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Smoking Saturday: With some help from @popsci’s editor-in-chief, @joemfbrown, I spent the day smoking an elk roast—and the results were 🙌🏼. -@cmkearns


#ADKdeercamp: Last night at camp—and we went out in style, with venison spiedies and maybe a bit of whiskey. No deer tags were filled this week, but that won’t keep us from coming back next fall. Thanks for following along. at Adirondack State Park


Bonus #ADKdeercamp: The MVG (Most Valuable Gear) of the trip: gaiters. All of our boots would’ve been drenched without them. Get some. at Adirondack State Park


#ADKdeercamp: Last night’s temps dipped below freezing, creating a frost on the wilderness floor that allowed for awesome tracking conditions. We all found sign and found tracks to follow—but we all ended the day with unpunched tags. Still, it’s been a great week hunting in these rugged woods. (📸: @tonylicata15, @greggatto, @cmkearns) at Adirondack Park


.308 Winchester vs. 6.5 Creedmoor shootout #rifles #biggamehunting #takeyourpick


Here's what to look for in the #ultimate #mountain #rifle


#ADKdeercamp: Tonight’s camp supper—spaghetti with venison bolognese...and a hefty dose of Parm. We might be seeing many deer, but we’re certainly eating well. at Adirondack Park


#ADKdeercamp: No bucks again—but if we had seen some, here’s what we would’ve shot: Up first, a #Remington Model 700 in .270. This gun belongs to Editorial Director @tonylicata15. He got it for Christmas when he was 11 years old. A great rifle, full of character, that’s shot its share of critters. Next, @greggatto’s #Marlin Model 1895SBL in .45/70. Finally, a #Kimber Hunter in .308. at Adirondack State Park


Small groups depend on a stable rest and good form. But before you hit the deer woods, try shooting from an un-stable position or from your opposite side – left-handed for right-handed shooters, and vice versa. This will help you determine a maximum effective range when conditions – and your shooting form – are less than perfect. #rifles #deerhunting #rangeday


#ADKdeercamp: After a full day in the woods, it felt good to be back at camp. Tonight’s dinner menu: #venison smash burgers cooked on a cast-iron griddle. Everyone had seconds—then promptly hit the sack. (📸: @greggatto, @cmkearns; 📹: @tonylicata15) at Adirondack Park


New PB red on fly. Hey now! - JC #hookshots #pensacola # #bullrun #redsonfly


Fluted bolts don’t just look cool--they're functional, too. The cut groves provide space for sand, mud, ice, and other gunk one might encounter in the field to “ride along” while cycling a follow-up shot. So, you’re less likely to run into a debris-induced jam than with traditional solid-block bolts, or so the thinking goes. Flutes also help reduce the overall rifle weight, albeit slightly. And there’s no denying their good looks. #rifles #guns #boltaction #rangeday

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