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Cast member of #80DayObsession, Singer, Ballroom Dancer, Vegan... and other stuff too 😉 Similar users See full size profile picture

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I’m determined to make these suckers grow!! #vegan #liftingweights #beachbody #lift4 (by @joelfreemanfitness ) #21dayfix #80dayobsession (basically all things @autumncalabrese ) #pressplay #justdoit at Los Angeles, California


I saw people’s “how hard did puberty hit you” challenge and it made me think of this post from 2015: Do you ever stop and think... "How did I get here? When did I become a man? When did I get facial hair or expression lines? What made me capable of experiencing immense amounts of pain and still keep pushing through? When did my heart get hardened/softened?Why did I make so many mistakes? What prepared/qualified me to be an adult? What happened to the dreams I had? What about the dreams I still have? what happened to the old me? Where'd the time go? HOW DID I BECOME THE PERSON I AM TODAY?" The old, happy, carefree "you" seems pretty far gone huh? Well, I find peace in this, "little Donald" just wanted to love and be loved. He wanted to make everyone happy (even though that was and always will be impossible). He wanted God to hear his prayers. He wanted to sing songs. He Loved to dance. His family were always his best friends. Even though he was embarrassed to cry, he still did, because his compassion was greater than his pride. He wanted to grow up and change the world. "Grown up Donald" is the same. Life experience might shape your opinions, perspectives, outlook, etc. But just because you've lived a life with ups and downs that went by so fast that you can hardly get your footing, don't forsake the little you. Love him/her. Remember the feelings you had that were good and consider those the basic fundamentals of who you are today. After all, "LITTLE YOU" always wanted the best the world had to offer for "GROWN UP YOU" Love y'all :) #howharddidpubertyhityou #growingpains #beyourself #behappy #healthybody #healthymind #goodvibes at Los Angeles, California


2009 to 2019.... the biggest difference is phone cameras are so much better now. And my hair. But real talk it was good in both pics. 😂 #tenyearchallenge #2009to2019 #23vs33


I saw this and had to share!! 😂😂 @ Edit: the friendship is real, the billboard is not lol @autumncalabrese #fitfam #friendship #beachbody #80dayobsession #autumncalabrese


So freaking fun! Thanks to the Cleveland Market Council for bringing me and to everyone I met and who told me your stories and took a pic... love you guys! (@fighting_with_fitness @sparklefitnessbabe @messyfit_ @jlambertfitness @marty_seagren @jeff_rogers89 )


If you like what you see here you’re in luck... @autumncalabrese and I are taking our show on the road. See you guys in Cleveland on Sunday!! 😉 Also... when I see this pic I imagine Autumn and I are kids and we just said to the grown-ups “guys look, we can stand on our hands and kick our butts!!!” 😂😂 #imtoolazytohashtag #whoevenlooksatthese #hash #tag at Los Angeles, California


Just saying. 💪🏼❤️ at Los Angeles, California


In case you missed it... I released a “Bruno Mars/80 Day Obsession” video! It’s with me, most of the cast and the DJ who produced it! I put a link in my bio so you can see it in better quality on YouTube. Check it out! @autumncalabrese @coachcalie @carriepylelawrence @messytwenties @katrinarosita @jazmyne_rey @djjohnnyjamesmusic #80dayobsession #beachbody #energize #workout #fitness at Los Angeles, California


I’m on the edge of something big. For real though! 😉


#top9of2018 at Los Angeles, California


We did a hike today! How’d y’all get your sweat in today? #hiking #siblings #stampers #nofilter at Turnbuckle Loop Trail


Happy holidays everyone! From me and my family to yours!! ❤️ #merrychristmas #happybirthdayjesus #happyholidays #family at Avondale, Arizona


My little bro @josephstamper was my Christmas workout buddy! I double dog dare you to do the last cardio core in phase 1 on 80 day. Merry Christmas y’all!! #80dayobsession #cardiocore #topchristmasworkout #beachbodycontest


“When you’re smiling because....” FINISH THE CAPTION! (This could be fun) P.s. so excited to share the “Bruno Mars-80 Day Obsession” video!! at Avondale, Arizona


No matter how “it” goes... stand tall and take your bow. You’re doing great! ❤️❤️ at Karina Smirnoff Dance Studio


Me and @katrinarosita did a little performing tonight! So much fun!! 💃 #dancers #dance #performers #ballroomdancing #jive #tango #salsa at Casino Morongo


❤️❤️ at Karina Smirnoff Dance Studio


I love everyone in this photo but every time I look at it I see the head in the background beside me and I’m pretty sure an evil ghost was attempting to possess my soul! Am I right?!?! at Los Angeles, California

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