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✨ Moving through life creating shit. 📍GA -> Los Angeles || Creator + Fashion DIYs 🎥YouTube: EricaMarche'🔻🔻 Similar users

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Ugandan glow 🌞🌞 at Kampala District


🌍🇺🇬 at Kampala, Uganda


One of my favorite outfits I’ve made so far.


New pieces are coming. Go follow @shopericamarche for new drops ever month. I will not be selling through my personal page anymore *************************************** Everything will be made to order and sold for only 30 days. If you don’t get it that month, sorry love 🤷🏾‍♀️. at Los Angeles, California


New DIY video up ☺️☺️ at Los Angeles, California


🚨New Video🚨 Click the link in my bio to see how I made this 5 in 1 maxi dress👗👗 • • • • • • • #fashion #fashionblogger #fashiondesigner #youtube #fashionistas #fashiondiaries #fashionaddict #fashions #youtuber #diy #losangeles #atlanta #maxidress #summer #fashionshoes #curlyhair #cute #natural


It’s still my birthday until Monday!!!


One time for the birthday girl, fuck it up if it’s your birthday girl... (Insert extra long caption about my journey to being 29)... Top: @ericamarche_


I dont know what to say in this caption #iornic 🌹🌹🌹 at Los Angeles, California


Guess who’s turning 29 soon. *crys in old lady 😢. SN: I miss my hair this color and length 😈✂️.


🚨NEW VIDEO🚨 DIY | $1 swimsuit. Go check it out and subscribe // Link in bio *********************** Im about to have a different swimsuit for everyday of summer lol. Oh and I know y’all see that weight gain, summer booty about to be on point... hopefully 😂 at Los Angeles, California


When you sit your booty cheeks on some random person car and you pray they don’t come outside and whoop your ass for sitting on their super beautiful car 😂 ******************* Outfit: @ericamarche_


“If You’re Sad Add More Lipstick And Attack” -Coco Chanel ******************************* 🚨New Video ft. @loveeeco and @dimejones 🚨 Chanel beauty event vlog post on my channel. // Link in bio of course.


Me, patiently waiting for my 6’5 extra dark skin king, with a body like Chadwick Boseman and a 7 figure income, who wants me to be a stay at home mom with no kids so I can work on my dreams 24/7 without the stress of a peasant. 😂


Ive been having a huge creative block lately.


*Insert long ass inspirational quote about achieving your dreams or whatever. • • Cc: 📸 @hen_____ry


Post 2: #MelaninMental “Mental Self-care” ********************************* Read a book, sleep in, be lazy, watch cartoons, masturbate, watch a comedy, take yourself to lunch, buy yourself flowers or a plant, make your favorite lunch, dance to your favorite song, do a 10min workout, sit in the sun, take deep breaths, meditate, write yourself a love note, write someone else a love note, listen to music in 435hz, be with loved ones, laugh out loud, clean your space, write out goals. Last but not least love yourself as best as you can.


For the longest time I thought the song went: “In tha cityyyyyy, city of couches.” 😂 don’t judge me I was 10 and had never been to Cali. So sorry Pac and Dre you didn’t deserve that. 😂😂😂😂 ******************************** Cc. 📸 @hen_____ry w/ the money shot

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