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There are some good bucks in eastern Wyoming, but the numbers are the real draw for hunting here. On a rainy evening, a buddy and I sat in a blind and watched more than 200 whitetails--and half a dozen mule deer--pour out of the pine ridges and into an irrigated 80-acre alfalfa field. This phone photo isn't great, and only shows a fraction of the deer in the field. We lost count of the number of bucks we saw. - W.B. #browningcrossbows


Sorry. Can't make it.


I've killed a few good antelope, but never a really wide one. After a crazy morning of watching bucks fighting and herding groups of does, this guy caught my eye, and he finally gave me a 25-yard chip shot. He had a split ear and busted prong from fighting. Cool buck for sure ... and it's my opinion that pronghorn is the most underrated wild game on the table. -W.B.


My first morning in Wyoming began with a long predawn drive toward Gillette, and ended with a 25-yard shot at a good pronghorn buck. I love antelope hunting. - W.B.


Eastern Wyoming is a cool place. The Black Hills, near Devils Tower, are full of whitetails. Drive a half hour west, and you drop into open prairie and antelope country. Whitetail bachelor groups are broken up, but the deer here are still mostly locked into early season patterns. The pronghorn rut is in full swing. I have a tag for both, and am doing a combo hunt this week with a Browning crossbow. We got to camp with just enough light to check bow scopes the first evening. - Will Brantley


F&S contributor @krismillgate is flyfishing in Iceland this week. Not bad for a first salmon... ๐Ÿ˜ณ


A test of true friendship.


Face full of Slashbait. Quality evening sesh. - JC #hookshots #homewaters #delawareriver #rapala #jerkit


Now THIS is a trophy. -CK


2:30 a.m. alarm doesn't hurt so bad when they're chewing under the bridge lights. - JC #hookshots #homewaters #striperfishing #basskandydelights #shadowlines


Autumn colors. (๐Ÿ“ท: @cm_warren)


#sundayfunday (๐Ÿ“ท: @bubbasellars)

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