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SELAH: def. Stop and Listen. This morning I did just that. The sandhill cranes migrating south, the gobbling turkeys deep in old growth cottonwoods, coyotes singing just to sing, and the rattle of a pissed off rattlesnake. The Texas panhandle was an orchestra in full symphony. I am dreaming of the meals I will cook with the healthy whitetail doe I flew home with. Keep in touch....via @chargedfilm @chefeduardogarcia @montanamex #keepitpublic #huntingforflavor 📷: @cliffandcactusoutfitters


Starting today at 12:00pm MDT - through Thursday October 19th at 11:59pm MDT @firstlitehunting & @montanamex have partnered up to throw a "clean out the freezer" recipe contest. Go to the link in bio and submit your best, tastiest, most adventurous way to clean out last years remaining odds & ends. Thinking, Chuckar Potstickers, Elk shank Empanadas, Rattlesnake Phad Thai.....I hope your wheels are spinning and tastebuds are piqued! @chefeduardogarcia will judge all entries and pick one lucky winner who will receive a VIP @montanamex cooking kit + @firstlitehunting swag and a Campfire blog feature!!!! Ready, set, go...⚡️⚡️⚡️


Room with a view! Let's give it up to this industrious rodents home perched on a sandstone bluff overlooking the Canadian river. In a state that is 95% privately owned, a view like this on public land is a very rare thing. #keepitpublic #publiclandowner #firstlite #texas


Here's what I can tell you after my first day hunting whitetail deer in the Texas Panhandle with my amigo @bencmasters . The country here is immense, everything is prickly and the deer are 100 x more skittish than any Montana whitetail I ever met. All smiles all day long. Tomorrow we're headed to a canyon known to hold mature bucks. Another fine day in Mother Nature #huntingforflavor #fusioncamo #firstlite


Good Morning Firstlite family. My name is Eduardo Garcia @chefeduardogarcia . I will be taking over this @instagram account through the weekend. As a professional Chef for 20+ years I have poured my heart out into understanding as much as I can in regards to all things related to eating a tasty meal. My company is @montanamex my passion is connecting people with the food they eat, I hunt because that's my preferred way to shop for groceries and Mother Nature is my favorite grocery store. Let's go! #gofartherstaylonger #firstlite


The @wildfilmtour is a short film tour showcasing wildlife, adventure, and conservation stories. The tour is hosted by filmmaker and conservationist, @bencmasters , and at tonight's event in Amarillo, he is accompanied by chef and fellow hunter, Eduardo Garcia. @chefeduardogarcia will be taking over our page this weekend, sharing his stories and adventures with us, so be sure to follow along. #firstlite #conservation #gofartherstaylonger Photo by: Gaines Slade


Chef, co-owner and mastermind behind @montanamex , Eduardo Garcia, will be taking over our Instagram this weekend. He is a hunter gatherer, outdoorsman, and inspiration to many. @chefeduardogarcia Photo credit: @michaelpauljones #firstlite #gofartherstaylonger


Today marks the opening day of rifle mule deer here in Idaho. Enjoy your time out there and be safe. #firstlite #gofartherstaylonger


"My guiding season up here runs from the start of August to the middle of October. We guide for sheep through August and then go into moose and caribou hunts. I use my dog on all my hunts as a pack dog. Carrying 40 to 50 pounds of meat sometimes which usually includes back straps /tenderloins and rib meat. All of the meat is brought out with or before the horns in the Yukon. My sheep was guided for Jim Fink of Blackstone outfitters. I had the pleasure of guiding a young woman who shot her sheep 2 days before her 18th birthday. It was a very special hunt for her as it was her first sheep and first big hunting trip out with her dad who came along as well. She did a beautiful shot at 300 yards and dropped him." - Kyla Dolen #firstlite #gofartherstaylonger


Hoodies, Tees, and Trucker Hats are back in stock. Grab some First Lite logo gear now on Link in bio. #firstlite #gofartherstaylonger


"This piece of caul fat is from a Roosevelt elk. Roll it around chopped liver, kidney, heart, and tenderloin seasoned with salt, pepper, and coriander. Grilled over sopping wet pieces of spruce and alder on Afognak Island." - @stevenrinella #firstlite #gofartherstaylonger


"@lincoln_tapp making sure no one beats him to the top...leaving the rest of us gasping for air trying to catch up." - @cooperross_dp #firstlite #youngwildtv #gofartherstaylonger

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