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🇨🇳🇨🇦 MPD Competitor Muscle Beach'15 Overall ABBA Provincial'16 Class B 1st Place🏆 Electrical Engineeer👷 #RaveShredder @fullforcefitnesscanada

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No pain no gain
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"Taught never to retreat, never to surrender. Taught that death on the battlefield in service to Sparta was the greatest glory he could achieve in his life." . . Photography by: @bombelkiemonumental @bombelkie at Sparta, Greece


"If your dreams don't scare you, then they are too small! " . Inspired by the best, aspiring to be the best. . . #relentless at Edmonton, Alberta


#FBF It used to be a ritual between the brothers to hit a rave right before peak week comes, maybe we should continue the tradition again? 😉 . . #Rezz #YYC? at Calgary, Alberta


#TBT 20 lbs ago, before I started competitive bodybuilding, before I knew the existence of Super-Soldier Serum. All I knew was to eat clean, train hard with a burning passion for building a nicely balanced physique! I had 5 years of lifting experience prior to this picture and been on a structured diet & training program for over a year. So for those you who think steroids are the "gym starter pack", think again! Consistency and fundamentals are the key! . . Excuse my awkward smile, I was still practicing that at the time😂 . . #throwback #shredded at Edmonton, Alberta


Happy #wingsday Gram Fam! . . Very happy with the improvement of my back over the past year, the work does not stop here though! Coach @dustincosman and I are still cooking up something nasty, stay tuned! . "Only look back to see how far you've come along. " at Edmonton, Alberta


#transformationtuesday 🎥Videos don't lie!🎥 Thanks to my homie @davesthetic for recording that first clip! It kept me motivated throughout this entire prep! I vowed to myself never look that again! 😂 . . Transformation period (Jan 28, 2018 ➡️June 1, 2018) . . . #aesthetics #sikkunt #shredded @zyzz_page


#transformationtuesday 1 week before competition VS 1 week post competition 185lbs ➡️ 187 lbs . How am I feeling? I'm feeling great! Mentally, I've never been more clear; never really understood the meaning of striving until now. Physically, Im at my all time best. Am I tired? Maybe a little. Am I hungry? All the time! I could choose to binge food to make myself "feel good" , and I could choose to take a break to relax a bit. But I know that's not what my heart wants. I'm more than ever hungry for a win! So there it is, let's see how I'm gonna crush this version of myself in 3 weeks. Time to work, again! #tiktok at Edmonton, Alberta


Are you willing to do whatever it takes? ❗Long post alert❗ This post is dedicated to all the hardest workers out there! . Recently I got asked a lot about how to start a career in the "field of men's physique". Frankly I don't even know what that means!!! When I started bodybuilding, I never thought of developing a career in competitive bodybuilding, and still I stick strongly to that decision. However, if you want to excel in this field or in anything you do in life, ask yourself this question: Are you willing to do whatever it takes to be the best? Despite the constantly failures and obstacles along the way to get there? . The pictures above are 1 day apart, top was from the morning of the finals, and bottom was the morning of prejudging. I was 3 lbs (at 179 lbs, was at 207 lbs exactly 2 months ago) lighter due to dehydration, because I tried to go into the finals tighter and dryer. I cut water for more than 30 hours while having a diarrhea but all I wanted was to look better in the final. Although it turns that they didn't judge in the finals, but I was very happy that I brought in a better package. Are you willing to do that? . I am far from being the best in the game, but I'm working my way there even though I may never get there one day. I ask myself these questions every time I go into a prep: are you willing to be on diet aka "boring food" for however long needed? Are you willing to spend hours of your spare time studying your workouts, tweak your movements? Are you wiling to spend hours and hours every day in the gym until you just need to pass out? Are you willing to feel the pain and the frustrations of injuries? And are you willing to be excluded from the social events because you need to train and rest instead of partying all night? I'd only step into the prep if the answers were nothing but YES! #motivationmonday at Edmonton, Alberta


Live life, the shredded way! . Shredz powered by 1 specialty donut from my favourite people @leeagp @karenkmoh and 1 large Iced Capp😊 . #shreddedsaturday at Shred Nations


Sometimes in life, laughs and smiles just won't be the solution to your problems. Those are the times that you have to lift that chin up with a straight face on, and tell life that you are in fking charge now! . . #attitude #takingcontrol #nomoregames #deathzone at Edmonton, Alberta


There has been days when I question all of my decisions; days when I feel overwhelmed with the world around me; and days I feel so alone because there's nobody can understand me. Those are the days that you can truly talk to yourself and find out where your heart really wants you to go, and as soon as you find that spark, you pick yourself back up and get back on that relentless chase of your own dream. #itsyouvsyou


#transformationtuesday #mensphysiquepic Just wanna throw a huge S/O to @glamgirlyeg who did an amazing job with my tanning and make up, I've never felt this dolled up in my entire life lol! Damn did that tan make me even more shredded! . . And I know a lot of you may be wondering if I lost this time due to my conditioning cuz I was doing less cardio etc. , I can assure you that it was NOT the case. But you bet I'll push it to the next level in 4 weeks! 😉 at Edmonton, Alberta


What a humbling experience this past weekend was! First of all, a huge shout out to @toprosupershow and @canadianphysiquealliance for organizing such a great event! It was truly an eye opener for me! And I'd like to thank everyone who has been continuously supporting me throughout this journey! Don't worry fam, your boy Eddie won't stop here, the chase is still on! Back to work! . . #motivationmonday at Edmonton, Alberta


Just getting some tips from the pros and trying to steal some of that #carrotcake shredz from my man @chasesavoie here! 😉 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre


The tougher the battle the sweeter the victory. Sometimes by losing a battle you will find a new way to win the war. . . Photography by @bombelkiemonumental @bombelkie at Toronto, Ontario


Can we just caption this picture Sun's out guns out? 😎 . . #gunshow at CN Tower / La Tour CN


Finally, after having some "fun food" and a 5 hour long coma, I'm able to call @toprosupershow a wrap! Yes I placed 4th in my class! It's another tough loss! Am I gonna be a butt hurt about it? No! Back to work tomorrow. . MUA: @glamgirlyeg . . 📍Lesson to take away from this: don't be late to your show and study the game. . . Thanks everyone for the love and support again! at Toronto, Ontario

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