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The mind has no limits on imagination. Welcome to my mind.

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Everyday I wander, hoping to find a purpose. To join a group that relates to me. To end up in a place, I've been preparing my whole life for I'm still wandering 🚢 at Catarman, Northern Samar


A day without an adventure is a day without a sun or a moon. Be sure to spend yours with those dearest beside you always. And Juma Mubarak, the clouds are an invitation to an awesome adventure! at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi


Let your spark fly high in the sky. The view is so much better there anyway #DJISpark πŸŽ‡ was meant as a test demo for my transitions but it turned out amazing! @aeromotus @droneoftheday @dronespace @fromwhereidrone @dronesdaily #VisualsByKLF at Emirate of Abu Dhabi


Light beams against silhouettes. Harmonious chaos against edged geometry. It's truly a day to remember for modern history. The Louvre: A rain of light πŸ’Ž at Louvre Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island


With each passing day that we talk less and less. I want to make it up to you even more. I want to express my innermost thoughts, ambitions and future with you under the sparking night sky because everytime I look at them, I see the warmth of your eyes Sorry for my break lately, stuff has changed and I'm still dealing with it. I wasn't able to use photoshop and my edits have already run out. I desperately need to go adventure, it's the only Panadol I need. at Ras al Khaima


It has been a great year experiencing new things, meeting new friends and saying goodbye to others. This is only 1 chapter to the amazing book that's called my life. And it's only respectful for me to read it to you every paragraph of the way πŸ’™ Happy birthday to me and just your thoughts are gifts enough. Here is to many more years to all of us πŸŽ‚ #VisualsByKLF at United Arab Emirates


In the end, we lie awake but our dreams will make an escape πŸ’™ In 2 days, I'll be an adult. But inside, my passion for adventure is only growing hotter πŸ”₯ at Jabal Jais


When you thought you took the shot and zoom out but realize it's a long exposure and the result is jaw dropping. Goes to show how even mistakes could be beautiful πŸ’Ž at Etihad Towers And Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi


Let's drive together into the horizon and chase after the stars in the sun setting sky #Mace2Kffa Thanks: @m.creativeimages @shotzxfired @gramslayers @all2epic Thanks @bhawksfanmofo for recommending me to participate at Chicago, Illinois


Nobody is alone. We have family, secret admirers and friends. When in those moments when i felt alone, I just remember the thousand people who drove me to become where I am now. Whenever I finish a project, I always feel an audience in standing applause cheering me on and supporting me in pushing myself harder each time. This is a grand milestone for my page and I am deeply grateful for the time you spend in reading my captions, commenting and overall making my week that much better. Thank you very much ❀️ at Oman


Imagine breathing under water, swimming with the dolphins and waving at the sharks a good distance away. Imagine seeing a new world from a whole different perspective. Why do dreams have to end! If I get a chance, I'll trade anything to relive my dreams over and over again πŸ’¦ at Creekside, Old Dubai


Cool breeze are inbound. Get your camping chairs ready and prepare to smell the warm embers glowing from our hearts πŸ’•


Don't decide things immediately, there are always 2 sides in every story. You just need to sit down and listen to the rustling leaves and the ripples on the water πŸ’Ž at Taqa, Salalah


We all need to be reminded that we control our lives, we make our own decisions and we have only ourselves to blame in the end. Because an adventure has no regrets πŸ’Ž That enormous white glow is actually the moon between the mountains. Derpy model credit: @gold_dm at Jabal Jais


Looking at you is like looking at a portal to a future I've only ever dreamed of. I just need to hold you so that future will become a reality ✨ at Kyoto Station 京都駅


The great thing about traveling is you'll always find something new. You'll experience different views and best of all, you'll come back with amazing new friends that would join you on your next adventure soon! Thanks to @arabmoneyofficial @aljvd @pixelville @hudabinr And everyone I've met during this advanture And a very big thanks to @audimiddleeast for making that day unforgettable Music by @illeniummusic - Where'd you go #VisualsByKLF at Salalah, Oman


Seek and you'll find. You just need to drop some of your leaves this season first before your branches will blossom again once more 🌿 at Taqa, Salalah


Life is just one big curvy road. You just need the right car and the right person to join you on the adventure you call life πŸ’™ A trip to Salalah is a trip to be remembered. Thank you @audimiddleeast for a ride that will be remembered forever #AudiSQ5 at Salalah, Oman

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