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Photography • 3D Art • Sometimes both Based in Dresden, Germany

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Boy it's been a while since my last post... I was doing a lot of pure 3D renderings lately. And as I see this profile more like my photography site and the renderings would change the overall theme of my story quite a lot, I was hesitant to post them here (I have my artstation account for that). But neither I want to abandon this profile. 😐 I guess I have to figure something out. So prepare for a big genre shift in my story. 🙊 But for now a lovely shot into the Swedish winter forest from inside my warm apartment. This week I'll go to Lapland! Yay! More cold!


Hey there followers! 🖐 It's been awile since my last upload. But alot has been going on since then. I've arrived at sweden for my abroad study term! ✌ So the photos you will see for the next five months will be from scandinavia! I already have a great time walking around the city I now live in, but I hope I'll be able to travel a lot between my study scedule, too. Be prepared! 💪


Enjoyed a wonderful #fall day in the woods. Make the most of the last days the leaves still have these gorgeous colors! 🍁🍂 #autumn #wood



The second photo from my #PersonalCosmos series. We went by this #fjord early in the morning. It rained throughout the whole night and set our tent under water. I spend the night huddled up on the co-driver seat of our car. But the view next morning over the fjord shrouded in #fog was completely worth all the trouble. #LandscapesOfNorway #norge #Astronaut


Our trip to #Norway inspired me to a new photo series. It deals with the personal discovery of unseen landscapes, the accumulation of unusual impressions and experiences. As an astronaut explores the landscape of the moon for the first time in his life, traveling to distant lands is an extension of the personal cosmos. #Landscapeofnorway #Norge #PersonalCosmos #Astronaut


Near the end of our shooting, she stood up and pulled on the curtain. I just realized how perfectly it blended together with the white shirt she wore, separating the picture in two distinct parts. Her gaze had something thoughtful in it, reminiscent of a scene passing by her inner eye. As if she rearranged the curtain into a canvas showing the world of her thoughts. #bnw #portrait #bnwmood


My #thoughts are in the #sky. #bnwmood #portrait


#doubleexposure #portrait #D_Expo


First photo from an awesome trip through #norway! I fell in love with the #landscape there! More coming soon. :-) #landscapesofnorway #norge #wood #fog #daz3d


Chase whatever lights your #fire. #burning #soul #portrait #surreal #photography #portraitphotography


My soul is burning down. #burning #soul #fire #portrait #surreal #photography #portraitphotography


I'm happy to pronounce that @saal_digital gave me the opportunity to print my own photo book. Yay! I filled it with some of my black and white shots and I love it! Their products may not be the cheapest, but you feel the difference in quality. I'm impressed! The design process was flawless. You can use their webinterface, download their free software or even upload your own InDesign layout. Feels like the first time you're actually able to design your photobook rather than just clicking it together. #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #vintage #vintagecamera #oldcamera #ihagee #photobook #print #filmphotography #saaldigital


Dived deeper into portrait photography together with @djst0rm lately. While doing that I startet to draft new themes for a photo series. I came up with the idea of "visible passion". Like we all have something that ignites us, that keeps our engines going. I'm pumped for more portraits to come. #surreal #portrait #flame #fire #burn #passion #portraitphotography

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