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One more picture from that atmospheric Rham district 💛 Have a lovely Sunday, everyone 💫 at Luxembourg, Luxembourg


A Saturday postcard from Metz 💫 Have an amazing Saturday 🙌🏻 at Metz, France


Picturesque Metz ✨ Who could think that Metz and Reutlingen (where I currently live) have almost the same population however they’re so different. Metz in spite of its size has vibes of a big city while Reutlingen feels like a provincial town 🧐 Nevertheless every city is unique and has its own way of development which mixes together with such a thing as geographical location, so that it gives an outcome of different cities with its own identities 🤗 at Metz, France


Last week’s snowy fairy tail ❄️ at Reutlingen


I’ve never seen such dense fog as in Arlon that day 😅 Especially in the end of December! at Arlon


Another postcard from Luxembourg ⭐️ at Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Visiting a new city is always for me like a breath of fresh air in terms of photography: new streets, buildings and perspectives. Those new conditions make taking pictures even more thrilling than usual ✨ at Metz, France


First picture from Luxembourg, yay! at Luxembourg, Luxembourg


City of yellow ✨Or somewhat brownish? 😅 Have a wonderful Saturday! at Metz, France


Our little New Year journey is over and we’re on our way home to Reutlingen; however there’re more pictures to share, sooo here it is, another photo from charming Metz ✨ at Metz, France


On the last day of 2018 we went to Metz and it was such a nice experience! The city is amazingly charming and atmospheric, so I feel like I’d definitely return there! 😻 With this last post in 2018 I wish you all a happy New Year ⭐️ See you in 2019! 😉 at Metz, France


Favorite kind of weather on New Years’s Eve is definitely fog 🙌🏻 I’m actually sarcastic but the fact I like fog is unchangeable ❤️ at Arlon


Actually we arrived in Luxembourg today, but I still have a couple of nice shots from Tübingen ✨ at Tübingen, Germany


It’s nice to have some fresh air after two days of being coach potato 🙈 But it’s holidays and I have all the rights, right? 😝 at Tübingen, Germany


Merry Christmas! In Germany in most of the cities, except for the most touristic ones like Munich, Christmas Markets are closed just before Christmas. Don’t you find it weird in a some way? It’s explainable from one point of view, everyone needs some rest during holidays, from the other is however, not all of the people make it to the Markets due to their business 🤷🏼‍♀️ What about you? Have you managed to go to a Market? I couldn’t this year 😝 at Reutlingen


City is ready for Christmas ✨ at Reutlingen


I love Tübingen in the evening - it’s so quiet, cozy and charming ✨ at Tübingen, Germany


Have a nice Saturday, everyone ✨ at Bad Urach

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