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visual artist based in brisbane | australia brand ambassador @naimakka @papier curator @qldfolk

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Lost in Paradise. Granite Bay, Noosa National Park. #visitnoosa #thisisqueensland #qldfolk at Granite Bay, Noosa National Park


Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon to read a book down at the pier and watch the Blue Blubber jellyfish swarm below. Currently re-reading "Octopus!" by Katherine Harmon Courage, I have a deep love for my Cephalopod friends (also, of course, I do love my Medusozoa friends too). #brisbaneanyday #thisisqueensland #qldfolk at Shorncliffe pier


Davina and the Fox (but how about that view of Mount Barney though!?). ๐Ÿ‘ฌ #scenicrim #thisisqueensland at Mount Maroon


I found this gem from my shots when @blake.gannon and I went to Lake Cootharaba in Noosa for sunrise. I normally prefer not to display images in landscape mode on Instagram but also couldn't crop this one. Lake Cootharaba was stunning at dawn, the water was still and highly reflective and on the other bank (in the horizon) it was covered in thick fog! Totes wish we could have been in that fog! Next time. #visitnoosa #visitsunshinecoast #thisisqueensland at Lake Cootharaba


The country boy from Gayndah. at Scenic Rim


Thrive on good vibes (or on Veuve Clicquot). Photo of me sniped by me mate Dave (@makemydave), thanks Dave! Edit by me.โœŒ๐Ÿผ at Mount Maroon


Shots from an @ozshot instameet earlier in the year in West End's old Peters Ice Cream Factory. Artwork by visual artist David Bromley (@bromleyandco). at West Village


Hoodies, mountain tops and short shorts. One of those unforgettable mornings on the summit of Mount Maroon. #scenicrim #thisisqueensland at Mount Maroon


Lake Cootharaba at dawn and its tranquil, mirror like surface. #visitnoosa #thisisqueensland at Lake Cootharaba


Forever getting lost in the dark when climbing Mount Maroon before first light. But we made it! at Mount Maroon


So much serenity! Definitely would rank Serenity Falls as the number one falls in the Sunshine Coast region. However, the serenity and ranking dramatically drop when people swim in it. ๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™ˆ #visitsunshinecoast #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia at Buderim Waterfalls


@blake.gannon absorbing the first rays of light on top of Mount Maroon. at Mount Maroon


Calm Blue Ocean, Calm Blue Ocean. at Noosa National Park


@aaronboltz channeling James Dean at Lake Moogerah. at Lake Moogerah Park


@lniu13 getting back to nature while taking a selfie in the Gold Coast Hinterland. International Selfie Day is June 21st and it's still technically June 21 somewhere in the world (not too late!). #selfieday #wearegoldcoast #thisisqueensland at Springbrook National Park


Road tripping to the Gold Coast Hinterland tomorrow morning and hoping for foggy conditions. Fingers crossed.


Noosa, still my favourite coastal town. #visitnoosa Side Note: deleted the last edit as I felt it was better displayed as landscape and not as a square. This one was shot as portrait and is more suitable for Instagram - curse you OCD! ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ at Noosa National Park


This was an incredible morning at the summit of Mount Maroon. It was a 1 AM wake up for me as I picked up @blake.gannon and @cameronduchatel to start the ascent at 4 AM. We managed to do the climb in the dark that took us just under an hour and 40 mins and made it to the peak before sunrise. The skies were clear, the valleys were filled with fog and low cloud and the wind was icy. It was perfect. #themoderndayexplorer at Mount Maroon

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