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In-flight entertainment. Reminiscing... Spin. Swirl. Dance and twirl. Northern Lights display on the flight from Boston to Iceland the morning I officially moved abroad in early 2016. What a welcoming. #Iceland at Iceland


Wonderland. #Iceland at Iceland


Within the depths of a glacier we feel the pulse of its beating heart. #Iceland at Vatnajökull National Park


Taking on sporadic weather in the Icelandic highlands. #Iceland at Iceland


Depth in color. Icelandic glacial patterns. #Iceland at Iceland


Nightlight. Drives. Eyes turned to the sky. The night begins to glow green. Stars so bright. The hunt. We wait. Explosion above. Our shadows cast green. In awe. Nightlight. Looking forward to more nights out with my friends at @geysircarrental. #Iceland at Iceland


Scale. ❤️ #Iceland at Jökulsarlón


What makes you happy? Really... why are you doing what you're doing? My philosophy is that your own expectations are everything. Building up the confidence in expressing your happy with your own expectations is half the battle. I think I’m at the point where people totally accept that what I do is a good thing. I’ve been living in/on top of a Land Rover in a tent, in the mountains, wearing the same clothes for days, I shower occasionally, etc… and I'm out there... sharing my impressions of the Icelandic wilderness, moments in nature that move me emotionally… My expectations for myself are… “How can I share this feeling?” I’m happiest when I’m in the moment and when I feel I’ve shared it effectively with others through my art… I view my purpose is “to be there” … to witness these occurrences that rarely are seen and to make them seen. #Iceland at Iceland


A snowstorm engulfs the high peaks. Soon we're in it and the ice disappears. Blue fades to white. Memories of winter. #Iceland at Vatnajökull


Soaring through highland mountains. #Iceland at Iceland


Misty summer morning in the highlands. An oasis in the clouds. #Iceland at Iceland


What drives you? Really... I'm curious...why do you post photos on Instagram? It's becoming increasingly unclear to me these days why people are here. For me this platform is way to express the strange things I see in my head. To connect. And to be inspired. I hope to inform others of social issues surrounding climate change, the many threats to wildlife worldwide, and how to better conserve our fragile planet... especially here in Iceland. #Iceland at Iceland

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