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Let’s Talk Slow | Stephanie

Weekends in Medellin. • #tropicalvibes #🌴 #medellincolombia #travelersdiary #girlmeetsglobe at Medellín, Antioquia


The showroom carries ethical modern fashion from Colombian designers. The designers themselves share the space, rotating through working there. You have to buzz to be let in, which makes it feel quite special - a local’s shop! #localfashion #medellincolombia #likealocal #ethicalfashionblogger #indiefashion at Buenos Hábitos


I know I look like I’m demanding something from this farmer at the farmers market. I’m actually holding out a hand of change to pay for my coffee muffin! The “Mercado Campesinos” here is wonderful! Lots of delicious typical Colombian food, produce, and organic beauty products. Is it all healthy? Erm.....maybe not. (Sugarcane lemonade and fried buñuelos come to mind.) But can’t say we left hungry! #farmersmarketfind #medellincolombia #eatlocalfood #authenticfood #sustainabletravel at El Poblado, Antioquia, Colombia


at Bonita Salón


at Guatapé


Elsewhere palms and fresh juice are a trend. Here in Colombia, that’s just the way they do it! I’m loving the quality of life in Medellin. Yoga on the roof, work, a healthy lunch, work, watch the sunset, meet up with new friends from all over the world for a sangria. Here I am enjoying a healthy lunch bowl at Natto washed down with housemade hibiscus soda. #medellincolombia #palmfronds #slowtravel #slowdownandenjoylife #healthybowl at Medellín, Antioquia


So, I have another packing list up on EcoCult — this one for Nicaragua —that is sponsored by one of my favorite online boutiques, @azura_bay, which carries my favorite eco-friendly swimwear brand, pictured here: @vitaminaswim. This black bathing has been through hell for 6 years (since before I met this guy!) and is such high quality that it still looks perfect. @azura_bay also carry Underprotection, which also looks utterly bangin’ even on my squat little figure. Plus a silk face mask, pajamas, lingerie and undies, cute sweats, and tropical jewelry. For a Canadian boutique, Azura is shockingly crucial for warm-weather vacations! I love this little shop, it’s been my go-to for a couple years now for all things sexy-but-classy. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #nicaraguabound #packinglist #sanjuandelsur #playamaderas #ecofashionblogger


💍 When a friend asked me for recommendations on a romantic vacation spot to propose to his girlfriend, I took the responsibility VERY seriously. I told him to take her to @playaviva, a beyond eco-friendly resort in Mexico near Zihuatanejo. 🌴We LOVED our time there and I can’t think of a more perfect place to pop the question, especially to a woman who loves the ocean! 🌊 So, how did it work out? Go check out their Instagram: @carolyn_greg and @christofp! I have the full story of what makes Playa Viva SO sustainable and inspiring up on EcoCult today! #popthequestion #ecoresort #engagementideas #ecotravel #creatememories at Zihuatanejo, Guerrero


Believe it or not, this greenhouse is on a mountain of trash. In the 70s, refugees from Colombia’s countryside moved into Medellin’s dump. The government managed to resettle most, but the ones that remain do what they can, living homes built on a mountain of trash. The women leaders in the community went to technical school for free for gardening and built this greenhouse. It’s an oasis in a landscape of refuse. (You can see plastic waste leaking out of the dirt even as you walk through the new garden planted with plants that purify the soil.) We learned all of this during our @realcitytours Barrio Transformation tour, with two Colombian tour guides, one from a low-income neighborhood and one from this barrio, Moravia. (Ethically made striped tee by @saintjames) It was sobering and inspirational at the same time. #medellincolombia #greenhouselife #thisissustainable #creatingawareness #responsibletourism at Medellín, Antioquia


I know this is old news, but I recently found out about Blue Zones and I’m really into the research. They’re places where people regularly live to be over 100. Three things: a close knit, supportive community, access to healthcare, and certain diet principles that change just a little from culture to culture: whole fresh produce (root vegetables, beans, fruit, greens), whole grains or corn products, cheese, eggs, fish, and at most 6 oz of quality white meat a week. The pescatarians in one community actually had slightly better outcomes than the vegetarians. I vaguely followed these principles, but this has given me a much more concrete framework for eating healthfully. So I’m not going to stress over superfoods or supplements. I’m aiming for seafood and vegetarian restaurants now, organic and local if possible, with occasional fairly raised and local white meat. (Ps. This pic taken at @restaurante_verdeo in Medellin!) #pescatarian #bluezones #plantbasedfood #eatfoodnottoomuchmostlyplants #organicmedellin at VERDEO


Happy International Women’s Day! I want to give a special shout out to all the women I know who are improving women’s lives using the power of fashion. Keep inspiring us, ladies. The ethical fashion movement is a truly powerful one. Who would you add to this list of people I tagged? #internationalwomensday2018 #womenhelpingwomen #ethicalfashionblogger #artisanfashion #ethicallymade


TFW they bring you your organic iced coffee with a straw, and you say, “sin pitillo” and then you realize that the straw is a cute striped paper one. The no-straw movement is strong in Medellin! Thanks, @pergaminocafe! #nostraw #plasticfree #stopsucking #organiccoffee #organicmedellin (thanks for the tip, @maddypeedles!) at Pergamino Café


What’s your favorite museum? It’s the first thing I like to do when I get to a new city, a reliable sustainable activity that can be cheap or free. Love the museum de arte moderno in Medellin! The current exhibit of Latin artists hits the sweet spot between “that is interesting!” And “that is pleasing to look at.” You know, because sometimes conceptual art is downright disturbing. 😒 #museodeartemoderno #visitcolombia #medellincolombia #modernartmuseum #museumday at Medellín, Antioquia


#sponsored Everyone needs to take one good scarf when they travel. You're definitely going to need extra layers for the plane ride, and you never know when the weather might be cooler than you expected (like what happened to me in Mexico City). I recently discovered @LOKAH_CO and fell in love with their gorgeous scarves! . Everything LOKAH/CO does is very intentional, from their name, which translates to "location, realm, all universes existing now," to their mindful process of production. The scarves are made in India, through a partnership with an organization that supports women's empowerment, poverty alleviation, and sustainability. The artisans hand weave the scarves using organic, hand-spun cotton and mulberry silk. Then, this is the cool part: after they're made, every piece is energetically infused with a specific intention using semi-precious gemstones so that as you take your scarf around the world with you, it "serves as a physical reminder of the common thread of respect, goodness, and humanity that unites us all." . No matter what you believe about the energy of stones, we all could use a reminder like that! #ethicalclothing #sustainablefashionblogger #madeinindia #organicfashion #artisanfashion


More good Bogota finds!You have to get buzzed into this indie designer showroom called @8424estudio. I like the recycled cotton knitwear by @papeldepunto and @littleramonas denim made with 50% less water. #ecofashion #ethicalfashionblogger #indiedesigner #bogotacolombia #girlmeetsglobe at 8424estudio


I’m so grateful that I had a personal eco guide to Bogota! @thegaiaguide, a Colombian-born, San Fran-educated gal pictured here, showed me all the best spots for ethical fashion and organic beauty. We stopped in at @eccora_skincare, a local beauty brand that uses essential oils from organic Colombian plants. And if you bring back your old container, you get a 10% discount on your next purchase! #organicbeauty #ecobeauty #likealocal #girlmeetsworld #bogotacolombia at Éccora


Buenas días! If you’re in Bogota, how about breakfast at @sunacolombia, a restaurant and market with organic smoothie bowls and juices, but also traditional Colombian food, like a delicious tamale de pipian? Thanks for meeting with me here, @thegaiaguide! Absolutely delicious. #bogotacolombia #healthytravel #liveorganic #likealocal #ecotravel at SUNA


Here’s a picture of a hermit crab wearing a metal bottle cap that we found on the beach at Playa Maderas. Really sad, but also...innovative? If it works for him and it’s not poisoning him (because it’s metal), who are we to judge his choice? What do you think? #hermitcrab #bottlecaps #upcycling #zerowaste #trashintotreasure at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

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