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let’s talk less about calories & more about confidence. // what makes you feel like a damn queen? all i need are beat drops & endorphins 👑 . @cyclebargardencity you blew me away today with your energy & willingness to toe the line of your comfort zone. see you tomorrow at 11am for beyoncé vs drake cb60 🙌🏼 at CYCLEBAR


hustlers, unite. // so many big moods for this week - join in on the fun! . MON 1/14 6:45pm [michael jackson vs prince] TUES 1/15 8:30am 6:45pm [connect] WEDS 1/16 6:45pm [wine down weds] FRI 1/18 9:45am [hip hop connect] 6:45pm [the chainsmokers] SAT 1/19 8:30am 11am [explicit hip hop] SUN 1/20 11am [cb60 beyonce vs drake] at CYCLEBAR


team. tribe. fam. // i only rock with royalty, & there are no queens i’d rather spend my time with. #cbgc at CYCLEBAR


CHIN UP, CROWN ON. // once upon a time, i was small and meek. i smiled politely and agreed with a giant for fear i would be crushed. today, i walk with a calmness that only comes from knowing one’s own strength. i fear nothing, for i know i can withstand any storm. . i wear my crown not just in celebration of what i have accomplished, but as a reminder of how much further i can go. i wear it in honor of my mother and my grandmother whose jewels of strength & wisdom have been passed from their crown to my own. i wear it in solidarity with every woman who has stood up & refused to be silenced and intimidated. . my crown is my reminder that i am powerful, unwavering and brave. thank you to every woman who has guided me with their royal example. . and a huge hug & thanks to @tiffanycollinstattoos


never quitting the daydream. i’m so thankful for a job that makes me excited for monday. // we had one hell of a week together. let’s do it all again tomorrow 🙌🏼 riding? comment below! . MON 1/7 6:45pm TUES 1/8 8:30am 6:45pm [connect] WEDS 1/9 6:45pm [wine down weds] THURS 1/10 6:45pm [throwback thursday] FRI 1/11 9:45pm [hip hop connect] SAT 1/12 8:30am [disney dual with @kalliopibourekas] 11:00am [cb75] SUN 1/13 11am [cb60] at CYCLEBAR


rare moments not spent in spandex 😘 // dana & sean, your beautiful wedding was a blast & we were honored to be at your sides.


inspiration is brief, but purpose gets you up before your alarm. // it’s so damn flattering to be called “inspirational,” but i want to be aspirational. i don’t want to make you briefly entertain the idea of doing more, i want to embody “if she can do it, i can do it.” it’s not about the finish line, the medal, the “after” photo or the epic story, it’s the routine, the habits, the discipline and the daily serving of sweat. if i can do it, you can do it. this year, ask yourself: why not me? . happy new year, loves. chin up & crown on all 365 days. 👑 at CYCLEBAR


BREAK THE CEILING // take your power with you into the new year. take it onto the bike, into the boardroom, and at the starting line. carry it with you when you face challenges, oppression and demons. take up space, raise your voice & write new chapters that will be worth telling when your story ends. this journey has never been about a bikini body. this week @cyclebargardencity MON 12/31 12:30pm [75 min hip hop connect] TUES 1/1 12:39pm [75 min resolution ride] WEDS 1/2 6:45pm [wine down weds] FRI 1/4 9:45am [hip hop connect] SAT 1/5 8:30am 11am [75 min] SUN 1/6 11am [cb60] at CYCLEBAR


don’t make resolutions; set goals. also, stop saying “yes” to shit you hate. you build your kingdom brick by brick & there’s no room for negativity. // #3for31 day 26 with my new @newbalance vongos ✌🏼what are you doing today that makes you proud? there’s always wine down wednesday tonight at 6:45 👑


merry christmas from our family to yours! // christmas is how i measure my years. last year, i never would have imagined that i’d be where i am right now. immensely grateful for my amazing husband, my fantastic family & everyone at @cyclebargardencity. you all make every day feel like christmas.


“TRY ME.” words to SLAY by 👑 // you have survived 100% of your toughest days, so put your crown on & write a story worth telling. MON 12/24 11am CB60 [SLAYride] WEDS 12/26 6:45pm [wine down weds] FRI 12/28 9:45am [hip hop connect] SAT 12/29 8:30am 11am [CB75] SUN 12/30 11am [CB60] at CYCLEBAR


mood follows action. you want to feel good? we are how we act. // queens don’t let the weather dictate their day. see you tomorrow, @cyclebargardencity . FRI 12/21 9:45am [hip hop connect] SAT 12/22 8:30am 11am [CB75] SUN 12/23 11am [CB60] at CYCLEBAR


merry & bright & savage AF. // wine down wednesday, bring your a-game tonight. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE xmas eve 12/24 11am [CB60] new year’s eve 12/31 12:30pm [75 min hip hop connect] new year’s day 1/1 12:30pm [CB75] at CYCLEBAR


my motto: do epic shit. // i make no small plans. 7 doses of epic shit coming at you - MON 12/17 6:45pm TUES 12/18 8:30am WEDS 12/19 6:45pm [wine down weds] FRI 12/21 9:45am [hip hop connect] SAT 12/22 8:30am 11am [CB75] SUN 12/23 11am [CB60] drop your song requests below! at CYCLEBAR


stay humble & keep learning. // whenever i feel lost or uninspired, i take a quick trip to see my girl @robinnyc do her thing. she is the reason i am an athlete, a fitness professional, a cycling instructor, an endurance runner and a fierce believer in my own strength. . thanks to robin & @djjohnmichael for a little friday night reminder of why i do what i do. . who or what inspires you to straighten out your crown?


today -> two years ago. // amazing things happen when you step into your power. i removed “i can’t” from my vocabulary & became fearless.


did you know that @cyclebargardencity has paired up with @liadvorg for our first annual giving tree? on the tree in the lobby, you’ll find tags with gifts written on them for members of two families that are displaced this christmas due to domestic violence issues. head into the studio, grab a tag & bring your gift back (unwrapped) to brighten the holiday for someone in need of a little cheer! . i have a personal relationship with @liadvorg and have worked closely with them in the past to help local victims of domestic violence who have found the strength to break the cycle and remove themselves, their children and their pets from an abusive home. // my class is all about finding your strength, so let’s help out these families who have recently found their own. . questions about LIADV, the tree or how you can help? DM me! at CYCLEBAR


i only rock with royalty 👑 // SO excited to welcome @pasqua_cyclebar_gc to the @cyclebargardencity team. this queen is officially on the schedule as of tomorrow so check out her FREE classes! . as for me: MON 12/10 6:45pm TUES 12/11 8:30am *new class* WEDS 12/12 6:45pm [wine down weds] FRI 12/14 9:45am [hip hop connect] SAT 12/15 8:30am [RENT ride w/ @costello_maria_ ] 11am [75 min endurance] *new class* SUN 12/16 11am [CB60] comment & let me know when you’re riding! ✌🏼 at CYCLEBAR

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