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Columbus, Ohio 2x NQ Npc Men's Physique 🏆 #BairAesthetics Nursing Student Personal Trainer ⬇️Latest YouTube Video⬇️ Similar users

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I have put my life into this. It wasn’t just handed to me tied with a ribbon. Blood, sweat, tears & countless hours of work forged this transformation. I have had many triumphant highs, & many devastating lows along this journey. But I will NEVER regret this process. The strength & resilience I have gained from all of this will be beneficial for the rest of my life. The journey is everything. It’s more than just physical growth, it’s mental. If done right you can become a physical & mental powerhouse. Capable of anything you set your mind to.... at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Caption this photo 😂 #uncleE&laila at Columbus, Ohio


I think we have acquired a terrible view on what “cocky” is. Since when is being confident in your own abilities cocky? If you don’t believe in yourself then what the hell should you believe in? Should we really spend countless hours beating our bodies to death while drenched in sweat just to lack self belief? No thanks. Talk big (respectfully) and back it up. Ask me 100x if I think I’m at the top of this sport (men’s physique) in my area, I’ll say yes 100x. That little thing I do right there, is one among many reasons why I am motivated to kill it every single day. I set my own standard of myself. By saying that - my mind connects to something bigger and motivates me to dig to a different level not appropriate for the casual. Like Mohammed Ali once said: “I am the greatest, I said that before I knew I was”. Be CONFIDENT enough to speak it into existence, and then go get it. Let the haters call it cocky or whatever they want🤭 at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Just give it time, we’ll see who’s still around a decade from now. at Lancaster, Ohio


I’m the big homie but they still be trying to lil’ bro me dog. at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Twins? at Lancaster, Ohio


Obsessed with becoming the best at my craft. It fuels my fire more & more everyday when someone throws another name at me that they think I’m trailing behind. I’ve always been slept on, but I’m about to wake everyone up this summer. at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Got the jokers out of the deck and everybody wants to play chess now. at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Ive been in a serious mental battle lately. Though my positivity about life has been through the roof, I have been doubting myself more than ever with the fitness game. Currently I’m In a constant mental battle thinking I look the worst I ever have & having an onslaught of bad workouts. More motivated than I ever have been to reach my dreams, but also doubting myself more than ever. The grind to Ifbb can be a discouraging one sometimes, but it’s the lows that make the highs feel so good. #mensphysiqueoftheweek at Columbus, Ohio


Two-faced boys back around with the three face. 🐀🐀 A wise man once told me “don’t argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


What a incredible weekend I had at the @arnoldsports event. I got the chance to meet @cbum & see a lot of Great friends! #asf2018 is one I’ll always remember!! #bairaesthetics at Greater Columbus Convention Center


Are you guys trying to get a bigger/stronger chest? Try this triple drop set (choose weight based of your strength) Set 1 (heavy) 3-6 reps. Set 2 (moderate) 6-12 reps Set 3 (light) go to failure. NO REST IN BETWEEN SETS! Do this at the end of your bench session to top off the work 🔥 enjoy. Thanks Jake and @_lexlifts for that awesome spot 💪🏼 at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


They never take shots, I got everybody on safety. at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Overly focused, it’s far from the time to rest now. Try out this tri-set rack pulls 3x8, barbell shrug 3x8, pit shark v -bar rows 3x8/12 at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Scary hours at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Lately things have really fallen into place. Some incredible people have walked into my life over the past 2 months. My strength is continuously improving, with only minor bumps in the road. I have removed all toxic people from my life. There’s positive energy all the way around. I’m feeling very blessed right now & I’m so thankful. Make it a point today to remind someone how grateful you are for their presence. I’m sure it’ll make their day. Keep the positivity flowing 🙏🏼 at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


Full version released TODAY at 5pm on my YouTube channel. This video is made completely for those of you who have impacted me so much. I hope this video can motivate & inspire some of you to chase after something you’ve wanted & maybe lacked the courage to go after. Sometimes we forget about what truly matters on our journey to success. Since making this video I have watched it everyday to remind myself of why I do it. I haven’t given up on myself admittedly because of these people who believe in me & those of you who look up to me. Don’t just put your mind into it, put your heart in. at Hall of Heroes Iron Gym


I’m a different breed with this🤫🤭 I think they’re hearing me now at Columbus, Ohio

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