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Exploring Ice Caves in Switzerland. Inside a glacier ❄️❄️❄️ These structure are so massive and beautiful, but also so sad to see melting away. Let's hope they stay around for some more time! at Belvédère Furka


I finally managed to get to this beautiful hotel quite early, so I could get this angle without it being full of cars and people. Driving up these roads, you can meet a lot of different weather conditions. 🌞☁️Sometimes you are inside the clouds and the fog, and you can only see about 3 meters, and sometimes you are in beautiful warm sunlight. Conditions change so fast, and the clouds in the background provided the perfect scenery for my photo. Thanks clouds! #sixtmoments #sixt fïnanzielle Unterstützung von @sixtde at Belvédère Furka


Our Switzerland roadtrip has been pretty epic so far. Making amazing experiences and having so much fun! Not much sleep is involved! 🤓 #sixtmoments #sixt fïnanzielle Unterstützung von @sixtde at Belvédère Furka


Currently on the road with Sixt and I will be taking over their account for a week. We will be exploring the whole of Switzerland, and it has been a blast already ✌🏻 #sixtmoments #sixt fïnanzielle Unterstützung von @sixtde at Passo Dello Stelvio


I have been wanting to visit this spot since the first time I saw it, and finally got the chance! 🚂 We actually took a massive run up the mountain when we heard the train coming so we wouldn't miss it! Which was a good thing, because the trains after it didn't look as good as this one. We barely made it, and this was the first shot I took. Cheers team for motivating me to run!!! 😂 at Switzerland


Tag a friend you would enjoy this sunset with! ☝🏻 at Denmark


When the sunrise happens, you can see me running all over the place. There is so many locations I want to capture and so much limited time, I wish I had like 10 remote controlled cameras to capture all that ☝🏻 Pictures don’t do this place justice, it is immense!!! at Zermatt Matterhorn


Jumping outside camp just to catch sight of this! It first looked like there was no stars at all, because my eyes weren’t accustomed to the darkness yet, but after a while I was even able to see the Milky Way with my bare eyes! 💫 There is no light spill from other cities around here and no other light sources, so the images you are able to get at night are pristine. The Clouds in the background are illuminated orange, as the moon was just rising 🌙 at Matterhorn


Above the clouds - Switzerlands landscapes can look pretty epic! Roads are winding very closely up the mountains, it’s scary to drive on them! 🐉 There is actually people scaling this roads on bikes, it looks so exhausting, but might be something I’ll do in the future. At least, on top there is a lake to chill out at. 🌊 at Switzerland


I have been wanting to visit this place for quite some time and finally got the chance! Even got lucky with the weather, as you all know I love fog 😉 We didn’t even know there was a huge glacier hiding right over the next hill, which was a nice surprise, as I had never seen one in real life before ❄️❄️❄️ at Switzerland


The last 4 days we literally only had 2 hours sleep a night, and either slept in the car or outside in a sleeping bag - Just to get rewarded with these awesome views. The sun rose over the mountains and created all these layers in the distance, it was even more stunning in person. After all pictures were taken, we went for a little nap on the ridge in the morning sunlight 🌞 at Saxer Lücke


Although we initially wanted to hike up the mountain to catch the morning light, we didn’t make it through the forrest. Though we then ended up at the shore, the sunrise still treated us well. 🌞 I can’t stress enough, how worth it is to get up early in the morning (or night in our case) and visit these places! at Austria


Spot the little pathway going along side the mountain range for scale, will definitely have to wander around here next time 🍃 at Switzerland


“However dark the nights, however dim our hopes, the light will always follow darkness.” at Munich, Germany


Double tap if you would stay here for a night 🍃 at Munich, Germany


Having these water masses fly against your face is an insane feeling, you can barely hold open your eyes 🌊 at Munich, Germany


How these birds managed to survive up here is a miracle to me! 🦅 Clouds were moving so fast, the winds were so strong, and the birds so tiny. You had about 10 seconds to take a picture, until everything looked completely different again. at Munich, Germany


Come to the dark side, we have cookies 🍪🍪🍪 at Munich, Germany

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