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〰 kinda feelin like winter these days in Waco & i’m lovin every second of it (before it gets back to 70’s next week *eyeroll*) at Waco, Texas


• another episode of “name that coffee shop” at Quixotic Coffee


• 82 degrees in december 🤦🏼‍♀️ at Waco, Texas


〰 it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄💫 at Waco Wonderland


〰 to work somewhere full of creative, Jesus loving gals + flowers is just a dream come true at Baylor Flowers


🌱 🖤


• every day i fall a little harder • i add another bullet point to the list of reasons why i love you • i have had the honor of watching you grow and learn and evolve over the years • i am so proud of who you are and i can’t wait to see where this life takes you 🖤 at Waco Suspension Bridge


• I was always horrible at drinking enough water until I got this beauty


• HAVE FAITH + COFFEE • the only way to make it through 🖤


• good things come to those who work for it 🤘🏼 so many people sit around waiting for something to happen, waiting for something to change their life • you’ll never get there unless you decide to take the first step • the only thing stopping you, is you.


• year after year, you have been there • unwavering • when i am going a million miles an hour, you ground me • you never tell me what i want to hear, you tell me what i need to hear • you remind me that in every crisis, God is preparing you for what is to come • you remind me that an unanswered prayer may not mean “no,” it may mean “not yet” • you remind me to be patient and to always be strong • you loved me when i didn’t even know how to love myself • and i will never be able to thank you enough, but i have a lifetime to try 🖤 at Waco Suspension Bridge


• when you take pictures at work and they look like this, you get super thankful that you don’t work in a cubicle 🖤 at Waco, Texas


〰 a year+ ago w chlomoney 🖤 get ur sassy pants to waco! i miss ur tortilla chip eating self #bugeyes4lyfe


🔌🔌🔌 a super monday-y monday at Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits


sunday strolls w my 🍯 cherishing sweet days like these & weather that (almost) feels like fall. at Waco, Texas


• it’s impossible to go to brû & not use their marble walls as a backdrop 💅🏼 at BRÛ artisan coffee works


💫 twelve years of friendship, the rest to go • thanks for filling my life with joy & laughter (& giving me some of the best, also weirdest, memories of my life)


• ready for the “cold front” that is about to swing through 💫

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