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Nigel Smith

visual artist based in brisbane | australia brand ambassador @naimakka @papier curator @qldfolk

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@blake.gannon absorbing the first rays of light on top of Mount Maroon. at Mount Maroon


Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean. at Noosa National Park


@aaronboltz channeling James Dean at Lake Moogerah. at Lake Moogerah Park


@lniu13 getting back to nature while taking a selfie in the Gold Coast Hinterland. International Selfie Day is June 21st and it's still technically June 21 somewhere in the world (not too late!). #selfieday #wearegoldcoast #thisisqueensland at Springbrook National Park


Road tripping to the Gold Coast Hinterland tomorrow morning and hoping for foggy conditions. Fingers crossed.


Noosa, still my favourite coastal town. #visitnoosa Side Note: deleted the last edit as I felt it was better displayed as landscape and not as a square. This one was shot as portrait and is more suitable for Instagram - curse you OCD! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ at Noosa National Park


This was an incredible morning at the summit of Mount Maroon. It was a 1 AM wake up for me as I picked up @blake.gannon and @cameronduchatel to start the ascent at 4 AM. We managed to do the climb in the dark that took us just under an hour and 40 mins and made it to the peak before sunrise. The skies were clear, the valleys were filled with fog and low cloud and the wind was icy. It was perfect. #themoderndayexplorer at Mount Maroon


My Dad showed me everything you need to know about hurricane lanterns from how much wick is needed to keep it alight so it won't smoke and how to clean the glass from the said smoke if you didn't listen. at Sandgate Waterfront


"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time." - Anonymous at Mount Maroon


In love with the colour palette of the Scenic Rim - beautiful golden fields and blue mountains. It's Brisbane's budget slice of New Zealand's South Island. #whpgetlost #scenicrim #discoverqueensland #thisisqueensland #qldfolk at Scenic Rim


I am stoked to announce that I am a Naimakka Nomad (Brand Ambassador for @naimakka)! Naimakka is an outdoor lifestyle brand that specialise in creating gear made from Paracord. Their Paracord bracelets are great for outdoor enthusiasts and should a situation arise you can unravel the yarn to make a fishing line/net, snares, traps, a bow drill for making fire or a splint for a broken ankle (or you could just wear it cos' they are pretty cool too). But hey, get this, out of the 7.6+ billion people in the world they chose me to be their Brand Ambassador! Check them out adventurers! #naimakka ✊ at Kondalilla National Park


A stunning sunset yesterday afternoon from the top of Mt Ngungun overlooking the familiar silhouette of Mt Coonowrin eclipsing Mt Beerwah bathed in golden, afternoon light. 🌞 . . Was a great turnout for the @qldfolk Mt Ngungun Instameet yesterday so thank you to those that came along. Was great to see some new faces. Don't forget to tag your photos #qldfolk and #qldfolkngungun so all can see your shots collectively. πŸ€™ . . . . #adventurethatislife #artofvisuals #awesupply #bestmountainartists #canonaustralia #discoverqueensland #exploretocreate #instagood10k #lifeofadventure #livelevel #lostfam #opentheworld #ozshot #qldparks #rsa_outdoors #seeaustralia #socality #stayandwander #theseeksociety #thisisqueensland #travelcreatives #visitbrisbane #visitsunshinecoast #visualcreators #visualscollective #visualsofearth #weareexplorers at Ngungun

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