plus side got to take my pops with me and show him what goes down out there. 👍🏻🎥


Spent a week in the desert huffing dirt to turn around and spend a few days at the happiest place on earth with good friends and fam. Time to heal this ankle and get ready for the next big one. #Disneyland #cripple #Screwtheboot at Disneyland


Hey if anyone finds any teeth please return to kmc booth. Thanks -Management @kingshocks #kingofthehammers at KOH Hammertown, USA


#KOH Day 3. Full live stream downlink from @shotovercamera for your viewing pleasure. Starts around 10AM! @temptmedia at Johnson Valley Ohv Park


Who is going to @ultra4racing #kingofthehammers this week!! SEE YOU ON THE LAKE BED!! @temptmedia at Johnson Valley Ohv Park

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