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Encounter. To meet and depart. at Iceland


Balance. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Surprise Elephant. Memories. Rise and fall. Connected. Past and prior. Transcendent. These moments. Emotion. To pass once again. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


What do you stand for? I’ve been thinking more about intentions and purpose lately... An internal conversation worth having with yourself: Asking tough questions to justify or condemn your current lifestyle, deciphering the disparity between want and need, and determining underlying motives for your actions are more important today than ever. Pondering these queries and answering honestly can help to focus life. Personally, I stand for bringing light to the lesser known topics of conservation on land and in the ocean and I’m trying my best to incorporate this mantra into all aspects of my life... hopefully encouraging others to follow suit. I’m genuinely curious... what do YOU stand for? at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Emergent from nocturne the savannah erupts with life. Commuters depart from their comfortable security to face challenges of a new day. Triumphs and failures of the previous evening are soon forgotten. And the transition unfolds, picking up speed, only to return once again to the night. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


2’s a crowd... 3’s a party... this here’s a Tower ... of Giraffes. Excited to be back in Namibia 🇳🇦 🤙 at Namibia


Blue heart beating, a dormant force sleeping. at Víti (Askja)


Causality. at Iceland


Fading eyes, but not lost. Most people understand that the Cheetah is at risk, but maybe not exactly why... It’s not much of a stretch to realize the short answer... humans, of course. Despite knowing the reason, however, our efforts to aid in the Cheetah’s race for survival continues to be confronted by a plethora of hurdles. From illegal wildlife trade, to habitat loss further exacerbated by encroaching farmlands, the Cheetah literally has to run for its life in an effort to live free as it once did across the entire continent. At @erindinamibia they’ve worked tirelessly in collaboration with @ccfcheetah to develop a program that gives Cheetahs a place where the only thing they have to race for is their food. It’s a safe haven for this amazing creature and a prime example of why such conservations areas and programs are enormously important to the survival of this and many other species at risk throughout Africa.. If you’d like to know more about Cheetahs and the extensive CCF program dedicated to their recovery check the link in my bio. Likewise, if you’re interested in learning more about the program at Erindi, check the bio link on their IG and search for the Cheetah Project through their website under “Conservation”. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Surprise lion. at Namibia


Intentions. Eyes do tell, And read. Triumph. Told and earned, Decided and lost. Beget life, The pride. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Giraffamotion. at Erindi Private Game Reserve

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