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Western NY The Adirondacks are our second home. ⛰ . #petreleafpup . •@bandedpines 10% code: EXPEDITIONPACK . Owner of @wildlingdesignco

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It’s only fall of 2018, but I’m already working on planning camping & hiking trips for 2019. 🤷🏻‍♀️ — Do you have any exciting plans for next year already? — Save on @bandedpines with code EXPEDITIONPACK


Some of you have noticed that Aspen hasn’t been showcased much when it comes to Ev. Ellie & Atlas have taken the cake with bonding to her & have been doing amazing. I anticipated Aspen would just ignore her, which he kind of is, but he’s also struggling a hell of a lot with anxiety... because of the entire situation. — He’s regressed to a point with his anxiety that is almost as he was when we first brought him home. To give you an idea of how things are in the easiest way possible: he basically acts like an abused dog who is skittish of everything, and overly hyper. Yet he is NOT abused, and his history just comes from poor breeding for temperament, neglect, & lack of socialization during a critical period in his life rather than abuse. Unfortunately this is all something he will likely struggle with forever to some degree. — The reality is that he hasn’t had the exercise, training, or attention he needs to maintain his functional level of anxiety due to the complications I had throughout my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. He constantly seems to be on tiptoes around Ev, likely due to the anxiety of being told to “back up” a lot (a command I teach to keep distance between the dog & the object/space), because he often oversteps his boundaries due to his high energy. He unfortunately seems to be taking it as a correction, thus creating an extra anxiety in him. — It’s frustrating seeing all the hard work we did regress so much, but we are taking it one step at a time. At this point, the CBD oil isn’t enough. While it still helps with his fearful issues, the intensity of his anxiety is too overpowering. We are looking into prescription medication for him at least temporarily to help ease him through the first few months. My hope is as things settle, I will be able to wean him off of them and we can continue with training and begin more regular exercise again. — Admittedly, his issues have added to my PPD for a myriad of reasons, but we are working on doing what’s best for everyone, and it sucks to see him struggle so much as well.


Ev clearly takes after me - her RBF is apparent already. 😂 Also, peep the baby hack of using newborn socks as hand covers because her hands are too tiny for her gloves and regular baby hand mitts fall off in two seconds. 🧦🙌🏻 — #optoutside #dogsandbabies #campingwithdogs #livelifeoffleash #siberianhusky #wildernessculture #backcountrypaws #mountaindog #weeklyfluff #hikingwithdogs #lightroom #canon #babiesanddogs #visualsoflife #theweekoninstagram #hike365 #keepitwild #dog_feature #buzzfeedanimals #ellendegeneres #bestwoof #dogoftheday #livewildbefree #momlife #hikingdogsofinstagram #dogsofinstaworld #babygirl #mountains #mycanonstory #whpmatching

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