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Cereal Time: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros! 🥣 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #cereal #cereals #cinnamontoastcrunch #churro #churros #junkfood #cinnamon


TFW your dad gets sent some sweet new @generalmillscereal but you don’t have any teeth. It’s okay, Brooklyn. You’ll be joining us for Cereal Time before you know it. These two (plus Fruity Lucky Charms!) will hit stores this month! 🥣 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #cereal #cereals #cinnamontoastcrunch #churro #churros #junkfood #chocolate #chocolatetoastcrunch


We’re one week out from Christmas Eve and I KNOW some of you have been procrastinating with your shopping. But don’t worry, because Target has a plethora of options that will satisfy all of the chubby little bastards on your list. For example, this extra THICC Snickers bar that weighs in at a whopping ONE POUND - That’s right, 16 glorious ounces of chocolate, peanuts, nougat, and caramel. Don’t be fooled by imitators like the “Yard” which is just a bunch of regular sized bars in a box. This thing is the real deal and packs enough sugar to put even Santa into a carb coma!👌 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #snickers #chocolate #candy #candybar #junkfood


Pictured: One cranky baby, a belligerent toddler, and some intense swamp ass. But we clean up nice, don’t we? Wearing jeans and flannel on a Florida afternoon is a small sacrifice to make for pictures like this. Thank you @taratomlinsonphotography - Your work is amazing as usual.🎄 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


Clean up on aisle 3! 🥣 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


Looking for a snack for your kids that is virtually devoid of nutritional value but is so good that it will keep them occupied long enough so you can do stuff without worrying about them harming themselves in new and creative ways? Well look no further! These are crack for toddlers. ☕️ YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Target Store University-Parkway


Good morning! As usual, there was no way today’s Cereal Time review was fitting into a minute, so if you want to know what Cam and I though about Kellogg’s Banana Creme Frosted Flakes, hit up the YouTube channel! Link is in my bio! 🍌 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


You had one job, America. ONE JOB. Ben & Jerry’s gave you an opportunity to resurrect one of four retired flavors: Chocolate Cherry Garcia , Peanut Butter Half Baked, One Love, or Candy Bar Pie. Now right off the bat we all know Chocolate Cherry Garcia shouldn’t have been included, because regular Cherry Garcia sucks and Chocolate Cherry Garcia was somehow worse. I wouldn’t kick Peanut Butter Half Baked out of bed because it was absolutely delicious but it’s not a next level, game changing flavor. One Love was a flavor that I wasn’t initially impressed but it definitely grew on me. Not a classic by any means but certainly a solid pint. Then last but DEFINTLEY not least, we had Candy Bar Pie. My favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor of ALL TIME. I figured that a flavor called “Candy Bar Pie” would win hands down, even if people didn’t know what was actually in it. I assumed that maybe the general public might be excited to try a flavor that hadn’t been available for over four years. I thought maybe, just maybe – Our country might have a collective IQ above that of an avocado. I was wrong. DEAD wrong. One Love won. Look – I know some of you guys like this flavor. That’s fine! It’s a good flavor. But it came out, what… Barely a year and a half ago? It probably hasn’t been off shelves for a full year… Hell, in some places you still might be able to find a dusty, frost bitten pint in the back of your ice cream section. Point is, you guys had a chance to bring back a 10/10 classic and you BLEW IT. In all likelihood this was our ONE chance to bring back CBP and now it’s gone. I hope you basic folks enjoy your One Love. You don’t know what you’re going to be missing. I need a drink. 🍦 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #icecream #poweredbyicecream #onelove #benandjerrys #benandjerrysicecream


A new flavor just dropped at @7eleven and based on the description it sounds like a doozy! If you’re still sleeping on their ice cream, get with the program. It’s good stuff! 🍦 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #icecream #poweredbyicecream #cookiebutter #chocolate #speculoos #biscoff


Big shout out to @kelloggsus for the hook up! Cereal Time is gonna’ be awesome these next couple of weeks. Which one should we try first? 🥣 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #cereal #cereals #frostedflakes #ricekrispytreats


Fun Size Review: Burger King’s Cini Minis. 👑 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ #burgerking #ciniminis #cinnamonrolls #cinnamonroll #cinnamonbun #cinnabuns #fastfood #breakfast


For my whole life, I have been painfully average at everything. Average height, average athleticism, average pe... Average intelligence. But you know what? I’m going to give myself some credit here. I’m REALLY good at making cute kids. Okay, I GUESS we have @teamproscience to thank for doing most of the heavy lifting on Cam and Brooklyn, but hey - I need to take every W I can get. And before anybody asks and/or puts an insane idea into Kelsea’s head - This is it for us. Two kids is MORE than enough. ❤️ YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️

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