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✈️Boarding a plane to explore some new cities in just a few hours!😃 Who's been to Hong Kong or Macau? Any tips for me? #FjordsandBeaches at Gold Coast, Queensland


How beautiful isn't the sun on these Brisbane skyscrapers? 😍 As you may know, I am staying in Gold Coast for my 2 months in Australia, but with Brisbane only a 1-hour drive away, it's so easy to slip up there for the evening!✨ at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


You may remember my stories from a while back when I told you about these bracelets? 😍 It's been almost a month since then and I am still rocking these!⠀ ⠀ 💦If you want some new bracelets while supporting an AMAZING cause, head to @batu.bali ! 50% of their proceeds go to @byebyeplasticbags ⠀ ⠀ (I won't go on and on about how important it is to fight plastic pollution, but as a diver let me just say that I've seen what the ocean floor looks like, and it isn't great.)⠀ ⠀ 📸: @wordly.maven x @pangeadreams#PangeaDreams #PDTRBali


Hey Australia, how long can I stay for?😍⠀ ----⠀ Have you been? Is Australia on your list?⠀ 📸: @suncowan #FjordsandBeaches at Gold Coast, Queensland


@suncowan: Let's put the chair in the garden! ⠀ Me: That sounds like a stupid idea.⠀ ⠀ *3 different doorway attempts later*⠀ ⠀ Me: This was one of your better ideas😍⠀ ----⠀ Seriously though, what book would you read in this setting? It's Harry Potter for me ( #always).⠀ #FjordsandBeaches 📸: @suncowan #ImWearingRI at Oxenford


Thinking of captions can be hard sometimes, so I wanted to ask YOU✨ Do you prefer longer or shorter captions? Personal or not? Quotes? Do you even read captions? TELL ME everything, haha!😍⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @msarielle8 x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Kamandalu Ubud


What did you last do for yourself in order to relax? 😍⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @tracy_komlos x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Kamandalu Ubud


The plan was to spend 7 weeks in Australia, but when the opportunity to head to Macao and Hong Kong for one of those weeks arises, you've gotta take it, right? ✨ The flights are booked and I can't wait to add some new destinations to the list in a few weeks!⠀ ----⠀ ✈️Have you been to Hong Kong or Macao? Any tips on what I shouldn't miss? ⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @jenaries x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Ubud


My friend's niece asked me how I could fit two languages in my head at the same time, and it reminded me of how grateful I am to be able to speak a second language fluently✨⠀ ----⠀ I owe so many of my connections and adventures to the fact that I speak English, and so I wanted to let you in on a little fun fact: I used to practice English after school by watching Full House and copying everything DJ, Stephanie and Michelle Tanner said😂 Did you watch Full House? How do you learn a language?⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @msarielle8 x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Bali, Indonesia


Not the worst breakfast, hey? 😍⠀ ----⠀ Have you ever had a floating breakfast? If not, would you?😋⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @msarielle8 x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Kamandalu Ubud


I can't believe I'm in Australia already! 2 whole months in Bali are up, and I'm now well into the first out of 7 weeks in Australia😍 I'll be in Wales before I know it, and right now I'm just wondering; how can I slow down time?⠀ ----⠀ ✨TELL ME: do you ever feel like that?⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @charlies_wanderings x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Campuhan Ridge Walk


Chilling in my private cabana at the @hardrockbali 😍 #FjordsandBeaches #MadeforMusic #HRHBali #HardRockHotel #Spons at Hard Rock Hotel Bali


Happy Sunday morning everyone!😍 (or is it still Saturday night where you are?) ----⠀ 📸: @jenaries x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali #FjordsandBeaches at Bukit Campuhan Ubud


🎶If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me⠀ One day I'll know, how far I'll go🎶⠀ ---⠀ Ever since Moana came out, I have resonated with the movie and the main character immensely. And the decor at @thechillhouse gave me such Moana vibes I couldn't not get a photo! Don't you just love this wall?🌊⠀ ----⠀ #TheChillhouse #FjordsandBeaches 📸: @forageandsustain at The Chillhouse - Bali Surf and Yoga Retreats


🍊Life is all about balance🍊⠀ ----⠀ There are very few times you will find me happier than by the pool with a drink (or two) in hand🍹 The team at the @hardrockbali made sure I was smiling non-stop during my stay, and I can't wait visit again one day😃⠀ ----⠀ #HardRockHotel #HRHBali #MadeForMusic #FjordsandBeaches #Spons at Hard Rock Hotel Bali


Today I spent an amazing day relaxing at the @hardrockbali ✨ My MacBook also stopped working this morning, so the photos from my stay here will take a few more days before they make it to Instagram🙈 As I spend my last evening in Bali I wanted to take a second to thank you all for following along!💕 Tomorrow I’m off to Australia where I’ll spend the next 7 weeks 🇦🇺 📸: @nellyslife__ x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Kamandalu Ubud


I'm all checked in to @hardrockbali for the next few days and boy, am I gonna like it here!✨⠀ ----⠀ FUN FACT: I'm named after Lisa Fischer, who sings the famous chorus on Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter🎶 You could say I was #MadeForMusic ⠀ ⠀ Now please tell me a fun fact about yourself!⠀ ----⠀ #HardRockHotel #HRHBali #Spons at Hard Rock Hotel Bali


Make sure to take some time to treat yourself today🌹⠀ ----⠀ What was the last thing you did purely for yourself? ✨ I’ve just spent 2 days on Nusa Lembongan diving, and tomorrow I check in to the @hardrockbali for some proper pampering😍 Make sure to watch my stories to keep up!⠀ ----⠀ 📸: @samkat x @pangeadreams #PangeaDreams #PDTRBali at Villa Atas Awan

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