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AQHA Proud! Love My Horse

Kts Zippen Sunny Dee -Oliver or Liver- ▪️ Imma Slammin Diva -Sammie- ▪️ What Rodeo Luck -RJ

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Sorry but he’s my best friend forever!!!😜 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


B I R T H D A Y G I R L!!


Well liver that’s a rap for the 2018 show season. That one was definitely one for the books!!


“Our horses are our teammates. Our soul mates. It’s a team effort. You can do it with out so many people!”


Has a really good time at region 2 when I was off the ground! Oliver and I had a amazing show 3 belt buckles and a all around!! Sammie had a really good pole run! But barrels had a really nice pattern! But when we going slow done she say the gate was half open and she thought she could have made it and she would of but the gate lady shut it right when she was going to go throw. We are both okay Sammie is doing amazing so happy she’s okay!!


State NBHA 2018🦄


The queen 👑 and the princess 👸


•Turn and burn•


He’s smiling because he gets the day off😉 at Three Sisters Ranch


With out him I would be lost!!💞💞😘🦄


Had lots of fun at the my first AQHYA world show! Liver and Sammie where both AMAZING! I wish Sammie and I would have had better runs but what ever we will get them next year! Liver was a great best rides I probably have had on him plus this is the biggest show and the farthest one he has been to and he was perfect!! Thank you to Aqha for such a fun time can’t wait for next year!!!


On my way to the AQHA Youth World Show going to be showing halter around 12pm! There is a livestream if you want to come and watch your girl! www.aqha.com at Oklahoma


I didn’t really post anything from running on the red but all of my horses worked AMAZING!! Sammie has been at the trainers for a couple of weeks know and she felt amazing! If y’all know jackpot you will know he does not go into the gate AT ALL he stops and just won’t go but last weekend he discovered that it’s not scary and it’s not going to hurt him so that’s a good thing! Both of them also placed ever day and won money!! So lucky to ride such amazing horses!!🦄🦄


These are my girls right here!


Had such a fun show!! Next up Corporate!




We had some really nice runs last weekend! Jackpots first run was okay we tipped the second and just breezed him through and got a 17.8! Sammie had some good runs just need to clean up on some things then we should be good! Jackpot second run was amazing he got a 17.7! Finally starting to figure him out! I love all of my horses proud mom!!💞


I had such a fun weekend! Oliver was such a good boy we even got 13 under all around! Sammie was crazy like always! We did qualified for the AQHA World Show in level 3 so that was fun! It was such well ran show can’t wait for the next one!

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