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Start the week with the Classics and sure gonna end it with Classics as well... And next week we're going to do it all again, making sure our patrons walk out the door more confident. Sunday we will be open, taking appointments and Walk-ins from 1pm. Stay gold, stay classic. at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa


We love to party. That’s why we work as barbers every day. Give us the best light, give us the best music and with our tools, we make it happen. #OnlyClassicNoShit at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa


Great News to everyone in COLOMBIA - For the second time we will be there to teach fellow barbers that share the passion for classic barbering - 3 cities, 3 days of workshops in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena - final dates of the workshops will be confirmed very soon as they will take place between 5 and 15 October. ONLY 20 people can subscribe the workshops with will be sold by @barberroombogota. For tickets and info you contact their team directly. SEE YOU SOON COLOMBIA 🇨🇴 2018 #onlyclassicnoshit #figarosencolombia at Bogotá, Colombia


Great day in Lisbon launching @house99. We had a blast and we wanna thank everyone that came to our shop to welcome this great brand that we proudly make part of. Now you know where your home to your next look is when you are in Portugal and we are here to welcome you to the house. 🔥 #hometoyournextlook #onlyclassicnoshit 📷 @ruivalido & @dope.dro at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa


@house99 at @nos_alive - taking the craft and this great brand to world of festivals with me. Always captured by the lenses of @dope.dro at NOS Alive


Life is beautiful and too short for bullshit... never waste a good night out with friends. We try to do the same anytime we can. Even when there is no big event,we create one. Even if it’s only us, the ones that matter, we go for it and stick to it. Look for love in evidence that you're worth keeping. Barbers night out @nos_alive #onlyclassicnoshit at NOS Alive


🤟🤟🤟 FIGARO’S DOWNTOWN ROCKING THE CLASSICS! This is what we do, this is what we are... and we believe this is the way it should be done. 👇 #OnlyClassicNoShit at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa


Figaro’s is more than a barbershop. There are no borders or boundaries when it comes to take care of someone. We as barbers travel the world to do our art just like musicians. At @nos_alive while doing a pop up chair with @house99 we had the privilege to take care of number one Portuguese drummer @xutos Mr. Kalu. Great to have you coming by my man! We all miss Ze Pedro and we all love you. Thank you for being true Rock and Rollers in such a small country 👊XXX #onlyclassicnoshit at NOS Alive


We could be here writing about haircuts , workhours or even just put some random famous quote, but we are not like that.. Every post is a fingerprint, a story behind it or even like this one today: a real true show of union, respect, loyalty and care.. that's what builds friendships. So don't be just a kickass barber, also be a good friend to your people.. and that my friend, is harder than being a good barber. #ohanameansfamily #ONLYCLASSICNOSHIT


Crops, disconnected things and sucky haircuts are a big thing on internet today, it makes us laugh, keep it going #ONLYCLASSICNOSHIT at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa

Special World Cup Russia 2018 edition with @house99 - stay tuned during the semi finals and final at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa


Many people say that we are one of the most beautiful barbershops - we humbly agree -BUT(!) we are not just a well-decorated space. Our family of barbers (what follows next is important) are professionally trained to let your hair go from 💩 to 🔝 #DontTryThisAtHome #ONLYCLASSICNOSHIT at Figaros Barbershop Lisboa

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