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Art & words inspired by the Universe ☾ ✧ by @annietarasova ✦ Worldwide shipping ✦ 1 tree planted per sale ✦

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Which one out of these reminders do you need most?... ✨ Gold foil prints are 30% off for the next 24 hours ~ shop via www.dreamymoons.com.au ~ link in bio 🌙 Idea: ship one directly to a friend or loved one as a surprise if you find something they need to hear ✨


Let’s play a game... some of these constellations are real, some I made up 😉✨ which constellations can you spot? Comment below 👇🏼


Being home can be so so enjoyable... personally I am loving getting cosy and being productive 🌙✨ how are you feeling during these strange times? 💛


Even in uncertain times, you can still fill your heart with joy, love, peace and inspiration. 💛 If you’re self isolating / socially distancing yourself right now, what is bringing you joy? What have you been up to? Let’s all be inspired and find ideas on how we can mindfully occupy ourselves during these strange times 🌹


Mine & yours affirmation for every day of our beautiful existence 🌙✨


Sunflowers. 🌻🌻🌻 I just realised I created quite a few illustrations with sunflowers... to me sunflowers symbolize childlike wonder and joy, unconditional happiness and kindness. Sunflowers just make me want to smile... and I think we all need a bit of sunflower art on our feeds right now, don’t we? What’s your favourite, 1,2,3,4 or 5? 🌻✨


Helping you create a cosy, safe space & go within since 2016 🌙✨ Almost 4 years of doing what I love... time flies when you’re having fun 🥰 All that’s pictured available on my website www.dreamymoons.com.au (link in bio) Use code GOWITHIN for 15% off and treat your space and your mind to some goodies. Code valid for just 3 days, until this Sunday 22 March ❤️


This is a strange, confusing time for most... So let’s retreat within, let’s find a safe place in our own beautiful minds and imagination, let’s express ourselves through painting and singing and writing, let’s find our peace through yoga and beautiful books and meditation. You can still feel at peace on this crazy planet. You can still protect your inner world from the panic around. Just do your best to stay safe, and that’s all you can really do. 💛


It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly are. 🌙✨


This one is relevant to me right now. Just landed in Tasmania, ready to adventure and indulge in beautiful nature for the rest of the month! P.S don’t worry online orders will continue to get shipped as I don’t ship my own orders anymore. Which I’m so thankful for as I can now enjoy travel and not worry about making you wait for your orders until I get back home 🙈💛✨


Full Moon in Virgo is coming up... March 9-10th depending on your location. 🌝 What does that mean? It’s a good time to connect with the Earth, spend time in nature and go barefoot if you can. 🌱 Feel the earth under your feet. Lie on the grass, listen to the birds and watch the clouds. Nourish your body with earthy vegetables and plenty of greens. Get organized - use the energy of this full moon to do things you’ve been putting off for months. They have to get done at some point, right? Get rid of things you no longer need or use, declutter, set new goals and make new plans. Happy Full Moon 🌝✨


Manifest 🌙 my handwritten and hand illustrated guide to manifesting your dreams. Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I released it. My first proper book 🥺 thank you endlessly for the love you gave it, and for opening your mind and heart to what I have to offer. Available at www.dreamymoons.com.au 💛 (link in bio) With love ❤️ x