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Canon 5D Mk IV // Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 Lets go on an adventure 🤙🏼 Currently: Japan ⛩ Next stop📍: Oahu 🌴

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There’s something mesmerizing about Kyoto’s bamboo forest. At sunrise, everything is completely still as the first light reaches through the leaves. I’ve never seen bamboo so massive. It gives a dizzying sense of scale. I’m definitely coming back here. 🎋🍃 at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


After arriving in Kyoto last night, everything has somehow gotten more beautiful. I can safely say that Kyoto is one of the coolest and most beautiful cities I’ve ever been in. This photo was from this evening’s sunset over the Golden Temple which is currently surrounded by bright autumn leaves 🍁 at Kyoto, Japan


Clear nights in the alpine are unbeatable. Being so high up and far from city lights makes the stars appear so much brighter than normal. Who would you share this tent with? Tag your adventure buddies ✌🏼 at Whistler, Canada


I had a blast cruising though Germany with @sackclothxashes last month! Check out my time with them (link in bio). Definitely the coziest and most practical blankets to have around in a chilly place. 🏰 Model: @sophiapope at Germany


We left Osaka this morning on the high-speed ‘Bullet Train’. It felt like we were in a space ship as the train didn’t stop accelerating for most of the ride. We arrived in Hiroshima as the sun was setting over the city. Hiroshima castle is definitely a must-see. 🇯🇵🚅🚀 at Hiroshima Castle


Being all alone somewhere like Rainbow Mountain is spectacular. It felt like we were the first explorers- discovering it for the first time. Glowing and untouched during a frozen sunrise. I couldn’t feel my face or fingers when I took this 😅 at Rainbow Mountain, Peru


We started the morning by wandering through the Nara deer park- an hour train ride from Osaka city centre. The morning light, the autumn leaves and the deer made the morning absolutely magical. 🦌✨🍁 at Nara Park, Osaka, Japan


Views like this make the hike worth every second. Especially with good company. 🌲🌼 This hike to Russet lake was one of the most challenging and physically demanding day-hikes I’ve done in Vancouver. I highly suggest it if you’re up for a challenge 😎💪🏼 Edited with my preset ‘muted contrast’! (Link in bio) at Russell Lake


The weather is getting colder and I can’t wait for epic winter adventures. The best part is coming home, getting cozy by the fire and drinking a toasty hot chocolate ☕️🔥❄️ at Bowen Island, British Columbia


This lake loves you 💚 After seeing this lake from above, I asked the pilot to swing around one more time so I could get the perfect angle. Found somewhere above Golden Ears park 🌲 at Golden Ears Provincial Park


Hidden suspension bridges and epic German mountains always make for a good adventure. Sunrise helps too 👌🏼 @sophiapope at Bavaria


I took this on my second day in Bali. Coming straight to a place like this from Vancouver is mind blowing. The mist from the waterfall in this cave made for some of the craziest sunbeams I’ve ever seen. at Bali, Indonesia

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