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Chris Stowe

@mannypacquiao x @adrienbroner is rumored to be on for either January 12th or 19th! #PacBroner #boxing👊


@floydmayweather fighting @khabib_nurmagomedov is a money grab! It ruins the integrity of the sport of boxing and will only further lead to the degradation of the sport. Boxing would be better off if @floydmayweather stays out of the ring and sticks to @mayweatherpromotions. . . #sorrynotsorry #boxing #mayweather at Las Vegas, Nevada


Who wants to see this fight? @tevinfarmer22 vs @gervontaa . . Leave a 🙋🏽‍♂️ or 🙋🏽‍♀️ in the comments if your answer is “YES” . . #phillyboxing #baltimoreboxing #ko


@canelo x @ @rocky_fielding NYC Media Day! 👀 at the size difference!! 😲 . . #boxing #canelo #rockyfielding #ko #knockouts #nyc #mediaday #madisonsquaregarden #vivamexico🇲🇽 #unitedkingdom🇬🇧


#Repost @boxingfanatik ・・・ In a record-shattering deal finalized early Wednesday morning, Alvarez signed a five-year, 11-fight deal worth a minimum of $365 million with DAZN, which only launched in the United States in September. . Alvarez's deal is the richest athlete contract in sports history, eclipsing the 13-year, $325 million agreement that New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton signed in 2014 when he was with the Miami Marlins. . "Canelo is the highest-paid athlete in the world. He's extremely happy," De La Hoya told ESPN after Alvarez signed. . Canelo's fights will no longer be on PPV, but will instead be part of the $9.99 DAZN app streaming service subscription. A subscription which will also include many more fight dates from Eddie Hearn's boxing stable, Golden Boy Promotions, and Bellator MMA. . Although Alvarez is the centerpiece of the deal, De La Hoya had leverage to use Alvarez to secure dates and license fees from DAZN for his company's non-Alvarez events. The deal, for which financial terms were not disclosed, calls for Golden Boy to put on up to 10 "high-caliber fight nights" per year that will stream live on DAZN beginning in early 2019. . 📰 by Dan Rafael for @ESPN


Who wins? . Vote in the comments below. Put 💵 for @floydmayweather OR 🍚 for @sugarrayleonard . #mayweatherleonard #boxing👊 #boxinggirl #knockouts #defensive #speedkills at New York, New York


2018 has been an incredible year for boxing so far and it’s setting boxing fans up for what could be the “Year of the Unification” in 2019. There are 5 mega-fights that could take place across, the heavyweight, welterweight, lightweight and super welterweight divisions. Here are the 5 fights that every boxing fan REALLY (and I mean REALLY) wants to see! . . LINK IN BIO!!! . . #boxeo #boxing #boxingnews #sportofboxing #sportofchampions #boxingfantic #boxingfans #boxingtruth #dream #motivation #heart #courage #glory #champ #champion #boxingvideos #hbo #hboboxing #showtime #showtimeboxing #boxingnews #pbc #toprankboxing #dazn #goldenboypromotions #matchroomboxing #mayweatherpromotions . . @anthony_joshua @bronzebomber @lomachenkovasiliy @teammikeygarcia @tbudcrawford @errolspencejr @twincharlo @swift_jarretthurd @canelo @gggboxing


After @tbudcrawford victory last night, boxing fans are even more laser focused on wanting to see T-Bud take on @errolspencejr, @eightcount.tv included. It will be a GREAT fight! A mix of skill, power, and boxing IQ. . . However a lot of fans have tweeted that Spence would dominate Crawford based on what they saw last night. What they fail to realize is that @josebenavidezjr92 was 4 inches (he’s 6’0) taller than T-Bud and his normal walking weight is about 20 pounds heavier than the 147lbs weight limit, that they fought at last night. . . So what does that mean and why is that important? It’s simple, Benevidez is A LOT bigger than Spence and he fights/fought an awkward style. Crawford knew that he would have to wear Benevidez Jr. down with body shots, and as the fight went into the later rounds the body work would pay dividends and it did! TKO dividends, snatching that “0” from Benavidez’s record. 🥊 . . This won’t be the type of fight that he fights against Spence. Clearly they are both “special” fighters with power in both hands. They both can take a punch, albeit I’ve never seen Spence get touched like Crawford was a few times last night. The point being, both fighters will be evenly matched and their styles are a perfect match for one another! Both great counterpunchers, with stamina that like to press the action. Think GGG/Canelo at a lower weight class. . . Lastly, on timing. Please be patient. This fight won’t happen at the earliest until summer/fall 2019. There are a lot of interesting fights in the welterweight division to be made before these two titans clash. More importantly there is a lot of moola ($$ for those that don’t know) to be made before this mega-fight. @eightcount.tv sees this as THEE welterweight unification bout when it happens, with T-Bud looking to pull off something that has rarely, if ever been done before - unifying two different weight divisions. . . So be on the lookout for Thurman’s return, Porter’s defense, Spence’s defense and Crawford’s defense against one another first so that belts are consolidated and if everything happens as boxing fans desire, then we’ll get our wish for #CrawfordSpence in mid to late 2019. 🤞 #boxing

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