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Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness. Always show appreciation to those who help you reach greater heights @fit_personalitys 💪 . DM us for Credits at São Paulo, Brazil


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👇COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE MORE NEXT!!👇 - ➡️ Follow @fit_personalitys for more amazing fitness content 💯 - 🚨Dumbbbell Pull-Over Proper Form🚨 - 3 Things to Avoid: ❌Neck Bent Back- Many people just don't know better and position their body with beck bent back and hanging off the bench. This puts your spine a dangerous position by breaking alignment, making your more prone to injury. ❌Bending Elbows- As you lower the dumbbell back behind your head, your elbows should not bend any more or any less. By bending the elbows, the strain in the lats becomes much less isolated and constant. ❌Too Much Momentum- This ties in with bending the elbows. Moving multiple joints and going too fast in each rep results in using too much momentum and taking away from the strain on your muscles. - 3 Things to Include: ✅Neck Support / Spine Alignment- This is absolutely crucial to stay injury free especially in your neck. Make sure your neck is support and spine is in alignment. ✅Elbows Only Slightly Bent- Your elbows can maintain a slight bend but make sure you do not bend them any more or any less throughout the exercise. This will ensure that the correct muscles are fully engaged throughout the exercise. ✅Controlled Reps- Slow and controlled reps will result in more blood flow to the muscles being targeted, longer time under tension, and a better overall workout. - 📲DM ME YOUR EMAIL FOR MORE INFO ON PERSONALIZED WORKOUT ROUTINES -


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HOW TO LOSE FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE AT THE SAME TIME - Ahh, the holy grail of fitness. Is it really possible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time? - The answer is "yes". The newer you are to training and nutrition, the easier this goal is. In fact, most newbies can easily lose 5-10lbs of fat and gain 20-30lbs of muscle in a single year. - As you train more, this goal is more difficult, but not impossible. It's easier to lose more fat than the amount of muscle you build. This means that the scale will be going down even though you'll be building muscle. For example, you may lose 10lbs of fat, but gain 2-3lbs of muscle. The scale shows a weight loss of 7-8lbs, but your body composition will be drastically different. - The key is to eat in a Caloric deficit. You want to eat enough to lose 0.5% of your bodyweight per week. So if you're 200lbs, this means losing about 1lb per week. Get 1g/lb of protein, so if you're 200lbs, that's 200g of protein per day. - Lastly, you will need to train to build muscle. Train each body part 2x per week and focus on getting stronger. Also, never give up. Be consistent and keep on pushing through. You need to have a mentality like Arya Stark. Keep going! - If someone you know is trying to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, then send them here. 🚨 Follow @fit_personalitys for more exercise tips 💪💪 #shredded #getshredded #shreddingseason #cuttingseason #consistency #gymjunkie #buildmuscle #burnfat #burnfatburn #calories #caloricdeficit #highprotein #highproteindiet #protein #fit_personalitys


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