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Well, that was anticlimactic, #stormnostorm . A few weeks back I was feeling like I wasn’t quite ready to leave the slowness and the introversion of Winter. But I am ready now. So excited for the first weekend of Spring. Here are some throwbacks to last March. Happy weekend, happy #fishing, hope everyone has an amazing time getting out💚🍃 #springready #happyspring Xo


17 ago Moonhawk adopted me Hopi and taught me many things about the world, and medicine. One thing I learned was to make medicine pieces. These pouches I have been making recently are an extension on what he shared, I truly love making them. They give me an opportunity to express my deep love for people close to me. Each stitch is a prayer. They are a meditation for someone else’s joy, happiness, protection, for their wellbeing. I am grateful for this practice, it gives a way to lay down our own stories and wants, and think purely on the needs of someone else. #makemedicine #everystichaprayer


Thank you, March Blizzard 2018. I’ve always had a thing for the idea of homesteading, and dream of living off grid. My decision to move be here, has in many ways, been a step closer to the persistence calling to live a more natural life. I like books about survivalism, learning about fish habits, and wild eatables. March Blizzard 2018, you sure did take us close, and I am grateful for all that we learned. With no electricity, heat, running water, phone lines, or Internet everyday was an adventure of learning to do things differently. Francesca and I had a good time, making our own outdoor fridge, spending each night by candle light, heating up snow to make water for washing dishes, and everything else. We learned a lot about water, and just how much of it we use to do do EVERYTHING. Run the waste system, wash our face and hair, how much it takes to wash the dishes... Living night life by candle light felt good, we slept better, being out of communication in many ways felt good too. Many other parts of this journey were hard- such lugging enough water up from the river, or producing enough water from snow. We got good in the end at learning to live this way. Each day we could think of a new way to do things a little easier, and learned how to reduce waste, and reuse more. These we’re great lessons for both of us. In the end, our stone house lost too much heat, so we left town for a few days. Being back in our home feels good, and I am excited to take many of those lessons with us, particularly tonight- by candlelight. We are still with out phone lines, and internet, but it’s good to be reminded of all these little big things we take for granted, and what it feels like not to have them.


#tbt because these made us laugh


Then I see her spirit unfurl on the river banks; in the country air, she changes. The wild in her meets the wild outside, and in those moments it is so clear, this is childhood, as it should be


Sometimes, you didn’t realize you were getting a little cooped up. #picnic #play #magicplace


We’ve been missing you beauties ❤️❤️


Love the fog


Last week #crazyweather #beautiful ice #lovethisplace


Different kind of river; very seriously missing fishing.


Enjoying all of the beautiful phases and changes of this river in Winter ❤️🌿 Love this capture by @noahkalina Thanks Noah ✨🙏🏾


Winter Hawks Nest. Listening deeply. Wishing everyone the most Radically Abundant Happy and Blessed New Year✨❄️❤️


good morning december 24, it’s going to be a good day


On the eddy, embracing Winter. Happy solstice




Weekend adventures 💙💫


Loving it 💙❄️ Can you spot the eagle fly by in the way back 💙

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