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@exploringaz photos and videos

The cold winter morning air causing mist to rise off the Salt River. The Canyon cliff wall’s reflection on the mirror surface of the river was a majestic sight!! *******************************************📷@exploringAZ *********************************************Location: Salt River, Just below Saguaro Lake, Arizona at Salt River, Arizona


The setting Moon behind the red rock of Mount McDowell (AKA Red Mountain) gives an almost extra terrestrial feeling. The Salt River Canyon was very cold this morning (32°) causing steam to rise from the surface. It was a beautiful morning out enjoying the beautiful Arizona landscape. *******************************************📷@exploringAZ *********************************************Location: Salt River, AZ ***************************** at Salt River, Arizona


Sunrise from McDowell Sonoran Preserve. We started riding in the dark so we could summit before sunrise. The clouds made for a less vivid typical Arizona sunrise but the rays of sun coming from the spaceship shaped cloud over Fountain Hills was pretty awesome. *********************************************📷 @exploringAZ *********************************************Location:Andrews-Kinsey Trail, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Fountain Hills, AZ *********************************************Feb 16, 2019 ********************************************* at McDowell Sonoran Conservancy


Wow! Tonight’s sunset was crazy! This photo is from my iPhone completely unfiltered and unedited!! at Mount McDowell


Happy Birthday Arizona!! Arizona is the 48th state and last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union, achieving statehood on February 14, 1912, coinciding with Valentine's Day. ***************************** Location: Mesa AZ ***************************** 📷 @exploringAZ at Mesa, Arizona


A lone Agave Stalk rising toward Heaven. This beautiful scene was captured along the Superstition Ridgeline trail last month. A shadow of concern was cast on this view as the sun was setting and we still had hours of hiking left but only minutes of daylight remaining. Luckily we finished the hike 3 hours later with no injury. As I took this picture I remember thinking that I should be hiking not stopping to take pictures. Now that the hike is over I’m glad I stopped to take this photo. ********************************************* Location: Superstition Wilderness Arizona ********************************************📷 @exploringaz at Superstition Mountains


Yesterday’s Sunset was crazy! Such sharp lines of clouds made the sky look out of this world! at Salt River, Arizona


This morning’s sun Rising into the clouds. ********************************************📸exploringaz ********************************************Feb 9, 2019 at Mesa, Arizona


Saguaro Cactus needles create an awesome Halo effect in the Arizona Sunrise! ************************* 📷 @exploringAZ ***************************** Location: Fountain Hills, AZ at Fountain Hills, Arizona


Tonight’s sunset was so beautiful! Luckily I was driving past Tovrea Castle at Sunset so I was able to get a few shots of the Arizona Awesomeness *********************************************📷 @exploringaz ********************************************* Location: Tovrea Castle , Phoenix, AZ *********************************************December 21, 2018 ********************************************* #tovreacastle at Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights


It was a beautiful day on the Arizona slopes. The snow is still really good and the lift lines were almost non existent! #azsnowbowl at Arizona Snowbowl


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. at Mesa, Arizona


The sunset tonight was an Arizona classic. This photo was taken from the top of a parking garage in Scottsdale as I was waiting for my car to charge. Proof that you can catch a great sunset photo from just about anywhere in Arizona! ****************************************** January 25, 2019 at Scottsdale, Arizona


Superstition Mountains Wrapped in a winter Storm *********************************************📷 @exploringAZ *********************************************Location: Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ *********************************************Jan 6, 2019 ********************************************* at Lost Dutchman State Park


Arizona Sunrises never disappoint *********************************************📷 @exploringAZ *********************************************Location:Fountain Hills, Arizona *********************************************January 19, 2019 ********************************************* at Fountain Hills Lake Overlook Trail


The magnificent Superstition Wilderness. Superstition Peak with Flat iron in the far distance. What Peak will you ascend today?*********************************************📷 @exploringAZ *********************************************Location:Superstition Peak, Superstition Wilderness Arizona *********************************************January 12, 2019 ********************************************* at Superstition Mountains


Siphon Draw with Flat Iron Mesa in the distance. A challenging yet extremely rewarding hike. The beauty in this canyon is mind blowing! *********************************************📷 @exploringAZ *********************************************Location:Superstition Wilderness Arizona*********************************************Jan 12, 2019 ********************************************* at Siphon Draw Trail


A rare look of the highest peak in the Superstition Wilderness. This is a beautiful mountain but very hard to access. But if you ever get a chance to climb it don’t pass it up!!This place is amazing!!*********************************************📷 @exploringAZ *********************************************Location:Superstition Peak, Superstition Wilderness Arizona *********************************************January 12, 2019 ********************************************* at Superstition Mountain

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