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There’s a lot... A LOT of places in NYC that are all flash and no substance. @supermoonbakehouse is not one of those places. Their pastries are beautiful and they taste even better than they look. I had WAY too much to eat there and all of it was good, but this Bananas Split Sundae Twice Baked Croissant changed my life. (Swipe for the money shot.) It’s filled with caramelized banana, chocolate almond creme, banana caramel sauce, and vanilla creme patissiere and topped with chocolate fudge, banana caramel sauce, dehydrated banana, whipped cream bulbs, and some fancy gold leaf. If you find yourself in NYC, hit this place up. It deserves ALL the hype. I’ll post the full rundown of all the stuff I ate on @ericeatseverything later today. 🍌 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Supermoon Bakehouse


Brooklyn, I have arrived. I’m here to eat your ice cream. (Stay tuned to @ericeatseverything to keep tabs on all my food adventures over these next couple of days!) 🍦 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Davey's Ice Cream


The stuff you can find at your local German food store... 🇩🇪 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Geier's Sausage Kitchen


What a time to be alive! 🍫 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at RaceTrac


The first few weeks of soccer were ugly for Cam. He was miserable! Crying, tantrums, the whole shebang. It was hard to watch but just like with most toddler things, I knew it would pass. It did. If you’ve seen the videos in my story, you know that this kid is all about it now! It should go without saying that we can’t give up on our kids. But we can’t let them give up on themselves, either. It’s a fine line that we have to walk, making sure we push them just enough without making them feel like they’re being forced to do something. Getting kids out of their comfort zones and into something new can be a groundbreaking experience, even if the first few days (or weeks) are brutal. It’s really easy to say “Oh, he’s only two!” and let that dictate your decision making. Don’t do it. Besides, the logic works both ways – He’s two. His toddler brain is not equipped to make decisions like yours. I get it - The first thing we want to do when we see our child in pain is to make an impulsive, emotional decision to get them out of that situation. This might just be the hard ass dad in me talking, but I think that sets a negative precedent. I want to teach my children that facing adversity is a part of life and that quitting is not your first and/or only option. Sure, it might suck at first. But if you give it a chance, you might end up loving it! Just like this kid in the picture. ⚽️ YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


This stuff is just as good as the Oreo version. Straight out of the tub it’s better than some ice creams... That shall remain nameless. 😉 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Walmart Osprey


It’s Saturday, so you know what time it is. As always, the full review will be up on my YouTube later! 🥣 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


Just big brother things. ♥️ YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


One of Blue Bell’s best flavors (Which isn’t saying much - Don’t @ me Texans/Oklahomans) is back for Pumpkin SZN! 🎃 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Target Store University-Parkway


Fun Size Review: Reese’s Puffs Treats. 🥜 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️


Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of 3 Musketeers. They’re in the bottom of my Candy Bar Power Rankings along with Milky Way, Zero, Bounty, etc. so I knew I probably wouldn’t love this. Also, huge spoiler that you’ll be shocked to hear: These taste nothing like Birthday Cake. That being said, I think I prefer them over the OG. Not saying much but still... 7/10. @teamproscience loved it, BTW. Your mileage will vary! 🎂 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️ at Walmart Neighborhood Market Sarasota - Bee Ridge Rd


Fun Size Review: Walmart’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake. 🎃 YouTube | Twitter | Facebook ➡️

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