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“Shark Fin Alcove” Only one spot left to join me and @chaddutson at the Wave. This is a rare opportunity to explore this coveted permit area as well as some other incredible off the beaten path locations. Click the link in my bio to learn more.


I’ll see your river bend and raise you another river bend. We had to get up early to defrost the airplane windshield to see this sunrise over Canyonlands. With @ienjoyhiking


We ran into this couple at The Wave with their baby on their back and told them about all of the cool things to see up above the Wave. Later in the day we ran into them at this cool alcove and I had them pose for some family photos.


“Nobulus” I scouted this spot out earlier in the day and loved that S-Curve is the foreground so much I had to hike back out here for some night shooting. Lighting is a mixture of low level LEF and distant city lights. #nightphotography #astrophotography #nightscape


The Wave and the surrounding areas are some of the most incredible on Earth. During our Coyote Buttes North Workshop we will be shooting at both Coyote Buttes North and South Permit areas as well as White Pocket. Expect 3 full days of hiking and exploration. Only 3 of the 5 spots are left. Click the link in my bio to join us! at The Wave, Arizona


Come with me & @chaddutson to The Wave! Registration is now live for this rare opportunity to visit one of the most iconic locations in the South West. Registration is now live via the link in my bio or visit southwestsecrets.com! May 10-13. at The Wave, Arizona


“High Desert Fog” • I was lucky to experience one of my favorite landscapes in these unique conditions with a couple good friends, @chaddutson & @blue_falcon_foto. • There is one spot left for our White Pocket Photo Workshop in April. Click the link in my bio to come along.


A few years ago Emily took me on one of my first proper backpacking trips. My pack didn’t fit quite right and after 8 Miles my hips were warn out and bruised. The last few miles were in and out of the river so I went bare feet to keep my boots dry. Taking off my pack and setting up camp was a huge reward! The views from the canyon were pretty sweet though👍.


“Blue Moon Mesa” • I purchased a macro lens years ago off of the local classifieds from a woman. I didn’t expect I would end up marrying her later. Anyway, I used that lens to take this shot but was never able to get any good macro shots with the lens. at Blue Moon Witchcraft


What do you call a tick on the moon? • A Luna-tick at Death Valley National Park


Here’s a cool rock with a hole in it. You may have heard it referred to as an “arch”. • Mesa Arch, Nikon D800, 14-24, circa: 2012


“Sunset Meadows” Spring is just around the corner! Who else is ready for warm sun and green mountains? #pictureline #utah #uintas #motherfreakinnature at Sunset Meadows

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