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Desire to Speak. Stories untold. Allegory through an unspoken language. A gaze, born sentience. An embrace the same as ours. Elephants. A species I find to possess the most endearing aptitude of any animal I’ve ever encountered. Time and time again, I’m drawn to them, inspired by their patience, endurance, and forgiving nature. They deserve a lot better than we’ve given them. Across all countries and continents, their disposition of a desire to connect remains unmistakable. Searching for a mutual kinship, they’re constantly reaching out. Despite our so many wrongdoings to elephants, their relentless will to relate is immense. If you’re interested in reaching back, you’ll find a great opportunity to support a heroic organization that is on the ground in Zimbabwe working to improve the lives of elephants everyday - @zen_wildislife. In partnership with @action4ifaw, their mission to rescue orphaned or at risk elephants, rehabilitate them with scientific methods and love, and release them back into the wild is crucial and much needed in the region. To support @zen_wildislife and @action4ifaw you can donate directly through the link in my bio. And check out the @zen_wildislife page to learn more about their program! at Zimbabwe


Night Moves. Cold dry air resonates with confidence as the stars themselves seem to quiver in fright. He calls into the night, and lingering amidst the echoed announcement, a faint retort from distant trials falls upon local ears. Interest peaked, and replied, the leo-conversation continues into the early morning hours. Image created with the professional assistance of my good friend @strydom7 - guide here at the conservation area @erindinamibia. We were out the entire night monitoring this young male lion as he traversed one corner of the reserve, pacing, roaring out into the night, and potentially establishing a new territory. at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Still, stays the beating heart. Tender now, remain open and steady. Back in the bush with my friends at @erindinamibia! Check out the story for highlights while out in the thick of it. 🐘❤️ at Erindi Private Game Reserve


Unhindered. Pause. Passing by, rain falls. Breathe, stop. Blink, not. Static. at Namibia


Exhibition - São Paulo, Brazil. Opening tomorrow June 7 at 19h (7:00PM) at the @gwsgallery. If you happen to be in the neighborhood please stop by and join me here at the gallery where I’ll be presenting the past few years of my work in large format (120x150cm - edition of 15) and leading discussion on the protection of nature with focus on wildlife conservation worldwide. Also available at the opening are smaller prints of my the dark and light lion images that I’ll be signing in person - 32x45cm edition of 100. at Studio Gabriel Wickbold


Pele, onward. And her fire bellows, broils, turns. Flows to the sea and surf, Salutations to Namakaokahai. Upon the doorstep of Kapoho, they embrace. A heavy heart, especially after now just learning of the most recent destruction in Kapoho. Many more homes are still in the path of the lava flow on Big Island. Please consider supporting the displaced families by donating to the community disaster relief fund LINK IN BIO. P.S. This image was safely captured via helicopter and telephoto lens. at Kapoho, Hawaii


An offering to Pele. The Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. Renewal. Through smolder, sulphuric, and ash. Glow, an omen greets courage. Abound, a resonant chord of solemn positivism. For she decides. Haste, not. With minutes to spare, we stood in a circle on the lawn of my friend Jordans’ home and passed around Ti leafs in silence. Ho’okupu. A homage to Pele. He learned to swim here in the backyard tidal pool on the Kapoho coast. The neighborhood was strangely silent and mostly evacuated now. We checked the house one last time, tidied up as a respect to Pele, and as we depart Jordan speaks his parting thoughts to this place with an emotive gaze. In the distance a looming cloud signals the approach of a lava flow advancing towards the ocean and in the direction of fond childhood memories. We depart. Passing a military checkpoint. We’re closer now to the flow and meet neighbors stopped on the roadside surveying the plume of white smoke and ominous sky. They’re holding hands and despite the circumstance, their demeanor is encouraging. They’ve accepted the fate of their home, and stand strong abound with courage amidst the certainty of loss. They’re thankful that they’ve enjoyed it for 20 years and have come to terms that nothing can be permanent. Concepts of a natural cycle and rebirth of the land for a new purpose endure the test of devastation. Needless to say the very thought of their durability of spirit in the face of such destruction is exceedingly inspiring. This mindset empowers and bolsters our intentions. We drive onward and out of the danger-zone, less solemn. Overall, this event is sufficiently overwhelming for many families who have been entirely displaced by the disaster. It’s difficult to manage for the vast majority and countless people have lost everything. However, the Hawaiian people are tough, their character is stronger than most I’ve ever met, in their resolve to band together as family. As “Ohana”. This quality of cohesiveness we can all learn from for sure. If you’re interested in supporting the families displaced by the volcanic eruption, please consider donating to the community driven fundraiser LINK IN BIO. at Hawaii


The Last African Elephant. Photographic Exhibition. I’m so excited to finally announce my solo exhibition “The Last African Elephant” presented at the @gwsgallery in São Paulo, Brazil. Opening on Sunday, June 7 at 19h! Join me on the 7th where I’ll be speaking extensively about each piece and my motivations as a visual advocate to promote the preservation and protection of wildlife & fragile ecosystems worldwide. This exhibition includes a selective curation of large-format limited edition works that represent my current vision for wildlife portraiture and nature photography with a special focus on African Animalia. Smaller format images of larger editions are also available... all of which are offered exclusively through @gwsgallery. If you can’t make it to the exhibition, but are still interested in purchasing some of my works please contact the gallery direct for a catalogue of available images, sizes, and prices. Otherwise, I’ll be in-house at the gallery from June 7-12... See you there! at Gabriel Wickbold Studio and Gallery


Boreal winds precede winter nights as the sun departs midland hills. at Iceland


Destination Wild. To lead. Ripen with courage. Trust in life. A bond they hold profound. Born amidst the unforeseen. But, shared. A desire to belong. To be Wild once again. Triumph greets dedication where compassion embraced these foothills. Selfless summiteers ascend the seemingly insurmountable. And together, a mountain is climbed. Steady. An unrivaled momentum develops. Sustained. Acknowledged. For there are many more peaks to be seen from this height, which must championed in the great landscape of wildlife conservation. 🐘 <> What I’ve witnessed in the past 7-days was nothing short of heroic. For the past week I’ve been traveling throughout Zimbabwe with @action4ifaw and @zen_wildislife documenting the rewilding of 6 rescued elephants (not all are pictured) transported with their caretakers some 700km from the nursery at @zen_wildislife in the capital of Harare, west to the Panda Masuie Forest Reserve near Victoria Falls - a vast tract of land newly protected by @action4ifaw in a joint effort with ZimParks. Led by the inspiring Roxy Danckwerts and her dedicated family - operators of the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) - the move has been a resounding success and is a crucial step in the right direction for wildlife conservation within Zimbabwe, serving as an exemplary case-study for other organizations across the African continent. The actual move of these elephants involved a 16-hour + journey from start to finish and was the culmination of hundreds of hours of planning by countless key players and wildlife professionals. These 6 elephants will now finally have the opportunity to interact with wild herds in this crucial conservation area as they live alongside their handlers for support and protection until they’re ready to be fully independent. Over the coming months I’ll continue to share more about ZEN and these 6 elephants as I follow along with their transition into a new life in the wild. If you’re keen to learn more about these ellies and about ZEN, check out the link in my bio and... follow along on @action4ifaw where a B&W photo essay of their 16-hour journey is presented. at Zimbabwe


A boundary only exists if you believe it does. at Iceland


Precisely Indecisive. at Yellowstone National Park

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