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🇨🇳🇨🇦 MPD Competitor Muscle Beach'15 Overall ABBA Provincial'16 Class B 1st Place🏆 Electrical Engineeer👷 #RaveShredder @fullforcefitness

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Work outfit VS Home outfit . . . #transformationtuesday . . Photo credit: @bombelkie @bombelkiemonumental at Edmonton, Alberta


#transformationtuesday There's about 20 lbs difference between the pictures, and sure I do miss my 27" waist, but I do love the ravaging workouts I'm able to have nowadays. @dustincosman and I are working on something bigger and better this year, and I think it's going on the right track. I shall see you again, #teamnowaist ! . . . GIVE a shout to @fullforcefitnesscanada for competition coaching and come check out @full_force_fitness_club for the best gym in YEG! at Full Force Fitness Club


And I said to them: Dear Abs, I'll see you again next summer. K bye! 😉 . . . #flashbackfriday #fbf #chaseison #abcheck


#tbt Bigger, leaner, dryer! That's gonna sum up my 2018 #micdrop @dustincosman . . . #2018goal #wantitall #conditioning #relentless


Back on the force! Dboss and I had some good talk yesterday, about changing the game plan and bringing out a brand new package this year. Some Big changes are about to happen! Let's GOOOOO! @fullforcefitnesscanada . . . #giddyup #goalchaser #TBT #tiktok at Full Force Fitness Club


Going through my prep archive last night and realized damn did I get shredded! But what I was actually doing was to look for the flaws to improve on for this season. I think that's the greatest thing about any sports, we get to discover and improve ourselves through every win and loss . This chase to perfection fueled by our discipline and dedication never stops! . . . #motivationeveryday #dreamchaser


2009 - First year of university, I was drinking on the weekend and eating without any specific diet plan, thanks to my metabolism and my passion for sports, I was able to hold on to my abs (barely🤣) . 2014 - I discovered the power of properly structured diet and weight training program. This was at the end of my 12 week cutting program. Eating 4 meals per day. Cardio 3x per week. . 2015 - I gradually upped my macro to gain a decent amount of lean muscle mass. However it was near my final year of undergrad, time was scarce, I incorporated IIFM (if it fits your macro) in my diet plan to stay lean while being FLEXIBLE. Cardio 3-4x per week. . 2017 - I was about 2 weeks out from nationals in this picture. This prep was very tough yet rewarding. Coach @omarv33 set up a calculated carb cycling program (6 meals per day) with a strenuous training program for me. Cardio 7 days/week, 2x a day. . 2018, my gut tells me I should be eating more? 🤔 #TBT


Started prep on Monday and shredz are back already!🤣 jkjk . . Flash back to 2014 right before my Cancun trip, I didn't know a thing about competitive bodybuilding. My motivation was simple: to look good on the beach. And so was my diet: strictly just chicken breast & spaghetti. There, now y'all know where my IG name comes from. . . Maybe it's time to book another trip to a sunny destination? 🤔


Started my 27th with some serious pow! . . . #birthdaytrip #snowboarding #getaway #powpowpow at Kimberley Alpine Resort


Hunger, there's nothing better. Be proud of your hunger, do not suppress your ambition. Do not tear down other people's projects, but do not be embarrassed of wanting to build the biggest project of them all. Do not allow anybody to tell you that you're dreaming too big or too high; have practicality in it, deploy patience in it, understand the audacity of it. Do not be exposed for the lack of the knowledge of the complexity of it. Do not look delusional. Understand it, learn it, nurture it, and respect it. . . . #2018 #ambition #transformationtuesday 2014➡️2017 #teamventura at Tunnel View


Missing those days in China where gyms had no AC even at 32 C (to my American friends, that's 90 F). Cardio is not needed cuz it's basically a sauna room. 😂 Can't wait to go back next summer and spend my peak week there! Big plans coming up! . . . #project2018🏆 #teamventura #gohardorgohome #1stIFBBeventinChina at Changsha


Back in February this year, in the midst of my winter bulk, I decided to drop some calories and shred some winter fluff for "fun" . Needless to say I had one hell of a winter😷 Not gonna make that mistake this winter. #2hunnitclub, I'm coming for ya! . . . #TBT #tittietuesdays #chestday


Just a bit too shredded to wear a shirt😂 . . . #TBT #3weeksout #teamventura #sorrybutnotsorry at Golds Gym Venice "The Mecca"


Sorry to be MIA for the past few weeks, I have been busy with work also had a lot of stuff to figure out. But, I'm done with my "figuring shit out phase" and its time to get back to the grind! . . Ever had problem looking for a gym buddy? @fitfck is here for the rescue! @fitfck is now available to download in Europe and the USA. This app is the perfect way to connect with the like minded fitness enthusiasts whether it be for a date, training partners or networking? Get on it now, and you may just find someone as awesome as my buddy #Deadpool😎


Be her king, she'll be your queen. . . . #waybackwednesday #wcw @Regranned from @bombelkie - From our first couples shoot many moons ago. It needed to be just right. Be IMMORTALIZED by BOMBELKIE! Models: @eddiespaghetti_114 @meimei0204 Photography: @bombelkie B O M B E L K I E DM us or visit www.bombelkie.com Like what we create, and would like us to create more? Plus see exclusive content available to our Patreon members, become our patron. http://www.patreon.com/Bombelkie #bombelkie #monumental #immortalizedbybombelkie #fitnessphotography #bodybuilder #BodiesOfWork #bodybuilding #epic#calgaryphotographers #photography #fitnessphotographer#creatingmasterpieces #motivation#classicphysique ‪‎ #capturingyouinthebestpossiblelight #beautiful #musclemodel #anothermasterpiesbybombelkie#bombelkiebrothers #canadabodybuildin #patreon - #regrann


What else can I do while not being able to lift some heavy weights? Guess I could reminisce on some epic memories from the past. Here's some evidence of some shenanigans doing shenanigan stuff in the streets of Asia back in 2015! Damn boy, did we bring some heat with us!🔥🔥 Reunion trip soon? 😉 . . . #gradtrip #tbt #musclebeach #Asia #Korea #China #Busan #Dali #yunan #summershredz at Paradise


Prayers go out to all victims of the Edmonton and the Vegas attacks! It's sickening to see tragedies happen to those innocent people, at places where I call home! Those who were involved in such crimes were the plague of this society and I do believe justice will be served. Stay stronger and be safe out there #gramfam! . . . #prayers #rip #yeg #lasvegas #waronterror #worldpeace at Edmonton, Alberta

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