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Back den on smaller boards. Easily the best day of surfing this year. This was the very last wave I caught and one of the smaller insiders. I feel like some waves before I had the best wave of my life. Standing tall and no noise around #morocco thanks for the shot @goeran.g at Safi, Morocco


Just to show you how impressively beautiful it is where I come from :) have you seen my feature in the last #dbmobil ? I travelled along the coast to find the most beautiful seabridges. 😊 this Shot didn’t make it into the mag 🖖 at Ostseebad Sellin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany


So in need of this.... 😩 at Anchor Point


I often get asked what camera I use but I really feel that it doesn’t really matter. Each and every single camera has its pros and cons and you can achieve great images with all of them if you get to know them properly and find out what it can do best. This picture is ages old and I took it with a camera I had bought for a couple hundred euros from a friend. And I still love that old not many megapixel camera! ❤️ at Iceland


The sky is painting at Galicia, Spain


Season ticket on a one way ride ❤️ at Baltic Sea


And another one from the bottom of the ocean without water.


I travel so much to take photos for different companies and never end up posting them just because it doesn’t really feel like I’ve been there for real. It’s more like a translucent dream. Mental oversaturation paired with lack of sleep and abundance of spots in such a small amount of time. Chasing many different spots in such a small period of time I end up not really enjoying the moment but thinking just about what to shoot next and how to satisfy. Still in flow but without the personal satisfaction I feel when I travel for myself. Maybe not the right way to approach the kind of work I do, but I don’t know how to handle it differently. Any suggestions? Still I think I should probably post more of these shots?! This one is from Abu Dhabi. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ at Sheikh Zayed Mosque


Thanks for the pamsy shot @dan_petermann


@asher_pacey slicing up the Azores ⚡️☝️⚡️ at Mosteiros, Azores


Leaving my backyard after not really having been home for long makes me feel homesick. Luckily my part time relationships @dan_petermann and @erikgrossphoto convinced me to stay one night out at the beach, which is the best place to be at home. 🖖⚡️ at Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany


Power therapy @zimthonig ⚡️


I was photographed in seignosse two years back by the well known @stephanvanfleteren for his book #surftribe along side many of Surfings greats and together with my longtime on off love affair @julesahoimusic Miss u bud ❤️ at Seignosse, Aquitaine, France


Despite Rostock has still a pretty „right wing“ image in many minds, I have to state that it is one of the most beautiful places to live. From my experience I dont see or hear more right wing extremism than anywhere else and I have been living here my entire life. Rostock is astonishing when it comes to being outdoors. The ocean, the ghost forest, all these marvellous beaches and also the city offer so much. I could trade the winter in Germany though as it soo long and dirty. 😅 I have seen so many places in the world which have been so welcoming and opened my mind and heart but still I always come back. I don’t want to be pathetic but it’s just true in my eyes 🤷‍♂️😘 correct me if I’m wrong at Rostock, Germany


The brightest shade of happiness. Miss you buddy ❤️ #beyondmovie at Saint-Louis, Senegal


Booboo @julesahoimusic at Scotland


I wish. ⚡️ at The Catlins

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