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•u n d e r 🚧 c o n s t r u c t i o n • . . I am a sucker for beautiful buildings, architecture & history. I always will be. That’s why I became a civil engineer. . . So why medicine? Because life has the ability to call you in certain directions & it’s up to you whether you listen to your inner voice, or not. I’m Greek, so even my inner voice is loud 😂. . . Changing careers isn’t easy. Putting your life under construction is tough. Especially knowing you’re about to put other dreams on hold to pursue a new passion. There is always sacrifice. You need to figure out if it’s worth it. . . My life, like this loft (that used to house aging barrels of Canadian whiskey 🥃), has been under construction for the last few years. . . Everyone’s life has a construction period. It could last months or years. . . It’s messy, hard to maneuver around, hectic, & difficult to stay patient while big jobs are being done. . . It’s also difficult to see the potential in a space. It takes a visionary to be able to see it. And when it comes to your life... you need to be your own visionary! . . Now, one week before Clinical rotations start, I can say that my vision for my ‘life space’ is becoming a reality. And straight up there is A LOT of satisfaction when things finally start coming together.👌 . . Believe in your vision! Don’t compromise your dreams, chase them! Stay unwavering through the uncertainty. Trust the process. And keep looking forward to your future. . . It’s never too late to put an “under construction” sign on your life. You have this one life, live it with no regrets. . . As for this loft... it’s amazing even through the chaos of construction isn’t it? . . So are you✌️ . . . 🇨🇦♥️🇺🇸 . . #construction #engineer #ERTW #ironring #architecture #believe #youreamazing #trusttheprocess #underconstruction #career #chaos #paintedskies #nevertoolate #listentoyourheart #followyourdreams #roomwithaview #views #detroit #rencen #rotations #clinicals #RenaissanceCenter #loft #building #liveyourlife #tools #motivation #sunset #visionary #home


• o w n • y o u r • l i f e • A S • I S • . . Selfcare Sundays at the cottage can't be beat 🇨🇦 . . Walking on a rocky beach under a painted sky; I couldn't help take life in... AS IS! . . As is means no complaining, no 'what ifs', no adjustments; just totally owning the good & the bad. Being zen with how everything has gone down in life up until now & just being PRESENT in the moment. . . Life, in all its uncertainty, is beautiful. . . There is nothing lacklustre about it! (This weekend was LAKE lustre though 😉) . . It’s taken me a long time to gain this perspective, so for what it’s worth, here’s what I got... . . Take time to reflect on your past, but make sure to turn around & face forward. Reflection is crucial, but spending your life looking back is bad form. Humans are not built to walk backwards, so turn around!! . . Be present in the NOW or risk missing life moments. You cannot recreate a moment, you need to live it & experience it as it happens. So stay present because unforgettable moments are gifts. . . Look forward to your horizon. Pursue your passions & your goals. Be fearless on your journey to becoming who you want to be. . . Own your day, own your week, own your LIFE... all of it! The good & the bad. Just OWN IT! 👊 . . . . . . #ownit #sunset #motivationmonday #selfcare #reflection #whatifs #views #gooutside #wanderlust #liveinthemoment #canada150 #Ontario #LakeHuron #paintedskies #beach #nature #CottageLife #horizon #LifesABeach #fearless #livelife #unforgettable #weekendgetaway #hike #perspective #itsthelittlethings #lifeisbeautiful #livecolorfully #chasinglight at Goderich, Ontario


•females • are • strong • as • hell • . . Today is International Day of the Girl Child 🌍 . . The UN tells us there are 1.1 billion girls on earth & each one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future. . . 🚺 Every 10 minutes an adolescent girls dies as a result of violence. 🚺 Gender based violence still exists today in the forms of child marriage, physical violence, genital mutilation, trafficking, & exploitation 🚺 Adolescent girls in conflict zones are 90% more likely to not be in school impacting their education therefore making it harder for them to leave their environment. . . We must save our girls. . . Together we can speak up for those who can't & help empower our girls all over the world. . . We are all responsible for pushing the envelope for equality. We have come so far but still have so far to go. . . Let's be unstoppable. . . Let's be unwavering. . . Let's cultivate a better world for our girls ♥️🚺🌍 . . {{ I've tagged some of my girls. I wish I could tag all of you. You're all incredible in your own right. Let's speak up for those who can't & support organizations that have made it their life's work to make a positive impact for girls all over the world }} . . . #DayOfTheGirl #GirlsBelongHere #LikeAGirl #GirlPower #GoGirl #GenderEquality #Equality #Females #StrongAsHell #Unbreakable #StandTogether #stopviolenceagainstwomen #UnitedWeStand #RepresentationMatters #humanrights #EndChildMarriage #strongwomen #EducationMatters #WeAllBleed #breakbarriers #girlhero #EndFGM


• TB • or • not • TB ? • . . "... that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings & arrows of outrageous misfortune Or take ARMs against a Sea of troubles"... by simply extending said arm & testing for tuberculosis 💪. . . Anyone who's ever volunteered or needed to do any health screening is familiar with this skin test that checks to see if you have TB. . . It's called the MANTOUX TUBURCULIN SKIN TEST (TST). The doctor injects 0.1mL of Tubersol (Tuburculin Purified Protein Derivative - PPD) intradermally 2-4 inches below your elbow crease. . . I like to watch as a the bubble slowly grows under my skin. It's officially called a wheal, but to me it is a little dome bubble. It should measure 6-10mm. My doctor did a nice job, my wheal is so pretty 🎀. No need to cover it with a bandaid, show it off for a bit! It deflates several minutes post injection anyway. . . You must come back to your doctor 48-72 hours after the injection so they can measure any induration that may appear. No induration means you put 0mm. . . 0-4 mm :: negative. > 5 mm :: positive IF the person is HIV+, had contact with a TB case, has fibrotic changes in their lungs, had an organ transplant or is otherwise immune compromised. > 10 mm :: positive IF the person is a recent immigrant, an IVDA or anyone in a high risk setting. > 15 mm :: positive. . . It is quick & painless. Every person working in #healthcare needs to do this test regularly. . . 👉 If someone comes from overseas (where they have a higher incidence of TB) they probably received a BCG vaccine, the vaccine against TB. Note that this vaccine is notorious for giving a false positive PPD result. . . Thankfully I'm a big zero 0️⃣👌. . . Countdown to my first core rotation... T - 2 weeks!! 🤗 . . . . . . #Shakespeare #Hamlet #TBornotTB #tobeornottobe #thatisthequestion #soliloquy #TB #tuberculosis #skintest #mantoux #cottonball #alcohol #bloodpressure #dome #bubble #puns #wordplay


• e x t r a • m i l e • e x t r a • s m i l e • ♥️🎧• . . Medicine is really special. It's amazing how patients, even miniature ones, carry their own powerful ability to heal even without realizing it. . . Today a 10 yr old girl with SCD was sitting alone being transfused in a snazzy room. I did the standard intro & asked if I could listen to her heart. She seemed a little nervous & her affect was a little flat (maybe it was my white coat, the IV in her arm, being alone, or that I was a new face), but she said I could listen. . . She didn't know me, & yet... she trusted me. . . Having someone give you their trust is very, very precious. . . I heard her systolic murmur, the whoosh was clear as day. I was glad the doctor gave me the chance to hear it. It's common for anemic patients to present with these murmurs. I finished listening but she still looked a little tense. . . I didn't want to leave the room yet. So I took off my stethoscope & asked her if she ever used "one of these heart earphones before". She said nope. So I said, "Hey, I have an idea! Since you let me listen to your heart... it's only fair that you get to listen to mine too, right?". . . This kid's little face lit right up, she was so excited! So I set her up & placed my steth on my chest. She could hear my heart beating & was in awe. We tested how quiet I could whisper words & still have her hear them; "cookie", "noodles", "candy", etc. (It was before noon I was hungry, these were the words on my mind 🙈). She was all smiles & giggles! . . "That's what you get to listen to every time???" . . "Sure do!" . . "SO COOL!!!" ♥️ . . I spent 1 extra minute & it made a huge difference ... for us both. . . I was very lucky to be spending today with a bunch of bright eyed little bugs. Children have this amazing ability to reignite hope, even in dark times. . . I left the hospital a little lighter than when I went in. I am very thankful for that 🙏 . . . . #itsthelittlethings #paediatrics #heartbeat #healing #earphones #murmur #listen #allsmiles #extramile #bethechange #onemoreminute #makeadifference #starwars #rebelalliance #anewhope #coffee #faithinhumanity #todaywasagoodday #whitecoatwednesday


• ✌️• 🌎• . . Birthplace : Earth Race : Human . . . Humanity is made up of 7.4 billion hearts all under the same sky. Every innocent life lost to senseless violence fractures us all 💔. World, hold on 🙏. . . . . If you're in the Las Vegas area, please donate blood if you can. Be part of the humanity the world desperately needs today and everyday. . . . @bloodservices @americanredcross #bloodhero #UnitedBloodServices #VegasStrong #faithinhumanity #restorehumanity #vivalasvegas #prayforvegas #prayforhumanity #prayfortheworld #worldpeace #peaceonearth at Las Vegas, Nevada


• r i s e • a n d • g r i n d ☕️• . . Celebrating National Coffee Day with a $5 fix from my local caffeine dealer ☕️ . . Coffee ✔️ Messy hair ✔️ Setting up core rotations ✔️ Feeling like hard work pay off ✔️ . . Grind x QD ⤵️ . • To crush into small particles (like magic beans for performance enhancement ☕️). • To perform repetitive actions over and over to attain a goal (like exercising, studying for boards, waking up every day and chasing your dreams! 💭) . . Cheers to your GRIND ☕️, whatever it may be. . . You got this 👊 .


• g o a l s • 🎈 . . Charles (BUD) Godfrey is an American born physician practicing in Canada. He was born in September of 1917, he is 100 years strong, he served in WWII, and he wears a kilt under his white coat! 👌. . . . His receptionist of 17 years, Carole Denvers says what's special about Dr. Godfrey is "his heart, his big heart and that he is compassionate and sweet". She says he is the greatest person she's ever met and she loves him ♥️ . . Carole... I think I am in love too! 😍 . . . Happy birthday to this Doctor! He is everything I hope to be! . . Thanks to @cbc for sharing this story!


•s t a r v e • your • w e e d s • f e e d • your •🌸• . . Today I started my day off on the right foot (@ 5:30 am) with a hot coffee, my favourite pointy black shoes & an early stroll through the courtyard of the hospital. I absolutely love being here ♥️. . . I showed up early for shadowing which meant I had some "me time" to drink my coffee outside on a bench & contemplate life. Specifically reflecting on how my inner monologue has changed in the last few months. . . "Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds." #qotd . . I've realized, since passing step, I am consciously starving my doubts & negative thoughts. I'm human so of course they pop into my head occasionally, but lately I don't indulge them so much #aintnobodygottimeforthat . . I literally pull a Kanye on myself & interrupt my inner monologue when doubt tries to creep back in. . . "Yo, self, imma let you finish, but Xristina had the best summer of all time" 😎 #feelingmyself #likekanyeloveskanye . . Starve your weeds & feed your flowers! 🌸🌼🌺 Tend to your gardens people. Trust me... you got flowers! . . Be mindful of your thoughts fellow humans & love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye ✌️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #MS3 #hospital #clinicals #shadowing #dreambig #medlife #flowers #itsthelittlethings #positivevibes #trusttheprocess #loveyourself #mindfulness #goodmorning #garden #ootd #coffee #butfirstcoffee #views #happy #believeinyourself #pineapple #midweekmotivation #motivation #mindset #selflove #kanyewest


•t u r n • t o • c l e a r • v i s i o n • . . This last month has been non stop. I opted to go for a walk to absorb it all & noticed these viewfinders with little red knobs saying "TURN TO CLEAR VISION". I thought "HA! If it were only so simple in real life!" . . But the concept really is as simple as turning or adjusting yourself slightly to help clear your vision. . . A few people messaged me about their insecurities facing their #obstacles & asking how I got through my own. I just want to say I am absolutely no better than any other struggling student trying & hoping for the best outcome. . . Studying for step 1 was rough. I knew many people who did not get through the exam & thought "well 💩... that's gonna be me too" . . I lost my vision & focus at times too. I felt like my circumstances were beyond my control. Sure, occasionally they were. But what was ALWAYS in my control was how I chose to VIEW the situation, what aspects I FOCUSED IN on & how I chose to ACT. . . My point? . . If you lose your vision... refocus! Adjust the little red knob on your life goals & once you see a clear target...GO AFTER IT!🎯 . . We all see blurred images & lose our sense of purpose along any arduous journey. We just have to remember to keep searching for our goals. . . Goals change, but our focus & tenacity in wanting to achieve them never should. . . So... fall in love with your journey ♥️ That's the best part of your story! . . Keep going fellow dream chasers! Adjust your focus! CLEAR YOUR VISION! Know what you're aiming for & don't stop until you get there! . . You got this! ✌️ . . . {{ I spent 15 embarrassing minutes trying to simultaneously make a heart with my stethoscope in my non dominant hand & position the viewfinder to take a photo, all under the judgemental eyes of baby boomers wondering what madness hath taken hold of this young lass... 😂 #doitforthegram #iregretnothing }} . . #views #viewfinder #dreambig #focus #goaldigger #overachiever #clearvision #heart #brighterdays #youcandoit #clearsky #binoculars #motivation #purpose #trusttheprocess #medlife #dreamchaser #vintage #listentoyourheart #followyourheart


•y o u • a r e • N O T • a l o n e• . . This week is suicide prevention week. Having seen how hard suicide can be for families I can say it is truly devastating for everyone involved. It shatters people & results in the tragic death of a loved one. It is complete heartbreak. . . We, as humans, need to be better at encouraging the conversation & making sure NO ONE feels alone in their struggle. . . Please encourage your friends to shine some light on such a critical part of our health. . . There is no need to stay silent & suffer alone. . . So reach out if you need to, or reach out if you feel someone else needs you. Just reach out. . . Let's help each other overcome whatever we can & encourage each other to seek guidance from a professional when we can.  We are all in this together. . . Our minds can be a maze & it is easy to feel lost at times... so let's use the buddy system to help each other navigate a way out 🤝. . . If you're feeling strained & struggling to find the will to keep going... this is a reminder that: . . YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You ARE VALUED! You ARE ENOUGH! You ARE LOVED! You do not need to suffer in silence! . . Reach out. Talk to someone about your thoughts & your struggle, whether it be a friend, a loved one, a therapist or a doctor. Help is out there! . . "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle". . . You never know who needs a little kindness, a little support & a little strength.  Even those who shine the brightest & laugh the loudest can be struggling with darkness within themselves. . . So... let's talk. You are not alone 💞 . . . [ The Canadian Mental Health Association is running a campaign to raise awareness using the hashtag #youarenotalone . Encourage your friends to help cultivate an environment where anyone can reach out & get the right kind of help without fear of judgement. We must help stop the stigma around mental health!🛑Please find a way to share your support ] . . ☎️24hr suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-TALK(8255) #bethe1to . . #LetsTalk #suicideprevention2017 #suicide #stopthestigma #suicideprevention #MentalHealth #CMHA #MHA #AFSP #EndTheStigma #JoinTheConversation #BeKind #ReachOut #GetLoud


•make • your • life • your • best • D I Y • project• . . The last couple weeks have been moving so fast. There was much more to do than I anticipated 😅 . . If you're close to setting up clinicals here's a checklist I compiled for all the things you may need. Here's where I'm at so far... . . ✔️pass step 1 🌟 ✔️immunization record plus titers 💪 ✔️2 step Mantoux TB skin test (min 1wk apart, max 3wks apart)💉 ✔️10 panel drug screen 💊 (if you're Canadian the standard is a 7 panel screen, which means I need to request a more thorough screen). ✔️police record check 👮🏻‍♀️ ✔️letter from your doctor stating you're free from all communicable diseases 👨🏾‍⚕️ ✔️updated CV/ resumé 📝 ✔️letter from the bank stating you got 💰& can pay rent, or use a guarantor to secure your standing because lets be honest the majority of students aren't exactly swimming in the green 💸 #foreveraLOAN ✔️re-certify for CPR & update HIPAA online ✔️OSHA blood-borne pathogen certification. ✔️VISA request form because I'm a 🇨🇦heading to the 🇺🇸 ➖get flu shot bc I will be starting around Nov (flu szn) 🤒 ➖finally submit completed paperwork! . . ➖wait for my start date.... find an apartment... prepare to move to a new location very far from home... 😕get a car because public transportation won't be able to get me where I need to go... prepare to leave my support system & venture into the unknown ... ...😳 ... feel overwhelmed! 😩 . . ➖PAUSE ⏸ Remember to breathe because this is what I have to do to invest in my dream. So now is probably a good time to start believing everything is going to be 🆗! There is *no* benefit wasting energy worrying about scenarios that have not happened & most likely never will 🙅🏻 ➖PLAY ▶️ Get EXCITED BC IT'S GOING TO BE AN ADVENTURE!🤘 . . Project DOC X is well on its way! 👩🏻‍⚕️ . . There is only so much you can do in a day, and when I'm feeling overwhelmed I make time to relax with a hot cup of peppermint tea & a dessert☕️🍓 . . Stressed spells backwards is desserts... coincidence? I think not! 😉 . . . . #teatime #fruittart #berries #mint #treatyourself #rodofasclepius #justbreathe #rotations #selfcaresunday #stressed #dessert #relax #clinicals #medlife #dreambig #DIYproject


• l i f e • s a v i n g • v i b e s • 🏥 . . Spending the day with a dozen people counting to 30 a few hundred times! 👌 . . Every 2 years you need to update your certifications, including CPR/BLS for health care providers. Mine hasn't expired yet but I would rather get it updated before I start rotations. . . Even if you're not a health care provider, it is SO SO important to be able to do CPR and the #Heimlich manoeuvre. . . You can ALWAYS be a good bystander and help call 911. But what if you're the only person there? You never know what scenarios you'll find yourself in, it's always a good idea to be prepared! . . So check out your local Red Cross and learn how to help save a life! 🏥 . . . #CPR #BLS #AED #BVM #911 #bystander #rescue #pa #nurse #compressions #redcross #mask #breathing #choking #cardiacarrest #lifesaver #medlife #scrublife #beprepared #training #onestepatatime #hospital #clinicals #shadowing #alwayslearning #trusttheprocess #recertification


• d o c t o r s • o n l y • 🅿️ • . . Hospital days mean I get to dust off my white coat, wear my stethoscope, business attire, pointy black shoes and feel way cooler than cool 😎. From the outside I look very much like I could be a doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️. . . But that's just on the outside! 🙈 . . I haven't started rotations yet. I am shadowing a specialist in paediatrics while my paperwork is slowly being collected. I am very lucky to have this opportunity 🤗 . . My advice so far? Everyone you meet knows something you don't. . . Be open to learning as much as you can about whatever you can. Medicine is a dynamic field where you're always learning from other medical professionals, research studies, patients, etc. . . More often than not people are willing to share their knowledge ☺️, and if you're lucky to link up with someone who hasn't forgotten what it's like to be a medical student... you're golden! . . I may not be parking in these spaces today, but one day I will have graduated, matched, and finally be able to pull into these stellar VIP doctors only spots with my own car and feel like I've made it! #beepbeep #pagingdrxristina 😎 . . Until then I have a lot more learning, several more tests, and whole bunch more stairs! 🙈 #babysteps . . . . . . #VIP #dreambig #glamorouslife #medlife #scrublife #perks #oneday #onestepatatime #doctorsonly #numberone #itsthelittlethings #hospital #clinicals #shadowing #alwayslearning #trusttheprocess #takethestairs


•✌️a c c i n e s • s a v e • l i v e s • . . . I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT... #polio , #smallpox , #tetanus , #diphtheria , #pertussis , #measles , #mumps , #rubella , #rotavirus , H. influenza b, #varicella and #hepatitis ... AIN'T ONE! Thanks to vaccines 😎 #99problems . . . August is IMMUNIZATION AWARENESS MONTH! . . . I just happened to stumble upon on this adorable hedgehog on the elevator door of our local health unit. This cute little bundle of needles is there to remind people to STAY SHARP about vaccinations 💉. . . . Vaccinations for individual benefit and for strengthening herd immunity are our best chance at protecting EVERY ONE! Especially children, immune compromised individuals and the elderly. . . . SO GIVE KIDS (who are able) A SHOT and equip them with the defenses their little bodies need to prevent disease! And don't forget adults need vaccines and boosters too! Check with your doctor to find out more 👩🏻‍⚕️ . . . In conclusion... *ahem* ... shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots... every body!!! 💉 . . . Spread FACTS, not disease! . . . Stay sharp everyone ✌️
. . . . . #staysharp #staywoke #vaccines #evidence #factsnotfear #givekidsashot #rotations #clinicals #shotsshotsshots #everybody #preventativemedicine #immunizationawareness


• w h a t ' s • u p • d o c ?! • 🐰🥕 . . Wednesday is hump day & BOARD SCORE REVEAL DAY! 🤗 . . I guess this means you can call me D-O-C! 🤓 Because I'm halfway to becoming a full D-O-C-T-O-R! 👩🏻‍⚕️ . . This is probably the most "basic" med student screenshot of all time... BUT I HAD TO, RIGHT?! 🙈 I even gave myself a gold star 🌟😂 #shameless . . It takes a lot of dedication to get to this point but more so it takes a huge amount of strength to put yourself through this process. A strength that sometimes falters, fills with doubt, and occasionally gives out on you entirely. . . During those times I was blessed to have a stellar support system made up of family, friends and now... YOU! 🌟 . . For those of you who have been pouring your souls out on IG, sharing your journeys and even finding time to simultaneously support mine, I want to say THANK YOU! 🌟 . . I started this account because studying alone was getting to me. But you made me feel a lot less alone in my daily grind and in my thoughts. You kept me focused, hopeful, and inspired!! ♥️ . . I know a few med IGers that are still hustling and grinding for their time. STAY CONSISTENT!! You can do it! . . If you need a boost, let me know! You're not alone! 🤝 . . For now... I can finally breathe! STEP 1 IS OVER!! . . Trust the timing of your life ⏳ . . Celebrate your victories, no matter how small! 🎉 . . Pursue your passion! . . Never give up! Your time will come!! . . I know studying is a hard and uncertain time. . . Remember that "the darkest nights produce the brightest stars" AND YOU'RE ALL BRIGHT STARS!! 🌟🌟🌟 . . Trust yourself and trust your choices. Every day you're taking one step closer. You can do it!! . . Thank you for sticking by me during my not so fun perpetual study party 🤓♥️. . . I'll share my study sources soon!! Then I'll share how to navigating clinicals (as I figure them out) and any handy tips I learn en route to full MD! 😊 #imsoexcited . . Happy HUMP-YAY all!! 🤗🐪 . . . . #ipassed #goldstar #onestepatatime #onestepcloser #ididit #shinebright #humpday #overthehump #feelinggood #thankyou #thankful #believeinyourself #allsmiles #happy #joy #cheers #yay 🤗


• t u r n • d o u b t • i n t o • D O • . . . Faith in yourself seems simple, but when doubt gets the better of you (it happens to the best of us) you forget to believe in yourself, your effort & your journey. . . . "Inaction breeds doubt & fear. Action breeds confidence & courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home & think about it. Go out & get busy!" #DaleCarnegie #qotd . . Basically... turn DOUBT into DO! 👊 . . . Have you ever jumped out of a plane alone? I have, more than once. (My parents are usually really supportive but they did not support these endeavours ... at all 😅) . . I know that the moment right before you let go of the plane & decide you're going to jump is the microsecond where you MUST REMOVE ALL DOUBT. . . . It takes just one split second of 100% faith + 100% action to let go of a perfectly good plane & chance the unforgettable ✈️ . . I promise you... you're never *really* ready to let go of a plane & fall 10500 feet. . . . Sitting for STEP 1 is the same. You never feel ready. There's so much to know. But you need to have faith you've prepared & faith that no matter what comes at you on test day you will be OKAY! . . . Faith isn't easy to have when you're facing uncertainty, but do not let fear & doubt stop you! Channel those negative feelings into action to build up your confidence & courage. It will be scary, the unknown usually is, but it's called a LEAP OF FAITH for a reason! . . . Your dreams lie on the other side of your doubts, fears & the unknown. . . . So DO what you gotta DO! . . . Wishing you all unwavering faith in yourselves & the strength to keep going ✌️ . . . . . . . . . . . #mondaymotivation #justDOit #believeinyourself #love #AdrenalineJunkie #trusttheprocess #skydiving #skydive #leapoffaith #dontquit #followyourdreams #liveyourbestlife #noregrets #MostImportantBackpackIveEverHad 🙃


• ' s o l e ' - o • m a r a t h o n • 👣 . . Status : In a complicated relationship with First Aid 😅 #marriedtomedicine . . I absolutely love learning & reading 🤓 . . But studying for a standardized test ... well... it kinda sOcks* 😐 . . The hype of this exam & the environment surrounding it, transform step 1 prep to a metaphorical ball n' chain for med students. And the further we carry the weight of studying, the heavier it feels. . . I love understanding, but I find memorization difficult (hence my mnemonics). I feel the focus on memorization that this test demands takes away from the complexities, nuances, & intricacies of the medical field. . . But obstacles are part of the journey! . . And that's what this exam is. ANOTHER OBSTACLE! . . You got to keep your focus on the fight ahead of you 🥊 #nevergiveup #focus #perseverance #consistency . . All I can say is this... . . Yes, it's tiring. . . Yes, it's frustrating. . . Yes, it's hard. . . Yes, it's emotionally & mentally taxing. . . But real talk, if being challenged didn't drive us & if helping people in a demanding way wasn't our passion... then we would have chosen an easier field or an easier life. . . It is #extraordinary to be able to use what you know to potentially save someone's life. . . The road to extraordinary is rarely the easy one friends 🛣. . . So put your feet up when you can, and hit the ground running the next day!! 👌 . . This is our marathon. 🏃🏽‍♀️ . . . . #FeetUpFriday #ballandchain #medlife #studentlife #onedayatatime #hitthegroundrunning #roadtosuccess #obstacles #overcome #staymotivated #studyspo #risetothechallenge #headon #healthcare #savinglives

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