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stop living “as if” and start to do the damn thing. // day 16 of #fitbygab #3for31 in the books: running at least 3 miles a day for the whole month. nothing fuels me like a challenge. can i count you in for my next one?


no pressure, no diamonds. the real change begins when your goals are greater than your excuses. // new week, new chance to hustle. this week’s mantra: mind over miles, goals over gear. . @cyclebargardencity - 💎 WEDS 7/18: 9:45am 6:45pm 🍷 💎 THURS 7/19: 7:15am 💎 FRI 7/20: 12:45pm 6:45pm *CARDI B vs JT* [explicit] 💎 SUN 7/22: 7:15am


@costello_maria_ is one of my absolute favorite people on this planet... but that doesn’t mean that i’m not ready to DESTROY HER in the World Cup tomorrow morning at 7:15! . WHERE MY WARRIORS AT? i need you on bikes to get this win locked in! #teamgabby #cbgc at CYCLEBAR


how do i recover my legs between training for marathons & triathlons, teaching 6-10 classes a week at @cyclebargardencity and my own strength training routine? i stretch, take epsom salt baths and roll out with my @rollrecovery roller! this thing is a godsend - it gets so deep into the antagonistic muscle groups at once, without having to roll around on the floor. i can use it anywhere and it makes a world of a difference! sometimes i need to roll my entire leg (quad/hamstring, abductor/adductor, calf, hip flexor/glute), and sometimes i just need to leave it as a stationary pressure point. no matter how i use it, i always feel good as new after! . what do you do for recovery between workouts?


when the playlist is LIT but no one knows it but you 😈 // there’s a full week of bangers ahead with me at @cyclebargardencity ...did you #bookyourbike yet? #fitbygab at CYCLEBAR


shout out to @robyn_kenul, my BFF who pushes me to run fast, compete hard & eat my veggies. i don’t know where i’d be without you. // big things are coming from your two favorite fit chicks in the world of #fitbygab, so stay tuned! we’ve got big plans 👑🍾🙌🏼


chop it like it’s hot 💇🏻‍♀️


perfection does not exist: all that exists is hustle. break up with your excuses & compete to be better than yesterday. // @cyclebargardencity sweat with me this week! . WEDS 9:45am - @ellaavery73 is teaching, so hop on a bike next to me! WEDS 6:45pm 🍷🍾🥂 THURS 7:15am FRI 12:45pm - ☠️ ~FREAKY FRIDAY~ 👻 SAT 11am - CB60 1 hour class 💪🏼 SAT 12pm - 30 min intro SUN 7:15am at CYCLEBAR


my happy place. // meet you there this weekend? . SAT 11am CB60 💪🏼 SUN 7:15 long island ride 🌴


WE BROUGHT THE FIREWORKS THIS MORNING ✨🇺🇸💥 thank you to everyone who came to party with me, including these 3 wild & crazy kids. love doesn’t begin to describe it. at CYCLEBAR


when it’s tuesday, but it feels like friday 🙌🏼🍾🥂 #fitbygab #3for31 miles in, playlists set, ready to PART-AY 🌈✨🦄 . start your 4th off right with me at my SUMMER BASH tomorrow at 9:45am! 🇺🇸


running into this week like a damn queen 👑 // #fitbygab #3for31 started today & all my fab participants are getting their daily miles in! nothing makes me happier than seeing my peeps do the damn thing, excuses excused. . whether you’re running #3for31 or not, you have 6 chances to ride with me this week at @cyclebargardencity! WEDS 7/4 - 9:45am 🇺🇸 THURS 7/5 - 7:15am, 8pm SAT 7/7 - 11am CB60, 1pm intro SUN 7/8 - 7:15am


Britney game strong 🙌🏼 this gorgeous bride-to-be had a blast rocking out with me & her fabulous friends to the queen’s greatest hits during her surprise bachelorette party!💕


i am THRILLED to announce that i have been chosen as an ambassador for the 2018 @nyfitfestival ! join me on september 29th for my rooftop cyclebar class & an amazing day of fitness classes & seminars! tickets are on sale now so don’t wait!


excuse your excuses and put in the work. // #fitbygab workouts are 30 minutes of HIIT + strength training. you can push your limits when the clock is ticking & the “i don’t have time” b.s. evaporates. mindset is everything, queen.


CAREER CHRONICLES // when i realized that adrenaline made me happier than being in front of the camera, i traded my in script for a playlist and started performing on a bike instead. ✨ i’m grateful to be able to do what i love & write my story in sweat, no longer competing with other women, but only with myself. @cyclebargardencity, you give my passion & hustle LIFE. . THIS WEEK: weds 6/27 - 9:45am, 6:45pm 🍷🍾🥂 thurs 6/28 - 7:15am fri 6/29 - 12:45pm sat 6/30 - 11am CB60 sun 7/1 - 7:15am


sweat, then sparkle. // sunday funday with the @cyclebargardencity fam. at Nautical Mile


find your strength and use it to empower others. // thank you so much to all of the strong, powerful, incredible people who joined me to ride for @liadvorg. i asked you to be there for something that meant the world to me and you come through. that’s what turns riders into true friends. . we raised $1,400 to help victims of domestic violence regain their strength and move forward. queens straighten each other’s crowns. 👑 at CYCLEBAR

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