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TGIF!!! 😘 at Los Angeles, California


At the dance studio... come dance with me! 💃💃 at Karina Smirnoff Dance Studio


😂😂😘❤️ at Los Angeles, California


Top of the morning to you guys!! (Btw I’m LIVING for my @nespresso machine!)😍😍 #nespressomoment at Los Angeles, California


5 more minutes!!! 😴😴 at Los Angeles, California


Hey guys, so I asked @frownies if we could do a #wrinklefreein4weeks #frownieschallenge (it was legit my idea so do it! Lol they didn’t ask me to post for them I asked them if we could do it). Here’s how you play: FIRST-click on the link in my bio and go to FrowniesChallenge. Order the frownies for the “Forehead & Between the Eyes” and the “rosewater hydrating spray.” When you check out just enter “Donaldsdeal” coupon code for 15 percent off! (You can order anything you want but you’ll need those things for the challenge. Also, if you spend over 50 bucks you’ll get free shipping) SECOND-go follow @frownies THIRD-take a before photo (y’all should be used to that 😉). Once you receive your order take a pic with the frownies and post to your story everyday for 4 weeks starting next Monday August 6. You must tag @frownies And hashtag #wrinklefreein4weeks in your story. Once you’ve completed the challenge and shared your results you’ll be entered to win a YEAR SUPPLY OF FROWNIES for free!! **if you already have the product you can play without a new purchase**


On top of the world 🌎 at Dobbins Lookout in South Mountain Park


Just sayin! #loveyouguys #youdabaddest #love #tribe #feels #friends


I mean... I love working out in doors as much as the next guy(gal). But sometimes you just gotta box-jump on a rooftop in downtown LA while you’re getting your picture taken! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #boxjumps #rooftopla #nofilter at Los Angeles, California


Someone just sent this still shot of me on their screen (gave them a shout-out in my story) and it gave me the feels. Here’s why... . This was the FIRST TIME EVER that I finished a fitness program. Going into it I had so many doubts, fears, insecurities, etc.. I felt inadequate compared to the others in the program. Like I was out of my lane and trying to belong someplace that I simply had never “belonged” before. In the beginning, Autumns words of encouragement were nothing compared to the negative voices that were screaming in my head. BUT, this photo proves that sometimes if we keep showing up even before our mind and heart believes we can, the rest will show up eventually. If you doubt it, try #80dayobsession and stick with me. Trust me I feel you! . Life is so good, you just have to put one foot in front of the other in the right direction and you’ll get there. . In closing (😂😂)... just all the gratitude and love. ALL OF IT!


Guys, I’ve been working on something that I’ve had to keep secret. I still can’t go into details but when I can share I will! I hope when that time comes, you find inspiration through me sharing it with you! In the mean time... here’s a photo from the “secret” shoot I was a part of! :) Like this pic, comment and tag a friend if you want to know more!! at Los Angeles, California


Happy Monday! 😘 at Los Angeles, California


Just finished a 6 am cycle class... I had a cool moment during the class I wanted to share with you guys... So, like any workout, soul cycle or cycle bar pushes you to a limit where you have to struggle and dig deep to find the motivation to keep going and keep up (much like in #80dayobsession). So this morning we were in that moment and the instructor encouraged us to push a little harder, mentally I was spent and any other time I would have felt like I couldn’t have kept pushing. But today in that moment it was as if I heard my body (physical self) speak to me (my mental self) and say “you can trust me! You’ve put in the work and I’m ready to cary you to new levels.” In that moment I road like I never have before with a smile on my face because my transformation was apparent and I knew I could trust that my body had new-found strength and I was ready for new challenges. It was such an amazing feeling! So keep pushing guys. Have faith in yourselves because “you can trust your body.” In the words of @autumncalabrese “you can do hard things!” ❤️❤️ at CYCLEBAR


What’s the biggest difference you see in these pics? MY SHORTS!! Literally on day 80 I had lost so many inches that they had to just get me a different pair of shorts. They said I was drowning in the old ones. It felt good because on day-one those “old” shorts gave me a muffin top. (Or my love-handles gave me a muffin top... or too many muffins gave me a muffin top... or tequelia...🤔... let’s just blame the shorts lol) Seriously, to me the funnest part about getting fit is the way clothes start to fit differently. I feel SO much better in my own skin and my own skinny-jeans now. Let’s celebrate with a muffin and a shot of tequelia!... wait... crap! I meant shakeology! 😜 at Los Angeles, California


Awe good memories!! This was me with @autumncalabrese and @coachcalie ‘s boys after we just landed in Hawaii a year ago today! ❤️


Brotherly love! @josephstamper @kenny_stamper (wish you were here) at West Hollywood, California


That moment that @autumncalabrese asked a few thousand of you to sing happy birthday to me! My heart felt so full! I just want to say, I had no idea that I would be recognized the way I was by so many of you at Summit. At first I didn’t know how to react, but then I viewed it as a rare opportunity to receive a literal flood of love and positive energy. Thanks, guys. Seriously... best feeling ever! ❤️

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