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I love this time of year. I am able to throw on a chunky knit and feel comfortable for the day without worrying about my bloated tummy! . I used my @sleekmakeup medium contour palette to do my brows, shadow and contour!! 😎


7am, no make up dash dropping this little one at nursery for the first time in a week due to his sickness. Oscar's new coat is from @nextofficial for everyone asking ❤️ (I don't know where my top lip went 🙈😂)


So this weeks blog I have decided to focus on an area that I have always found quite interesting whilst studying at university. It is all focused around how we facilitate learning through the use of play. Quite a lot of the time we naturally steer our children into learning and we don't even realise we are doing it. I hope it provides you with an insight into our children and a little more about what I have been studying. More importantly I hope you enjoy ❤️


Sure thing Oscar does not look like this right now. He has a rash pretty much head to toe, erratic temperature, inflamed throat and and he is very very clingy. The doctors have reassured me it is not measles (even though he ticks all of the boxes for it) but they have said it is contagious as it is a viral rash. Fingers crossed it goes soon 😩😩


When Ozzie comes to show me his new haircut whilst on my lunch break at uni and I freak out because it's shorter than normal and I have to sweep his fringe in the opposite direction to usual 😩😩😩😩😩


Happy Roald Dahl dressing up day. This was at the @thebigfeastival when we was like the only people who got the memo that it was fancy dress. Milo has gone to school dressed exactly the same today to celebrate Roald Dahl dressing up day and he is the only one. I admire his confidence 🦊


The C word. We all dread that word when we are searching for our symptoms of our sickness online. My Nan was taken from us with lung cancer, my auntie fought breast cancer and is still here with us. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer recently and she has allowed me to write a blog post about the beginning stages of her journey. Thanks Mum for everything you do (I know your snooping on your Ipad, even though you don't have an account) 👋🏼 😂🙈


Milo is 6 going on 16 at the moment. I used to hate that saying before but now I completely understand why people said it. Milo is a bouncy, loving, fun to be around boy most of the time. However, recently he has been emotional, stamping off to his room, answering me back, telling me no to simple directions and it is driving me insane. I am left feeling confused and beginning to doubt myself. I have been off all summer with the boys so it can't be lack of time with me. Maybe it is actually the opposite, spent too much time with me?? Anyone else's children getting a little more feisty with their age?


Little Oscar modelling for @shopmatalan ❤️❤️❤️. I have a kiddy modelling post on my blog. It can be really demanding taking your little ones to castings and shoots (especially when you have two) but photos like this really make it worth it ❤️❤️❤️


It's been a really tough day. Oscar did not seem himself since late last night. This morning it continued and he felt as hot as an oven. I took him to the GP and they confirmed that he had a throat infection that has gone to one of his ears. Trying to soothe a baby, keeping down a temperature of 39.3 whilst trying to prepare for my first day back at uni tomorrow has not been easy 😰. It is safe to say that Oscar is skipping nursery tomorrow whilst his antibiotics kick in. ❤️😰


So I have taken all of your advice on board about what baby bath products you all use. I am in contact with some companies and am excited for to be trailing a few you all mentioned. I will update you all in a month or so about the products we love the most ❤️ thanks again. You are all so helpful 😊


Oscar's two favourite foods are banana 🍌 and watermelon 🍉. He is devastated when he finishes them though 🙈. (Mummy's cooking in the background) . Music: @mrmitchmusic .


I have made my mistakes with sleep habits! If you are in need of getting some sleep back read my new blog. We have used the crying out method and we have also used a child friendly clock we got from @thegrocompany . I am a firm believer that sleep deprivation can be so damaging for your health and the relationships around you. Enjoy ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Weekends spent with these two is far from relaxing but it is definitely where I would choose to be ❤️ . New blog tomorrow about how moving home ruined Milo's sleep pattern @ 13 months old but then @thegrocompany gave us our sleep back 🙊🙉 . Oscar's outfit is from @mothercareuk and Milo's is from @nextofficial


Thanks for all of your advice about the baby products you all use. I am going to be doing some looking in to them all this evening. I'll update you as to what products I've gone for ❤️


After creating most of my content for a deal I had. I decided to withdraw from the campaign due to the horrific news that has been released. I have used the brand for many years and now it is all in the bin! I am on the hunt for some new baby bath products but I am completely lost as to what brands are now trustworthy and not bogus 😩


So Oscar has conquered coming down all the stairs in our house now and he is very impressed with himself. On another note, thanks for all of the messages you've sent me regarding Oscar's settles. He did not cry when I left him, he did not cry the during the two hours he was there alone. However, he did cry on my arrival back 🤔. Let's hope tomorrow is just as good 😀 . . . . . #justbaby #cuteboys #beautysbombshells #beautifulmixedkids #cutekidzz_


Sometimes you might be asked to work with a product and the reward for you is attractive. But sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture to see how that product has impacted other people's lives. Don't just do the work for the money, make the right decision ❤️

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