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A few days ago it was -2°F with a windchill of -20°F, and we had a good 1.5-2 feet of snow on the ground. Earlier today it was 60°F, pouring rain, and the snow was completely gone. Right now, it’s 30°F, expected to drop to 10°F overnight with negative windchills... and 2 feet of snow within the next 16 hours. Make up your mind, Mother Nature. 😂 . What’s the weather like where you are?! 😳 ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ #wildernessculture #stayandwander #roamtheplanet #earthfever #catsofinstagram #discoverglobe #modernoutdoors #modernoutdoorsman #thegreatoutdoors #complexphotos #beautifuldestinations #optoutside #ourplanetdaily #bestmeow #moodygrams #earthofficial #campbrandgoods #campeveryday #campingcollective #ourcamplife #campingofficial #campingwithdogs #hikingwithdogs #goneoutdoors #nakedplanet #greatnorthcollective #whpspontaneous


In a totally unplanned purchase, we got ourselves a new, mint condition, racing sled today, along with some amazing gear! 😍 . A friend got an email from someone who had a sled they wanted to sell to an individual who would put it to good use; the original owner, a fellow musher, had passed away not long after getting the sled, and it was given to the person we purchased from today, who hasn’t been able to use it. . I was touched by the story and promised to put it to good use. We’ll be taking it on a run tomorrow morning, and couldn’t be more excited to run as a team with a full-size racing sled instead of our teeny kicksled. 🤗 . How will you be spending the rest of your weekend? ☺️ . . Ellie is wearing the Geo Mountain @bandedpines Slip-N-Seek Bandana; seriously in loooove with these bandanas! 😍 ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ #wildernessculture #stayandwander #roamtheplanet #earthfever #catsofinstagram #discoverglobe #modernoutdoors #modernoutdoorsman #thegreatoutdoors #complexphotos #beautifuldestinations #optoutside #ourplanetdaily #bestmeow #moodygrams #earthofficial #campbrandgoods #campeveryday #campingcollective #ourcamplife #campingofficial #campingwithdogs #hikingwithdogs #goneoutdoors #nakedplanet #greatnorthcollective #whpspontaneous


I’ve been kind of quiet about Aspen’s full backstory. But I’d like to share my experience both for education & general knowledge purposes. . Aspen came from a “breeder”. I add quotes, as this “breeder” used to have decent dogs. Unfortunately, lines coming from this “breeder” have been not so great lately. She’s had multiple citations for poorly kept kennels (feces, urine, rat/mouse droppings, poor ventilation, etc), all of which can be found publicly on record that I didn’t research until after. In addition, many recent dogs coming from her have had socialization issues (anxiety, super fearful of people), as well as GI issues. This “breeder” also refuses to contact me back and refuses to take accountability for the behavioral/health problems of her dogs. . I went to her via word-of-mouth recommendations after she posted Aspen for sale at 8 months old. I asked her all of my normal breeder questions (in which she refused to speak on the phone), and she of course gave me every answer I she knew I would want. Needless to say she lied several times, claiming he had been “well socialized” and had some training. She didn’t tell me until we were there picking him up that he had never once left their house (potentially even his apparent filthy run). . Upon taking him home, he REEKED of urine and feces, so much so that our car smelled awful, and our entire house smelled of it. He was given THREE double-shampoo baths in the first few days of having him with awful DARK BROWN water coming off him every time, because he still smelled awful after the first two baths. Finally, the third bath did the trick. He was also matted to hell and back again; so much excess undercoat that couldn’t fall out. And lastly, he had a skin infection, covered in scabs, irritation, and extreme dry patches. . She claimed he had a bath just before we picked him up and was dirty/smelled due to their wood stove. Sorry, but I know what old, caked on feces and urine smell like. 🙄 In addition to having behavioral and GI issues, Aspen is also WELL below standard in both weight and height. . Pure bred does NOT equal well bred. . (⬇️CONTINUED IN FIRST COMMENT⬇️)


Several weeks ago Aspen cut the top of one of his back toes on some ice after our first real good freeze & snow. Of course it had to be a cut that was easily re-opened, right on the joint, so he was put on strict rest + bandage. I had been looking forward to our first sled run that same day. Plans were obviously put on hold. 🤕 (And a huge shoutout to @petreleaf for making CBD oil that helps to ease Aspen’s anxieties and make his recovery process far smoother). . Fast forward to last week when it was looking SO GOOD, and then one of my parents’ large dogs stepped on his foot and reopened the wound. 😫 . Today, ironically, it looked remarkably better, and we were able to get out for our first official run of the season together (with a bootie - and it still looks remarkably good!). . Our run was a short 1.5 miles, but due to the pups lack of activity lately I wasn’t going to push anything; but they of course wanted to keep going! And let’s be honest, three dogs pulling a kicksled isn’t exactly the most ideal setup for long distances. 😂 . Hope you all had an incredible start to the year, as we have. 🤗 And hoping for many more fun days like today! ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ ⇹ #wildernessculture #stayandwander #roamtheplanet #earthfever #catsofinstagram #discoverglobe #modernoutdoors #modernoutdoorsman #thegreatoutdoors #complexphotos #beautifuldestinations #optoutside #ourplanetdaily #bestmeow #moodygrams #earthofficial #campbrandgoods #campeveryday #campingcollective #ourcamplife #campingofficial #campingwithdogs #hikingwithdogs #goneoutdoors #nakedplanet #greatnorthcollective #whpresolutions2018

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