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6 months ago I didn’t know where the Azores were, but I hopped on a plane with some friends as we embarked on a trip to islands full of unknown adventures. From climbing volcanic ridges to massive crater lakes, the Azores were some of the most beautiful and untouched islands I’ve seen. This trip with @zachallia @robstrok @britttten was one for the books! 🎼: @moonzzmusic- Navigator ALSO... working with @travelzoo and @azoresgetaways to give away a trip to Azores. Comment below on why you’d like to go and head to their pages for more contest info! at Azores


Mother nature’s hidden gems with a sunrise that started off the day just right at California


Sunrise sessions are always a little rough, but pair me with a cup of coffee and view of a volcano crater lake and I’m good to go 👌🏻 @travelzoo @azoresgetaways at São Miguel Island


So many beautiful places in the world but home sweet home always seems to deliver at San Diego, California


Spending a lot more time in the water lately and realizing my favorite moment is when the ocean takes on the skies colors @sonyalpha #alphacollective at La Jolla, California


Ending a road trip with a nice sunset swim is the icing on the cake at Burney, California


It’s always been a challenge for me trying to find a balance between running around at sunset shooting as much as I can or putting the camera down and living in the moment. I always thought taking a picture would be the best way to remember an experience, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the trips I’ve taken the most pictures on are the ones I remember the least. Maybe I’ll find the perfect balance someday but for now I’ll try to find little moments like this to take a break, put the camera down, and enjoy the view. @azoresgetaways @travelzoo 📸: @zachallia at Azores


One of my favorite lookouts on the backside of the island of Faial in the Azores. Our guide told @robstrok and I later that night that he’d never seen a picture from these volcanic structures so he was as stoked as we were to see the view! @travelzoo at Azores


Still feels like summer over here if you wanna visit 👋🏻 at Laguna Beach, California


From mystical Wadi Rum to feeling weightless at the Dead Sea, Jordan has it all. When @robstrok @aaronbhall and I touched down in Jordan we didn't know what to expect. Such a fun trip as we drove throughout the company making friends and great memories along the way. Here’s some of the highlights! 🎼: @wearefrenship: 1000 nights at Petra, Ma`An, Jordan


Catching sunset on the island of São Miguel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. How are places like this real? @azoresgetaways @travelzoo at São Miguel Island


Taking in the stormy view with friends as we climbed up the ridge. @azoresgetaways @travelzoo at São Miguel Island

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