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Tongariro Tones ✨ — Dusk on the way back from Tama Lakes; insane oranges on one side and dreamy purples the other.. check out the stories 🧡 at Tongariro, New Zealand


Dreaming of a vacay? WIN 1 of 5 @choice_hotels_nz 'Little Breaks' worth $1000 each! To enter follow me, @choice_hotels_nz and @pedestriantv and tell us why you deserve a little break ✨ at New Zealand


oh wanaka.. ☾ at Wanaka, New Zealand


Treasures ✨ at Taranaki


Castlepoint; a gem in the North Island 🕯✨ at Castlepoint, New Zealand


as told by the sea ✨⚓️ at Taranaki


Hello Spring 🌸 — in search of our own cherry blossoms, avoiding the crowds in Waikato & endless petals in my car 💛 at Hamilton, New Zealand


pastels & my favourite kind of light ✨💕 at Cornwallis Wharf


we’ll plan our great escape.. ✨ at Hamilton, New Zealand


where the wild 🐧s are.. ❄️ at Lake Pukaki, New Zealand


“These days, if you catch the mountain behind clouds it is said he is hiding the tears he still sheds for his lost love.”.. ✨ — 🏔 Legend tells of a great battle in the North Island. It is said that long ago all the mountains lived in the heart of the island. Nearby Mount Pihanga, alone and robed in bush, held all the mountains’ hearts, but none more so than Tongariro and Taranaki. A mighty duel ensued between the two and Tongariro emerged victorious, with Pihanga close by his side. Banished, Taranaki plunges towards the setting sun, carving out a deep trench now known as the Whanganui River. He sits west, brooding and planning to one day return inland to fight Tongariro and reclaim his love. 🏔 at Taranaki


afloat 💧 — sometimes when I can’t sleep I think of what it feels like being nothing. empty and vast and afloat. not there and unexisting. ever thought of it? the thought scares me and overwhelms me to the point i start to panic for a split second. I am so small in the scheme of things - nothing but a mere speck (even less). but then I realise this is silly and that I am HERE and I am existing and that I can make what I want and do what I want in this life I’ve been given. little small moments like that ground me and again i appreciate life even more.. ✨ . . . . . . . . . . #wearewanderers #folkvibe #portrait#gonewzealand#newzealandfinds#natgeo#naturegram#picoftheday#travelpass#welltravelled#twgrammers#perspective#reflection #eclectic_shotz#topnewzealandphoto #earthfocus #moody #kiwipics #travelgirls #wanderlust #nzimagery #wildernessculture #worldofvisuals #travelphotography #theoutbound #getoutstayout #keepitwild #in2nature #destinationnz #wharf at Glenorchy, New Zealand


I am here for you ❊ at New Zealand


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” - Marcel Proust ✨ — Why do you travel? To learn? To experience? To grow? I initially passed this photo off as B-roll and thought nothing of it. Since then I’ve had another look at my South Island collection and chanced upon this image again. It struck me. Aside from its natural colours and composition, it was of course the subject matter that captured me the most. Three monks from Sri Lanka, admiring the beauty of New Zealand (I talked to them briefly). Such a simple photo but in my opinion a strong one - perhaps showing our humaneness. Our want to learn. To experience. To grow. Is this what travelling is? . . . . . . . . . . . #wearewanderers #folkvibe #portrait#gonewzealand#newzealandfinds#natgeo#naturegram#picoftheday#travelpass#welltravelled#twgrammers#perspective#monks #sunset#topnewzealandphoto #earthfocus #nzmustdo #kiwipics #travelgirls #wanderlust #nzimagery #wildernessculture #worldofvisuals #travelphotography #theoutbound #getoutstayout #keepitwild #in2nature #destinationnz #culture at Lindis Pass, New Zealand

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