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Oooooh I found the honey pot(s) 💛 ✨ #honeymushrooms #honeypot #forestdwelling #mushrooms #runinthewoods


From a beautiful day in the woods with the Floto-Warner tribe. Pics by @casitavonfloto isn’t she amazing 🧡✨✨ # # #chickenofthewoods #bolete #learninginnature #tribe #blacktrumpet #raisingstronggirls


Nature is beautiful #turkeytail


For little bun. 7 years. 7 years! I can scarcely believe it. Your maturity at this point is blowing my mind beyond comprehension. Your tender heart, your grace, compassion , your kindness, but also your wildness, your vivid dreams. You amaze me , and I feel lucky, sooo lucky , for the sunshine in your smile , to be your mama day in and day out. I love your with all that I am.


I’m filled with mixed emotion on this day always. I don’t want to feel muted - but I struggle with wanting to say much. In many ways, i feel that this is my day- the day-, roughy 20 percent Native American, more than 20 African, and all other parts conceivably, conquistador. I carry the torch of the curandera. I feel the depths on my lineage. I celebrate, I feel, I yearn... And as I reflect on this political climate, as I think trials, and #metoo my heart is ablaze. Leaving this to be said by those who may say better than me. @mysticmamma @indigenousgoddessgang @mariana_kionai . Hope you read their words. Last pic is of my little and I from earlier today. She is additionally, more Native American , African, Malaysian, and Irish... today we tell tell stories , we weave we celebrate #indigenouspeoplesday #taino #weaving #firstnations #struggle #clarity #onelove #colonialism


Feeling a cold front coming in has me thinking back to this day. So glad there are still places like this, that feel like the garden of eden, and where my girl can be #wildandfree #wildandfreechildren


I want to travel, to see the world, to go to so many places- but there is so much to explore right here, it feels like the list of magical places will never end. This waterfall is a few miles from my house, we happened upon it, accidentally, exploring. Sometimes I feel like I live in the most beautiful place, and then sometimes I feel like maybe we’re all just not looking enough . Love and happy Monday ❤️


So, they say, it’s a good year ✨🍄 Falling in love with mushrooms this year has me falling deeper in love with everything. Whether it’s a good year or not, once you begin looking, the way you see changes! Your eyes become primed for colors and shapes. You see them all the time, you see them from far away, you see them driving, you see them across the river /the woods and want to get them, they are in your yard, high up in trees, they are everywhere.


Made a trip to the woods yesterday to try to grab some pictures for my ever evolving website. I added the ability to book private clarity sessions, which after the cleanse - and some other recent inspiring work, I’m excited to be offering💛! Our walk involved getting, somewhat delightfully- lost, climbing, beat up feet, so many more miles than were intended, discovering medicinal herbs that are new to me and I’m excited to learn more about, and plenty of mushrooms. Good to remember, that many times #gettinglost becomes the best thing you do🧡✨


Why yes, I very much would like a magical beautiful mushroom dinner 🧡🤩 #thankyoumothernature #chickenofthewoods #happiness #thiscolor


First day, first grade 💜✨


At the end of a crazy hard working summer, feeling so super grateful for it all - good bad and everything in between #laborday2018


Beautiful days on the water, had me thinking back to the upper delly days of early summer with @matthiasehackett #flyfishing #upperdelaware #upperdelawareriver #westerncatskills




I love fishing for the way it connects me to nature. It teaches me to listen deeply- to the river, the water, the fish, the wind, the rocks, much in the way I teach my students to listen to their bodies on the mat. It’s an opportunity to be everything and nothing at the same time. I fish to get better at fishing , I fish because it’s a proud thing to put dinner on the table, I fish because it connects me to existence. Fist time night fishing, was a night to remember. #stripedbass


Chestnut boletes , little bun found some turkey tail, nice walk in the woods #mushrooms #boletes #wildmedicine #naturesmedicine #turkeytailmushroom


This guy has become a regular visitor ever since a tornado came through our property a few weeks back. Was a nice site after all that destruction, and were certainly enjoying that this friends been sticking around .


Summer lovin 💚🍃

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