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Why does @salomondrin drag me on these adventures??

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Check out the brand new car I just brought in today’s Vlog on #youtube🖐🏽❤️ #swipe #thetinytour #newcar at Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills


Swipe right for a glimpse into my “These are my friends cars” photoshoot. Check out today’s Vlog and let me know who had the best pose between me and @salomondrin 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #photoshoot #my #friends #cars at Calabasas, California


#tbt before all my oils had fully developed 🖐🏽❤️ at Santa Monica, California


Tag a squirrel that’s been in more expensive cars than Tata? (@pablosnuts) check out all the cars she rode in on today’s Vlog 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #thetinytour #squirrel at Calabasas, California


I hope all this e-Fame doesn’t get to Tata’s (@pablosnuts) head and try’s to get me kicked out off the group and blocked on all social media 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #mashedpotatoes # at The Weinstein Company


🖐🏽❤️ #svipe at Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills


I’ve never lost a fight in the streets, in the ring, in the boardroom or the courtroom. And most importantly, I’ve never turned down a challenge 🖐🏽❤️ at Prevail Boxing


Thank you to everyone who came out to @galpinmotors Car show today. And as everyone saw for themselves,@salomondrin is not that short 🖐🏽❤️ @hititpedro #svipe at Galpin Motors


How many free drinks you think we can get at the @starbucks tomorrow? 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #galpin #starbucks #free at Galpin Motors


Getting free stuff will never get old. Check out today’s Vlog to see just how much free stuff I was able to get from @nickj07 at @mclarennewportbeach 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #thetinytour #mclaren #free #stuff at McLaren Newport Beach


Check out today’s Vlog as I pick up my first Mclaren 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #thetinytour #mclaren at McLaren Newport Beach


You might want to check out today’s Vlog...@salomondrin reveals something shocking. And most importantly, I promise you will enjoy this episode even more as I’m not in it 🖐🏽❤️ #svipe #thetinytour #squirrel at Hidden Hills, California

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