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Picture maker • Currently in Utah • DM me for prints & inquiries • 📩lefevrepics@gmail.com

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Canyonlands Arch with @peregrination_photography at Utah


A calm sunrise from Death Valley National Park with @ienjoyhiking _____________________ #deathvalleynationalpark #getolympus #badlands #pictureline at Death Valley National Park


Just watched a beautiful storm in the desert with some cool dudes. Thanks for a good trip @actionphototours @photopills & @blue_falcon_foto. This is basically straight out of camera since I haven't had time to get my hands in the raw file. ____________________ Nikon D850, 24-120 f4 #nikond850 #monumentvalley #storm #lightning #night at Monument Valley


So emily and I are out shooting and after sunset she shows me what she got on her LCD. While I was getting this basic landscape shot and she was making art. Go check out @ienjoyhiking latest post to see how two different photographers can capture the same scene so differently. at Desert, Utah


Queen of the desert. @ienjoyhiking


I found this abandoned pier on a deserted beach in the middle of nowhere and created this one of a kind, original image....🙄. at Scripps Pier


In 2013 Emily and I were in Rocky Mountain National Park for their 500 year flood. After raining for days we woke to find both roads out of Estes Park washed away and the restaurant we'd eaten at just hours before to be under water. Rain fall was estimated at between 12-17 inches depending on location in Colorado. Texas has gotten up to 50" of rainfall in less than a week. I know the images I have seen cannot begin to relay the devastation the storm is causing to people lives and my heart goes out to everyone involved. Does anybody know where I can donate to help the people of Texas?


Who else is not excited to wait a year and a half for the last season of Game of Thrones? at Dorne


There is beauty all around us and in the most unlikely places. I found this weunder a highway in a culvert which now that I think about it, does sound like a likely place to get crack. Exploring with @billyrubinphotography @larrymarshallphotography. ____________________ #gotcrack #cracklife #crackhead #snapcracklepop at The Continental Divide


Nature AF with a little digital magic. Who's going to be watching the eclipse on Monday? at Somewhere Else

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