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An Elephant Never Forgets. It’s funny how memories build and swell up from time to time. Without warning. Just now on a flight it happened. A wave of distant recollections, boiled over, and lead to a fury of forgotten thoughts. Triggered by something so menial as well. It’s most intense though when tipped off by something like a smile on a T.V. show that reminds of a forgotten friend from a decade ago for example. I’ve wondered if elephants experience the same... Do certain people they meet make them think twice? It seems from my own experience that they do. Upon visiting the same herds, it’s noticeable how they most certainly recall past shared moments with specific people. Mostly noticed from witnessing herds as they slowly approach. So nonchalant until finally one is close enough to notice. For individuals I’ve spent past time with, there’s a brief, but dense, pause of consideration. They realize they recognize. That wave of past experiences occurs. The boil. In that regard it’s all the more rewarding to revisit these same elephants. To get to know them. To develop a relationship. Next time I see the elephant in this image we’ll both share that memory wave together again for sure. Of how she kicked around my camera, and how curiosity overwhelmed her to inspect the steel box which housed it. @erindinamibia at Erindi Private Game Reserve


From Savanna to Jungle. Just now back to the internet realm after spending several days secluded from the outside world at @thebisonkabini on the perimeter of Nagarhole National Park a few hours outside of Bangalore, India. Amidst a shroud of early morning fog and evening mist we traversed the jungle in search of cats. After many false leads and old tracks it wasn’t until literally the final hour that we stumbled upon this male leopard strutting down the road. They call him Torn Ear. Im here in India because of virtual connection made via Instagram with now real life friend @shaazjung who had invited me here to his lodge @thebisonkabini to experience his own beautiful corner of the world. It’s pretty amazing that from Iceland to India we could relate through a mutual love of wildlife and then finally meet in person today. On the other side of the world... The sliver of India that I’ve been exposed to in both the jungle and culture (and especially the food) has been quite spectacular and I’ll for sure be making multiple return visits. Thanks again @shaazjung! See you soon my friend. 🤙 at Nagarhole National Park


Curiosity consumes her as she approaches with pause. Hesitation. What is it? Image captured from a ground level camera fitted into a custom steel box in collaboration with my friends at @erindinamibia. During a recent visit we made a few attempts to capture some of the wildlife at the reserve from alternative angles. Keep in mind that this project is being overseen by knowledgeable guides and shouldn’t be attempted without supervision and support from wildlife professionals. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


New Life | Photography Workshop. Excited to announce another workshop at @erindinamibia this rainy season co-hosted with my good friend @benjaminhardman. February 5-11, 2018. Check out the link in my bio for all the details! The savannah blossoms with life as rains from the north soak the parched landscape. They came early this year, starting up heavy just a week before last. Soon enough the nature reserve will be thick with tall green grass and the animals will be happy again. For me the rainy seasons presents the greatest opportunity to create truly unique wildlife portraiture amidst the stormy and unpredictable conditions. If you’re keen to join @benjaminhardman and me this February as we traverse the bush in search of lions, elephants, and owls then be sure to apply for a place on the workshop before it fills up. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Náttúra Norðurlands. Finally, the first three images of my collection Náttúra Norðurlands is online through local publisher @reykjavik_print. This Raven included! Over the next year, I’ll be releasing 1 additional image per month from this collection, each of which will be available in very limited quantity of 20 hand signed prints. Check out the link in my bio for all the details! at Iceland


Ground Level. Curiosity overcomes this adult elephant known as “Big Mama” as she approached the steel elephant-proof box holding my camera facing the sky. This female is part of the original breeding herd here at @erindinamibia and for sure the most chill. Everyday they visit the lodge and it’s so cool how all of the guides here seem to know the herd personally. Check out my story for one of yesterday’s sessions/antics with the custom made camera box used to safely capture the perspective of this photo. 🤙 at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Encounter. First days back at @erindinamibia have been nothing short of wild. The encounters... Seeing my good friends here and getting back into the groove has been all too easy. Feels like I never left. Pictured here is “Shadow”, the oldest male lion here at Erindi. He’s sure seen a lot in his day and a face full of scars and battle wounds tell stories vast. Been great to see him frequently these last few evenings, you know, to catch up. 👋🦁 Check out the story for more antics with the crew. Over future posts I’ll also be sharing stories of the amazing conservation efforts here at @erindinamibia. For now... back out into the bush early tomorrow morning! Cheers & Goodnight 🤙 at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Made it! Finally back at @erindinamibia and can’t wait to share what the new rains will bring. This first afternoon out in the bush today brought some welcomed downpours and an amazing lion cub sighting. Starting tomorrow early in search of what more is out there hiding amongst the savanna forest! at Erindi Private Game Reserve


We’ll get there eventually! Due to unforeseen circumstances our flight to Namibia was postponed, but now after an evening and full day out in Cologne we’re finally ready to take off! I think it’s important to stay positive when these types of uncontrollable events occur. It could be for the better at times perhaps. Maybe somehow we’ve avoided a negative experience or now that our position has shifted by a day we’ll be in the right place at the right time when we otherwise wouldn’t have been. Either way, can’t wait to (hopefully) be back in the bush tomorrow! 👋 @erindinamibia at Iceland


It’s really just a matter of hours now until I’ll realize my first breath of hot African air in almost 7 months and I can hardly contain my excitement. Namibia truly is another home to me and I’ve been away far too long. Ever since my introduction to the country back in 2012, there’s been this tremendous magnetism, and with each successive visit my bond with the people, wildlife, and culture of Namibia grows more robust. No other place makes me feel more welcome and accepted as part of something greater than @erindinamibia. Just as I feel whole and at peace home here in Iceland in the vast nature of the highland wilderness, at @erindinamibia I’m overcome by a similar sense of comfort and a strong impression of kinship. I’ve become part of the family. Looking forward to seeing everyone and settling right into to it all with adventures in the bush straight away! Be sure to follow the story these next two weeks where I’ll be sharing info about Erindi’s strong wildlife conservation program and hosting a few live Q&A events with the guides. 👋 at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Náttúra Norðurlands. Super excited about this upcoming print release! Subscribe via the link in my bio to be notified before everyone else when my collection of prints titled "Náttúra Norðurlands" is available online through my local publisher early next week. Initially, I'll be releasing a set of 3 photographs and 1 per month after that for the next year. It's important to sign up for the notifications if you want to have early access to purchase any of the prints... all of which will be very limited to 20 hand signed copies per image. If you sign up today I'll also send you a free phone screensaver on the day the collection is officially announced to early access subscribers and every month as well with each new print release. I can't wait to share this set of images with you all! ❤️ at Iceland


Light breaking through a window in the clouds showers distant mountains with leaving rays of fading days. at Iceland

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