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Coron in Palawan, Philippines cc: @jatzkiboy at Coron, Palawan


Swimming hole oasis in the desert of Oman. cc: @haylsa at Oman


Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany cc: @jamesrelfdyer at Neuschwanstein Castle


San Diego, California 🌴 cc: @alec_basanec at San Diego, California


Apathy is no longer cool. Go vote like the future depends on it, because it does. cc: @thedronebooth at Newport Beach, California


In the mountains of Norway. cc: @alex_nerovnya at Arendal, Norway


Hanggliding in Switzerland ☁️ cc: @wolfgangsiess at Interlaken, Switzerland


Nusa Penida, Indonesia cc: @karl_shakur at Kelingking Beach


The universe doesn't make mistakes. cc: @jay_croft at Bali


Snorkeling in Oahu, Hawaii cc: @emmett_sparling at Oahu, Hawaii


As part of our collaboration with @tumitravel to launch their new Recycled Capsule collection, we asked @chelseakauai what she's doing to live and travel more sustainably. Chelsea is focused on consuming less. Before she buys something, she asks herself if it's something she needs and if she'll keep it for a long time. Living sustainably is a process of constant improvement as you work to create better habits. When you focus on being just a little bit better every day, living more sustainably doesn’t feel like such an intimidating task. The TUMI Hagen Backpack that Chelsea is wearing here is made of post-industrial and post-consumer waste (scraps of fabric that were recycled into nylon). The lining, webbing, zipper tape and straps of the backpack are all made from recycled plastic, saving up to 17 bottles from ending up in landfills. The collection has been thoughtfully designed to last and individual parts can be repaired to help extend the life of each bag rather than buying a new one. We can all be more intentional with the products we consume and support companies like @tumitravel who take action to help save the earth. The TUMI Recycled Capsule collection is the perfect choice for any traveler. #PerfectingTheJourney #Ad at Bali


Zakynthos, Greece cc: @itsnedkelly at Zákynthos, Zakinthos, Greece

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