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The last of the setting sun on the shores of San Diego. Was hoping to squeeze in another surf before my flight but the rain had other plans. Off to London for the first time, any recommendations or unique things to see/do? Lemme know ✌🏻 at San Diego, California


Happy National Puppy Day! Are you on Team Puppy or Team Kitten? No matter whose side you’re on, you have to admit puppy is a helluva drug 🐶❄️ at Salt Lake City, Utah


A dash of clouds, a pinch of waves, add sun and mix together. Scoring a great sunset at a spot you love is always a gamble. So many variables have to come together just right, but when they do it’s the perfect recipe. at San Diego, California


A break from the island showers came at the perfect time. We’ve been roaming all around the island, fighting the elements in hopes of moments like these. A quiet walk made for the perfect ending of the day. at Kauai


Overcast days on the island so we headed into the jungle for some fun. Gotta love the mix of beaches, waterfalls, and incredible hikes Kauai has to offer. On top of that, starting each day with some Kona coffee and an acai bowl is the best way to fuel up! at Kauai


One of the wildest hikes I’ve ever been on paired with a sunset straight out of a dream. @zachallia @megan.costley and I hiked the ridges over Nā Pali coast and experienced a varying pressure system with mist forming and rising super fast from the valley just a the sun was dropping into the ocean. It would change from no visibility to perfectly clear every couple minutes and the in between moments like these were ones I’ll never forget. at Kauai


What a morning floating around the Nā Pali coast with @goblueadventures. We saw humpback whales and pods of dolphins on the ride over and capped it off with lunch on a secluded cove. Loving every adventure on this magical island. Got to test out the @sonyalpha #rx0 in the water and was happy with the results 😍 at Kauai


Early morning fun along the California coast with the boys. Got to take out the new @TMobile Samsung #GalaxyS9 (thanks to @tmobile!) for a sunrise campfire and surf session. #ad It’s been a bit dark and stormy on the coast but I was able to take advantage of the camera's lowlight capabilities and capture some memories along the way! at Laguna Beach, California


Good waves and good friends. What more do you need for a perfect sunset recipe? Headed to Kauai for the next 7 days so get ready for some island vibes 🌴 at San Diego, California


The world is as colorful as you choose to see it 🎨 at Yosemite National Park


Reminiscing on an incredible time island hopping in the Azores. These lakes and the town in the distance reside inside the volcano (imagine that). Just put together a 4k video showing my favorite views of the islands from my time there. Check the link in bio and would mean a lot if you left a comment and subscribed for more! at Azores


What a world we live in. Before I went to the Azores with @zachallia @robstrok and @britttten I had no idea what type of incredible landscapes we were about to encounter. Truth be told, I didn’t even know where the Azores were when I hopped on a plane to the island of Pico. Active volcanos and mind blowing cliffs were everywhere we went. Here’s some slow paced visual vibes from my time on those incredible islands. 🎼: @tychomusic- Daydream at Azores

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