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🏎 @LA_DRONES TAKE OVER Part 2 🏎 It's non-stop, green flag racing in the latest @LA_Drones Motorsports reel. A true pleasure flying with them in their various high speed #Motorsports pursuits. Bonus: Who can name three of these tracks? • #LADRONES #DRONEGEAR at United States


🏎 @LA_DRONES TAKE OVER Part 1 🏎 It's non-stop, green flag racing in the latest @LA_Drones Motorsports reel. A true pleasure flying with them in their various high speed #Motorsports pursuits. Bonus: Who can name three of these tracks? • #LADRONES #DRONEGEAR at United States


✔️ Today we helped @juliensolomita pass his FAA Part 107 remote pilot exam! It was great to see all his hard work and study pay off! We’re excited to announce that Julien will be our first guest on the DRONEGEAR podcast! . Special thanks to @altitudeuniversity for providing the course prep material to help Julien pass with flying colors! • #DRONEGEAR #altitudeuniversity #juliensolomita #FAA #107 #dronepilot at Los Angeles, California


🇹🇷 We had a great time flying with @iskenderfilm whilst in Istanbul for a brief layover a few months back. Big thanks to fellow droner Bilal for picking us up at the airport and showing us his beautiful city and the spots to fly! Next we’ll stay for longer friend and drone more spots. . DRONEGEAR used: @djiglobal Mavic Pro 2 @tiffencompany ND8 🚁 @iskenderfilm 📸 @drone.pilot#DRONEGEAR #Istanbul #Turkey at Istanbul, Turkey


🎥 One of the biggest questions we get is what’s a good drone to start off with?! We always advise to get a small toy drone to start and get the feel of the sticks, then buy a small cheaper drone. The DJI Mavic Air is a great drone for the price and all the video in this was shot with the Mavic Air! . You will also need a set of filters and we only use @tiffencompany Drone Filters as they’re the best on the market. We’ll put a link in our story to the Mavic Air filters for you to check out. . 🚁🎥🎬 @drone.pilot 💃 @becca_bae @lesleyannemurphy 🛶 @hugobordes#TIFFEN #DRONEGEAR at The Tiffen Company


🏔 Looking for that dream everyday backpack for your all drone/camera gear plus heaps more! Be sure to check out the all new RADPAK from @radpak_mountngo & designer @stratacous . This backpack is extremely well thought out by an adventure content creator in @stratacous and really is the perfect day pack whatever you’re out doing. It’s been approved for Kickstarter and is now available to preorder to get yours at a discounted price. We’ll put a link in our stories now for you to check it out. DRONEGEAR APPROVES ✔️ . This post is not sponsored, we just want to support a great guy who has put his heart and soul into this backpack. We’ve used it and absolutely love the attention to detail and thought that has gone into this bag. Job well done @stratacous 👊🏽😎 . 📸 @lesleyannemurphy#RADPAK #GOSCOPE #DRONEGEAR #Backpack at Park City, Utah


#Sponsored Thanks to @wdcreators we were able to film this video of professional Rock Climber Jeremy Regoto in the Canadian Rockies. Getting to this remote location with all this drone gear and filming equipment was extremely difficult at altitude and in the summer, but so rewarding being able to fly the drone and get crazy angles of him climbing and capture that ultimate hero shot. . This video encompasses everything we love to do at DRONEGEAR, and that’s being outdoors with friends, flying drones, telling stories and having a great time in the process. • #DRONEGEAR #WDCreator #MyPassportWirelessSSD at British Columbia


🍩 DRONEGEAR Team Pilot @hugobordes of @motivevisuals flew through the Randy’s doughnut! Event got converted for the LA Rams by @_glgr_ for @nikelosangeles Watch the dope 30sec activation recap here 👉 @motivevisuals • LET’S GO @RAMS#LosAngeles #Rams #superbowl #Nfl #sunday at Los Angeles, California


✖️ @joshua_hak putting on the beautiful 24” @xoarpropeller carbon fiber props on our custom X8 drone built by @midatlanticmultirotor We’re super excited to start putting some hours on these new Titan Air motors from XOAR, stay tuned for flight times and speed tests fully loaded, this drone has been rated to fly total take off weight at 65lbs and will be interesting to see the times we get under 55lbs 😎 • #DRONEGEAR #TEAM #XOAR #CF at Nevada Desert


🙏🏽 Thanks to all you droners out there who have used our hashtag for all these years to help us get it to 1 million. When we started this account we were the first independent drone sharing account with an emphasis on sharing epic drone content, the gear we use and highlighting amazing work from all the talented pilots in the industry worldwide. . To put things in perspective of when we started this account the word drone was only hashtagged 4,000 times and DJI was not on instagram along with any other drone featuring account that you’d be familiar with now. . Here is a collage of just some of the talented drone pilots that make up the drone industry, we’d like to thank everyone who has shared their work with us, their story and bought a hat to represent when flying. Thank you again for inspiring us daily and keep on soaring droners! • #DRONEGEAR #FAMILY #TEAM at Instagram


😎 Are you new to the drone game?! If so then be sure to get your hands on some quality glass ND filters! . We only use the best from @tiffencompany who have been in the business for over 80 years. Filters are a MUST HAVE for your #DRONEGEAR kit! . 📸 @cassaram#TIFFEN #TIFFENFILTERS at New York, New York


💽 #sponsored Be sure to check out our latest YouTube testimonial video on the @wdcreators My Passport Wireless SSD portable drive. This drive is so versatile for creators on the go with so many features packed into one durable and portable device, such as the built in SD card reader with one touch copy button, built in battery so you can back up your drone shots anywhere! Check out our YouTube video for all the great uses! • #WDCreator #DRONEGEAR

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