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Lori Morris

confidence is silent. // show up, kick ass, repeat. . this week @cyclebargardencity . MON 10/22 4pm 6:45pm . WEDS 10/24 6:45pm [WINE DOWN WEDS] dual ride with @jaclynbrooke23 to benefit @nbcf *FREE class with $25 donation* . THURS 10/25 7:15am . FRI 10/26 9:45am [HIP HOP CONNECT] . SAT 10/27 9:45am 12pm [INTRO] 1pm [sweat crawl @lululemon] . 📸: [ @alessandramariephotography at CYCLEBAR


your girls are finally bringing their love to the podium! // join me & @costello_maria_ this saturday, 10/20 for a dual charity ride at 3pm. . #cycleforcarly will benefit the leukemia & lymphoma society in honor of carly, an incredible young survivor & the niece of #CBGC rider (and KWEEN) @patriciacellis . donate $30 via the link in my bio & DM me to reserve your bike. you will not want to miss our first epic dual ✌🏼❤️🚲 . 📸: @alessandramariephotography at CYCLEBAR


authenticity is knowing who you are and being unapologetic AF. // obsessively grateful for my @cyclebargardencity fam & the life i live on this bike. kickass week coming up! . MON 10/15 6:45pm [NICKI MINAJ vs NSYNC] . WEDS 10/17 6:45pm [WINE DOWN WEDS] . THURS 10/18 7:15am . FRI 10/19 9:45am [HIP HOP CONNECT] . SAT 10/20 9:45am 3pm [DUAL RIDE with @costello_maria_ ] #cycleforcarly . SUN 10/21 11am [CB60] at CYCLEBAR


chin up, crown on 👑 // hip hop connect, #saturdaysweat & cb60 on deck for the end of this week. ready to slay? at CYCLEBAR


two years ago today, i vowed to love @ididntsaysimonsays for the rest of my life. i promised to push him to accomplish his goals, to remind him of how incredibly smart & talented he is, to always put him first, to call him before bringing home a new puppy and to get in line early for giveaways at @citifield . we are such very different people now than we were on October 9th, 2016, but our love for one another had stayed exactly the same, while our relationship and our bond has gotten so much stronger. . simon, you are my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me, and no matter how much we continue to change and grow, that will never ever change.


life is about how much you can take & keep fighting. i’m stubborn enough to dust myself off & get back up. // get right back in it with me this week. MONDAY 10/8 6:45pm WEDNESDAY 10/10 6:45pm [wine down wednesday] THURSDAY 10/11 7:15am FRIDAY 10/12 9:45am [hip hop connect] SATURDAY 10/13 9:45am SUNDAY 10/14 11am [cb60] at CYCLEBAR


cedar creek park fall duathlon with @robyn_kenul & @ididntsaysimonsays // thrilled to have won first place in the 25-29 age group for both races in the 2018 season. you get what you work for. . congrats to everyone who raced, including my girl @louisemillss who slayed her first duathlon like a damn queen 👑 at Cedar Creek Park


i hide the right side of my face in most photos because i don’t like the dimple i get on my chin when i smile. this is not something new - i have been doing this for 20+ years because it was one of the first things i ever became self-conscious about after a bunch of boys pointed it out to me in elementary school. // we live in a world where we are able to pose, edit & caption our whole world so that it appears picture perfect to everyone watching. i’m not immune to it, and i will probably always face to the left when i pose for photos. however, in an attempt to practice what i preach, here’s a little unedited reality sprinkled with some self-love. i have some lines in my face when i smile, but how lucky am i that i have so damn much to smile about? . 📸 : @costello_maria_ who inspired this post. thanks for being a role model in the self-love movement and for reminding me that being regular is so much more fun than being perfect. you make me & everyone around you feel like a rockstar at all times. at Long Beach, New York


i used to believe i couldn’t run. now i don’t believe there’s anything i can’t do. // t-minus 26 days until marathon day. 46 days till ultra marathon day. the hustle is real.


endorphins are one hell of a drug. // create them with me all week & write your story in sweat. . MON 9/1 4pm 6:45pm . WEDS 9/3 6:45pm wine down wednesday . THURS 9/4 7:15am . FRI 9/5 9:45am hip hop connect . SUN 9/7 11am CB60 at CYCLEBAR


@nyfitfestival was an unbelievable experience and i am so proud and honored to have been an ambassador! that sold out rooftop class was a dream and a party and truly a highlight of my career. thank you to @djskyny for dropping the beats, everyone who rode, my @cyclebargardencity family & the amazing people who put this all together! at NY Fit Fest


good things come to those who hustle. // tomorrow’s agenda: 7:15am & 4pm @cyclebargardencity with clients & a 14 mile training run in between. what kind of epic shit is on your to-do list? . ride with me tomorrow to earn your sweat. take both & get two free personal training sessions 😘 at CYCLEBAR


@cyclebargardencity do u love me? r u riding tomorrow night for drake vs t swift at 6:45pm?” - @champagnepapi // “i knew u were riding when you clipped in.” - @taylorswift at CYCLEBAR


grab your BFF and book some bikes for this week @cyclebargardencity // me and my girl @kalliopibourekas will be sharing the podium on sunday for an epic BFF ride! . MON 9/24 - 6:45pm . TUES 9/25 - 6:45pm [DRAKE vs T SWIFT CONNECT] . WEDS 9/26 - 6:45pm [WINE DOWN WEDS] . THURS 9/27 - 7:15am . FRI 9/28 - 9:45am [HIP HOP CONNECT] . SAT 9/29 - 🚨 studio closed 🚨 join us at @nyfitfestival [RIDE WITH ME AT 9AM] . SUN 9/30 - 11am [DUAL RIDE WITH @kalliopibourekas ] at CYCLEBAR


tonight we connected, we vibed, we sweat and we made one another better. wine down wednesday, you were truly a dream. // more chances to ride this week: . THURS 7:15am FRI 9:45am hip hop connect SUN 11am cb60 . (saturday fam, i’ll be back next week, i promise!) at CYCLEBAR


that’s a wrap on a phenomenal weekend full of good people, sick beat drops and an abundance of knowledge. thank you to @ja__tapback22 and @yung_julez, @asrich26 and the whole crew at @cb_fallschurch, and all of the awesome people i was lucky enough to meet & now call friends. this community is so powerful & i feel so damn lucky to be a part of it. at CYCLEBAR


@cyclebargardencity your girl is coming home from #cyclestaryou ready to PART-AY on that bike! // book them now because i miss all of your beautiful faces. . MONDAY 9/17: 6:45pm - beyoncé vs lady gaga WEDNESDAY 9/19: 6:450pm - wine down wednesday THURSDAY 9/20: 7:15am FRIDAY 9/21: 9:45am hip hop connect SUNDAY 9/22: 11am cb60 at CYCLEBAR


i got that adrenaline momentum. // hip hop connect, show up for beats, vibes & sweat tomorrow 9:45am before i ✌🏼out till monday. at CYCLEBAR

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