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hey im brie :)

❤︎ #slime restocks friday @ 6pm central ❤︎ for reviews -> #lovefromfirefly ❤︎ please email me for inquiries/reviews/promos Similar users See full size profile picture

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BlushingBB Slimes 🌈💖✨
alicea ✌︎

☕️🍪 - sorry this video was edited a little weird😂 I had a lot of missing footage for some reason, hmm orders are being shipped out tomorrow morning! use the discount code “THANKYOU15” for 15% off! - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #asmr #slimemixing #satisfying #butterslime #slime


keylime pie - next #slime restock today! (friday, sept 21st @ 6pm central) passionfruit guava sorbet (new!) whipped chocolate mousse (new!) mystery slime pumpkin pie (new!) peeps marshmallow wedding cake (new!) piglet frozetti confetti cupcake icing cookie monster keylime pie thicc peach paradise passion lavender buttercream bazooka baby jack frost + more! - limited time only discount code! “ THANKYOU15 “ for 15% off your entire order! first shipment of orders will be on Monday!


passionfruit guava sorbet 🌸 - i ordered some slime supplies a week ago and I found out that it was stolen when it was delivered to my house! ugh I’m so upset and I hope that guy gets caught, oof. on a lighter note, I’m restocking tomorrow at 6pm central! and this will be on sale for the first time with many other new slimes! who’s excited? - have you ever had anything stolen from you? - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #asmr #slimemixing #satisfying #butterslime


@mitzi.slimes ( part 2 ) 🍬 - 💗 bubble gum lip smackers this one was a very #glossyslime and smelled exactly like bubblegum! the texture was very thick and holdable as well! - 🍓 strawberry cheesecake first of all, I loveeeee cheesecake with a passion so when I first opened this one the scent made me so happy lol the slime had little red #glitters and what I believe to be fake snow for texture! The container did crack during shipment but it was not her fault :) - 🍦 ice cream parlor the name is super cute and creative! this was a pink colored glossy slime with various #floam colors and java chunks/foam pieces! It smelled just like sweet candy I wish I had a bigger portion of this one it’s so good! - 🥣 Cinnamon Toast Crunch I have never tried the cereal (even though I’ve heard it’s heavenly) but I know what it smells like and this is exactly it! there was a percent ratio of java chunks/foam pieces to slime and the brown fine glitters were a perfect touch to represent the milk that is left over from the cereal! - thank you @mitzi.slimes for sending me this review and for being so patient about it being posted! I loved everything in this package, and a special thanks for the water bottle, it was very unique! please go check out her account, her feed is beautiful! @mitzi.slimes @mitzi.slimes @mitzi.slimes


@mitzi.slimes ( part 1 ) 🐳 - first of all, thank you for all of the extras!! there was so much candy and the cookies n’ cream wafer spirals were delicious! I would like to also mention that they had included a super adorable water bottle with their user on the side in gorgeous holographic letters! - 🍰 birthday cake cereal this one had to be my favorite from the package! it’s a beautiful color of a pastel blue with colorful floam beads on top! there’s no bead fall-out and it makes great bubbles! the smell is so sweet like cake and sugary candies I love it! - 🌈 crunch bomb this one was made from little sugar beads and various colorful shaped glitters! I had added a little of activator to this so the texture is a bit more stiff than it had arrived, but the crunch is amazing regardless! - this will be continued, but thank you @mitzi.slimes for sending me a review!!


keylime pie ✨ - one of my best sellers! this is an unscented #butterslime and it’s soo smooth! still stocked! comment green emojis! 💚 - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #asmr #slimemixing #satisfying


passionfruit guava sorbet 🍑🍓 - new new new!! im in loveee with this one it smells amazing, I’m pretty obsessed with the smell of passionfruit lately! and the texture is heavenly🤤 it’s a #butterslime with a slight amount of instant snow! - comment your battery percentage below and find your twin!! - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #asmr #slimemixing #satisfying


🐣🐥 follower count: 352k - this is a little clip from my slime video a few months ago since so many of you have been begging to see more! they’re all grown up now and I’m incubating new eggs right now and if we’re lucky, we’ll have some new baby #quails helping me with #slime videos within a month! - please comment below suggestions of video ideas that I can film with them!! - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee


💎(part 2) follower count: 352k - do you have any songs that you’ve memorized word for word? let me know below! - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #butterslime #asmr #slimemixing


help me name this slime! follower count: 352k - I’ve never done one of these thumbnails before, lots of firsts on this account this month😂 shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #slimemixer #asmr #slimemixing


#slime mixing vid! follower count: 352k - ooooOo never have done one of these before, do you guys like these type of videos? comment emojis that look like these slimes! - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #slimemixer #asmr #slimemixing


🍓🍧🍡 follower count: 352k - I restocked yesterday! I’m currently working on some new limited edition halloween themed #slimes for you guys! - any netflix movie recommendations? (not shows lol) - shop: backup: @fireflyslimee #slime #butterslime #asmr #slimemixing

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