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With #EarthDay upon us, I had a chance to reflect on my latest trip to Ahus, Sweden, home of @Absolutvodka_US and one of the most energy efficient distilleries in the world. They utilize over 400 local Swedish farmers for their wheat and send almost zero waste to landfills. They’ve put an emphasis on recycling, and maintaining a carbon neutral footprint, something we can all work on no matter which business you’re in! It was such an informative week for me learning about Planet Earth’s Favorite Vodka amongst friends and I can’t wait to work on doing what I can to make the world a better place moving forward. #AbsolutPlanet #sponsored at Åhus, Sweden


Today is #EarthDay and here’s my experience from my short time on our planet. Our home is full of mountains, oceans, beaches, and some of the most beautiful views. We’re not here long and the least we can do is protect it and keep it looking nice for future generations to enjoy. If you read this, could you please just do one thing today to make our world more beautiful. You can pick up a piece of trash you see on the ground, plant a tree, conserve a little water, or so much more. Every day should be Earth Day, but it’s never too late to reduce the footprint we leave on this magical little planet. #WHPplanetearth 1. Cathedral Peak, Sedona, AZ. 2. Cenote Miguel Colorado, Campeche, Mexico 3. Pula, Croatia 4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia 5. São Miguel, Azores 6. Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, Alberta 7. Laguna Beach, CA 8. La Jolla, CA 9. Pedra do Telegrafo, Brazil at Planet Earth


Golden hour paints the coastline in the most beautiful light. Traveling so much for work has its pros and cons. I never thought I’d see this much of the world or continue to gain a knowledge of people and culture which I’m so thankful for. At the same time, the comfort and love of being around friends and family is something that’s often taken for granted until you’re away from it for extended periods of time. Life is all about balance, something I’m always working towards. That being said, nights like these in Laguna Beach make it harder to hop on a plane each time work calls. at Laguna Beach, California


What a magical world we live in. Is it possible to feel at home in a place you’ve never been? Before I went to the Marquesas Islands, I’d stare at the few picture there were online and wonder what it would be like taking a boat along the coast. I had never even heard of Nuka Hiva and Ua Pou until recently and what a rush it is exploring a place you never knew existed. It’s a little more effort visiting uncharted places, but @kayrubes1 @robstrok @enesbeck and I won’t forget the magic of these islands in the Pacific. 🎼: Tycho- Easy at Marquesas Islands


Each beach town in Southern California has such unique vibes. Whether you’re chasing surf in La Jolla, relaxing here in Laguna Beach, or people watching in Santa Monica, there’s something for everyone. Compare and contrast all you want, I’m gonna call it a tie and be thankful to call this particular little area home. at Laguna Beach, California


It’s hard to beat the feeling of the open road. Just a fresh breeze, golden hour cruising, and some good tunes is all I need. I recently crossed an item off the bucket by renting a @karmacampervans and doing a ski trip to Banff, Lake Louise, and Revelstoke. Spring skiing up North sure is hard to beat, and kicking off the boots at the end of the day to views like these was one for the books. at Banff, Alberta


I had never heard of the Marquesas Islands until visiting but they’ve captivated my imagination both times I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Something refreshing about visiting places you haven’t seen much (if any) of on social media and having no expectations going in. The first night welcomed us with an electric sunset, one that carried across the incoming waves and lit up the ocean. at Ua Pou


I’m excited to team up with @WellsFargo to highlight the travel friendly rewards of their Propel Card. I’m constantly traveling around the world and having a credit card with rewards in categories that I spend the most on is a game changer! With 3x rewards points on flights, hotels, and car rentals, I’m able to earn rewards that can be used toward future trips from the time I hop on the plane to the moment I check into my room. I was able to cross a couple items off my bucket list by visiting Banff in the Winter and even managed to squeeze in some snowboarding before the season is over. I’m looking forward to racking up those rewards points more than ever as I continue my journeys around this beautiful planet! #Sponsored at Canada


What started off as a gloomy morning turned into one of the most beautiful rays of light I’ve seen. Something I try to remember as I navigate the highs and lows of life. Stay positive, talk to others, and bring that warm energy. Love is contagious and you never know who’s searching for that ray ☀️ at South Lake Tahoe, California


The past week in Sweden has been an amazing learning experience with the @absolutvodka_us team. They constantly preach “One Source”, a concept which I didn’t realize the impact of until I visited the town of Åhus to meet the farmers and factory workers. Every drop of water and every seed of wheat comes from one water source and one community. This town is a special place and it was pretty amazing to see how the community rallied around this product that they all put their resources in some way or another to. I hope to take some of the sustainability practices I learned this week home as well. Cheers to Planet Earth’s favorite vodka! #absolutplanet at Åhus, Sweden


Touched down in Sweden to learn more about the sustainability practices @absolutvodka_us has put into place building Planet Earth’s favorite vodka. With one of the most energy efficient distilleries in the world, a carbon neutral production process, and recycled glass packaging, it’s been awesome learning more about the community that produces the product from seed to sip. #AbsolutPlanet at Åhus, Sweden


Dreamy mornings in Banff National Park. As incredible as National Parks are in the U.S., the first time I visited Banff I was blown away. Hard to go on a road trip when you’re pulling over every few minutes to take pics! Lake Louise is one of the gems which makes this park so special. at Banff National Park

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