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Fine Art Prints hired for any space. From £8 p/week inc frames. Images by: @paddyscottphotography a 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Finalist Similar users See full size profile picture

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Short or long term hire of framed, fine art prints available from as little at £8 a week. Send me a message to learn more! This is ‘K6 Amphitheater’ taken in the Pakistani Himalayas. at London, United Kingdom


Looking out across Bodmin moor from Rough Tor. For me, Bodmin Moor is one of the most unique landscapes in the British Isles, the scenery combined with the history that stretches back to the Neolithic era make it somewhere I will never tire of! My sister was sat watching a storm roll in on a very windy Cornish day on these massive granite boulders that dominate the landscape.


This is the road south from the Cairngorms national Park, one of Scotland’s most stunning landscapes. It was once known as Glen of the fairies, and used to be the main route traveling from the highlands south or visa versa. He light in Scotland, especially in Spring or Autumn, makes it an incredible place to photograph. In the winter it is a great place to see ptarmigan and mountain hares.


Southern Traveller - An albatross swoops across the Beagle Channel with the Patagonian mountains in the background. Albatrosses are one of the sea birds worst affected by plastic pollution and long line fishing methods. This threat, combined with the long fledging times for albatross chicks, means that the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists 19 of the 22 albatross species as threatened


Looking south from Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor. It is an incredible place to sit and watch the weather blow in from the south west and sweep across the moor. I always think there is nothing more boring in a photograph than a clear sky!


Who's bored of their office walls? I have these 10 prints coming off an exhibition this week end and they will be available for hire from Monday at a great discount. They would be going in to storage but that seems a shame so am offering them for hire at 50% of the normal rate for the first 6months if your office takes them for a year. The prints can still be swapped out for new ones every 3 months or as often as you want. They measure c.120cmx90cm Send me a private message and i can email you the details. Only available in UK. at London, United Kingdom


Padre y Hijo – Don Aquillino teaching his son to shoe one of their horses, in Chilean Patagonia. Don Aquillino and his family still live the life of a traditional Gaucho taking wild horse and ‘breaking’ them to be able to ride. He needs the horses to be able to cover the vast and remote areas of his estancia where he farms sheep. Staying with Don Aquillino and his family was an incredible experience, I think he too bas astounded by just how inept one man could be on a horse!


Bodmin Moor, looking out from the monumental rocks that top Roughtor. I wanted to emphasise the texture of the granite as well as the way it is ever-present and dominant in this landscape. Walking on the Moor I can't help wanting to know how the people that lived here 5000 years ago would have viewed this landscape.


Looking out over the Norwegian fjords. While the rapidly changing weather was a photographers dream, it did make kayaking through the fjords somewhat tricky at times!


Heading home with the days harvest - India


We had been battling our way along an exposed ridge in a white out through winds I think easily up to 100-120kmph until it got to the stage where no one could stand and we were forced to descend and managed to find our way down via another route. I took this while everyone was still feeling the adrenaline buzz and a certain relief at seeing the tree line materialize out of the cloud! Lessons learnt: snowshoes act like very effective sails in the wind, not always ideal! ISO320 35mm f10 1/320


Iceland. For me this photo incapsulates Iceland perfectly, the black barren lava field with hints of green in the background. The ever changing weather is always a feature as well, they have a saying that 'If you don't like the weather. Wait 15mins!' I love it and it's a photographers dream as the scenery never stays the same even for a few minutes!


Himalayas, Pakistan. The two tiny figures in this are climbers descending from a climb. They had spent a night up high to acclimatise before their attempt on the unclimbed mountain Link Sar 7041m. I had spent the night lower down as I'm definitely not as hardcore as these guys! I took this as they descended in the morning. I love the textures in this photo, the avalanche debris on the right and the shadow of Sulu Peak in the top left corner.


Leaving the tree line in the mountains around Bieszczady National Park Poland. Stepping out in to the light! ISO100 35mm f5.6 1/160 #Bieszczady #BieszczadyMountains #mistandsnow #whiteout #blackandwhite #blackandwhiteprints


Iceland - I always think that Icelandic landscapes look like the Land that time forgot! The Island is so new geologically that in many places it looks like the rocks or cliffs have just popped out of the ground! The verticle strata of the cliffs in this shot i felt would make a good black and white image.


K6 base camp, in the Pakistani Himalayas. Looking up at the surrounding mountains the clouds clearing to reveal heavy snow fall, much to the disappointment of the climbers in the expedition. They were waiting for the snow to clear from the North Face of Link Sar so they could make an attempt on the summit.


#Repost @nhm_wpy with @get_repost ・・・ In today's #WPYinsights film we hear Paddy Scott's story. Paddy couldn't believe it when he heard he was a #WPY53 finalist after entering the competition for the first time. His black and white image of an avalanche tumbling down the steep faces of K6 in Pakistan is now touring the world in our exhibition, reaching an audience of millions. Enter now for your chance to be part of it: register and submit your images at #WPY #WildlifePhotographerOfTheYear #NaturePhotography #NaturePhotos #Instanature #Photography #Exhibition #PhotographyCompetition #NaturalHistoryMuseum #NaturalHistory #Competition #BlackAndWhitePhotography #Avalanche #PhotoOfTheDay #Pakistan #Photographer #PhotographyContest #NaturalWorld #Inspiration @Paddyscottphotography at Natural History Museum, London


Frost coats the trees in the Bieszczady Mountains. This is part of a series that i entered in to a photographic competition emphasising the way the mist branches and snow all interact ISO320 35mm f11 1/200 #Bieszczady #BieszczadyMountains #mistandsnow #whiteout #white #poland #printhire #fineartphotography #artforoffices #officeart #blackandwhite #photographycuration #blackandwhiteprints #prints4sale

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