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I give em dat real cuz dats what dey want 💯 4N (Foreign) 🇬🇧 Out Now 🐍 - Bookings/Feat @psychoblaxk ‭(205) 482-6815‬ € 💶@boomman_ae #æ Similar users See full size profile picture

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I did 2 interviews, 2 feats and 2 events yesterday 🙏Blessed a it was just a few months ago I had nothing going on at all but that 9-5 🤦‍♂️ I can never thank y’all enough 🖤 #4N🇬🇧💶🐍💧 at Hot 107.9


Great interview wit the fam @etcali ‼️ 4N 🇬🇧💶🐍💧


Who heard me on the radio⁉️ 😎💁🏽‍♂️🏙


Nah b!tch I DONT have da time. Me n dis bag ain’t playing no games wit da world rn. 🇬🇧🐍 #4n


I'm performing live with @yellabeezy214 Friday Dec 21st at @elansavannah tickets  @dtlr or call @clouds_ent #9125083775


K O D A T D A T‼️


It crazy how the ppl I grew up watching and idolizing have been taking the time out to give me love and and advice‼️ I’m truly grateful, humbled, blessed and thankful.... To the streets, I promise I won’t switch up or let up and Ima keep doing for y’all and the ppl like us luv 4N 🇬🇧💶🐍💧


The Love was too real tonight 🙏🇬🇧💶💧🐍


Sneak preview of me n my brudda @roddyricch new song‼️ on God, #roddyrich verse had me emotional af. Luv u my boy. What y’all think? CREAM coming soon‼️ prod. by @yodayae1k 🔥🔥🔥 at Atlanta, Georgia


The video of the year is OUT NOW ‼️ Feat #GUNNA and also based of A TRUE STORY 🇬🇧💶🐍💧🎥 @inightlyfe


Big 3 no 🧢 we don’t compete with our team we eat wit our team‼️ only ppl who can beat us is us #authenticornothing follow @bribiase @geezydiegoescobar 🇬🇧💶🐍💧💎


I tried to tell y’all we was making movies ‼️ #POSSE 🗣æ Feat @bribiase 🐍🇬🇧💶‼️NEXT STOP 🔜 #DaytonOHIO ‼️🎥 @shotbytravdiego

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