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We will just be over here buying leggings every time we go shopping, even if we only go shopping to NOT buy leggings....I mean, you can never have too many 😜


#FridayFeature is up! Very limited stock left and they are today's flash deal. Giving Up is Not an Option snapback! $19.97 and free shipping. Happy Friday F.i.P 😘


Hey it's Friday we can throw a donut in there 😘 Tag an empowering positive person and let them know they are your good vibes 🌸 Happy Friday F.i.P! XOXO #FlexitPink


Any of our boos want to join us for a power pumpkin sweat session? Tag us in #BOOtifulFiP and let's see it!!! Get to work BOO πŸ‘» πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Squat Press πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin OH Lunges πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Push Ups πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Flutter Kicks πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Flutter w/ Press πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Twists πŸŽƒ 10 Over the Pumpkin Burpees πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Sumo Squats πŸŽƒ 10 Pumpkin Press 3 times thru XOXO #FlexitPink


Think about it Thursday 😜 Good morning F.i.P 😘


Go Pink or Go Home because these babies are 99% Sold Out! Official dates start next Friday! Only selected sizes left. #Repost @mrs.jitz ・・・ So being that October is Breast Cancer awareness month and women should be making sure they get examined (I still need to😬). I love that the color is PINK!!!! I LOOOOVE my October box from @flexitpink and my new @flexitpink legging!!!!! The medal is sooo sparkly πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ» The leggings don’t come with the box but you can get them off their website! The link for a discount is in my bio❀️❀️


Rise up Beauties it's your time to shine!!!!


Ending #PINKtransformation with this beauty @justanothershotphotography1111 She had changed her life completely around...from alcoholism to sobriety , healthy and fit. Her journey is pretty incredible!!!! . #Repost I remember the first time I got a year sober.... I threw a party, was the center of attention, wanted to scream it from the rooftops... and then 100 days later I drank again. Thank God it only lasted for one weekend, because one weekend was all it took to prove to me that I was indeed an alcoholic, that I would never drink "safely"or like "normal" people. I cannot tell you how grateful I am today to have had that "relapse" "slip" "setback"... whatever you want to call it I feel like that horrific weekend saved my life. I quickly realized how much I had to lose, and how quickly I could lose it if I didn't use the tools of the program. Today, one year later, my life is amazing in ways I didn't think possible. I am not just sober, but have spent the majority of the last year eating healthy and exercising, going back to college, and building a bond with our children πŸ’• I have been given a second chance at being the mom, daughter, friend, and soon to be wife that my higher power intended all along. I dont want a pat on the back, or an "atta girl", I want you all to know there is HOPE. It is never to late to turn your life around. A tiny stumble doesn't mean you have to fall, and if you DO fall, you pick yourself right back up and start again. Today I am grateful, I am blessed, and I am right where I need to be...” Soooo DANG proud of you @justanothershotphotography1111


Next up for #PINKtransformation is the amazing @watchkittyshrink This babe has been kicking some booty. #Repost β€œHappy happy #transformationtuesday my friends! If you seen my post a few days ago, you know I’m battling some regain, & that’s not had me in the best of moods-BUT this is a great reminder that I’ve come so far & I have it in me to go even farther. There was a time that I never thought what I have now was a possibility. I didn’t come this far to only come this far-but I sure can appreciate what β€œthis far” has done for me! ‒” Heck yeah! This girl is crushing it!


Happy #PinkTransformation Tuesday. Kicking it off with F.i.P beauty @peggy_rucker who has found a whole new lifestyle and she's happy!!! ・・・ #Repost I have lost 100 pounds!!! Looking at the before photo is so sad to me. I never want to look like that again. It has been a crazy journey to get to where I am today. But in that time I have found myself and I love it. #100poundsdown #flexitpink #lovingmylife #notgoingback


If you're going to follow the rules these are the ones! πŸ‘ŒπŸ¦„


Good morning F.i.P! Last chance to cheers in a slay cup with us! We left it on the website for a few more hours. Only a few left. Slay this week beautiful babes!!!! XOXO #FlexitPink


Tomorrow is starts a fresh new week. Don't let the start stop you! Let's finish 2018 strong!!!!


Check out @kimkniivila taking advantage of our #FeatureFriday bundle deals!!! Last day do to snag this week's is today. @kimkniivila we see it motivating you and you're crushing it!!! Happy Sunday F.i.P 😘


Who tuned up that Badassery meter today?? We know ur FiP babes are out there kicking some bootttayyy!!! #FlexitPink


Pink packages are making their way to door steps all over the world as we prepare for our 6th Annual Pink Pumpkin Run!!! All remaining packages have been listed on the website so if you still want to join us and put some miles in for a great cause, then head on over to our website and check it out πŸ€— #runfortheboobies #Repost @mrsgarcia1290 ・・・ My Flex it Pink box came in! Can't wait to rock this months tank! As a female, it's important to take time to check yourself and save those tatas! A quick check in the shower is all you need and it can make all the difference! This months box truly is a great reminder that we need to take the time for our health mentally and physically.


It's Friday!!!! Tag all πŸ¦„ who apply and let's cheers to these beautiful ladies!!!! #FlexitPink


#FeatureFriday Deal is here!!! We have 20 left over Slay Travel Tumblers from our September Boxes. they are marked as today's deal bundled with 4 slay coasters for 12.97! Limited quantity get yours in time for cold weather coming soon!!! Happy Friday F.i.P XOXO #FlexItPink

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