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We are addicted to workout clothes, workout clothes are addicted to us!! Am I right ladies? #FlexItPink


When women support, empower, and inspire one another.... incredible things happen!!! #girlpower #empoweringwomen #FlexItPink


Happy Monday ladies! There are so many possibilities today! Up and at em'! Move quickly 😘


Tag all your beaches!!! Walk like your hips move mountains ladies! You're GORGEOUS!!!! XOXO


Ok which one of you F.i.P moms wrote this?! 😜 We hope you all have a fantastic run day, lift day, or rest day whatever your Sunday may be 😘 XOXO #FlexitPink


When you FiP community is out there crushing goals 😍 you girls really know how to kick some boottaayyyy like this babe @fitchick_trainerjess Who else crushed some weekend goals??? #notstrongforagirljuststrong #FlexItPink 💪🏻 Tank available at www.flexitpink.com


If you're ever unhappy, pizza is always the answer 😂 happy Saturday F.i.P ♡


Ohhhhhh my goodness ladies!!! We can't even begin to tell you how much fuel you put in our tank with all your out pouring of love and support you have been sending us after receiving your May Boxes!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We truly put all our heart and soul into your monthly shipments in hopes it keeps filling your motivational tank. And it goes full circle right back to us! We loooovvveeeee you all!! XOXO #FlexitPink Just one message of the many amazing you all have sent over the last few days ♡ Shout out to one amazing 5 year old! 👇 "Y’all are amazing! We adore you and talk about you and the community you have created constantly. Every month my (now 5 year old) daughter fights me for what she thinks is going to be for her! We love getting the pink bags, we love the amazing support, we love everything about Flex it Pink! Thank you for all your continued hard work!❤️"


With the Royal Wedding tomorrow this was fitting 😘 You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down. She's a dreamer and a doer, she sees possibility everywhere. Straighten that crown out ladies and have a happy Friday 👑 XOXO


Don't mind us we just have googly eyes over the all new, ALL exclusive F.i.P Run for the Heroes capri! We spent an entire day personal designing these leggings to honor our heroes. They are made on demand here in the USA for FiP members only, so please allow 10 business days to receive them. We are so excited and we can't wait to design more fun leggings for our girls. What theme/pattern do you want see next? Click on the product in the bio to order 🇺🇸 @annasfitlife is in a small @elishavfitness is in a medium ********************************** **CAPRIS ARE BLACK AND WHITE**


🎵 If it's meant to be it'll be 🎵 😘 F.i.P


It's a fact every woman we see in Flex it Pink apparel is strong and beautiful!!!!! #Repost @_jaissa_01_ • "When you wake up tired as hell, but you hit your max of 102Kg (225lbs). Well I guess I woke up the beast"!!! • @_jaissa_01_ is wearing our NOT STRONG FOR A GIRL, I'M JUST STRONG tank and wow is that right?!!!!! Have a strong day F.i.P 😘 XOXO #FlexitPink


You are that unicorn 🦄 in a field of horses!!!!! Go get your sparkle on girlfriend and shine on. #unicornmode #FlexItPink


Due to a high demand for this box to be sold as a one-time only, we have listed all remaining sizes on the site. This blue is gorgeous and it's getting a lot of attention because it looks gorgeous on all the ladies. If you signed up after the 10th for the Run for the Heroes box and still want this box please email us and we can adjust the dates to get this shipment. It's your lucky day!!! Click on the product in the photo for more info XOXO #FlexitPink Photo credit @genesis_bsn_rn


You CAN do this! Put one step in front of the other. We got you girl!!! Let's crush Wednesday 💪 XOXO #FlexitPink


Ending this weeks #PinkTransformation Tuesday, we shared her before but this these words were too good not to share her again..... #Repost @weightlosshero ・・・ I found my “before” swimsuit in a drawer today. It took some creativity (and a lot of safety pins), but I wanted to try it on. . I remember taking the photo on the left as if I took it this morning. . “How did I let myself get like this?” . “Why can’t I stop eating??” . After I took this photo, I hid it in a photo vault and promised myself no one would ever see it. . I then went and binged on sugary foods until I was so full I wanted to throw up. . I was out of control. . I felt like it was impossible. I had so much weight to lose. . I would think “just set a goal to lose 20 pounds”....but that thought was immediately followed by “you’ll still hate how you look and feel...even if you lose 20 pounds...” . But I made a decision that night: I’m never going to feel this way again. . Even if I lose 5 pounds...I feel 2% less bad as I did before. . I promised myself that: every day, in every way, I would become better and better. . I learned that it’s okay to fail, as long as you fail forward. The goal is progress...not perfection. . And somewhere along the way...I learned to love myself again. Flaws and all. They make me terribly unique. . I hope that if you are struggling today...that you come to that place of saying “I don’t care how long it takes me...I’m ready to fight for the kind of life that I want to live”.


Next up in today's #PinkTransformation is a helpful tip from @petitefitfox We loooovvveeeee high waisted leggings!!!!! #Repost ・・・ High waisted leggings are the best thing since avocado toast. 5 second abs! Both of these pictures are equally beautiful. Love the skin you're in. #bodypositive #loveyourself #bodydiversity #mombody #beyourownfriend #fitness #momblogger #bopo #strong #weightloss #fitgirl #fitmommy #weightlossjourney #healthy #honormycurves #yoga #postpartumbody #motivation #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bopowarrior #effyourbeautystandards #fitgirlfollow #mombodtribe #eatclean #fitbabesunited #happy #bikinibody #yoga #nonairbrushedme


Happy #PinkTransformation Tuesday! Kicking it off with a F.i.P beauty who hit her 100lbs gone mark!!! And we are so very proud of her!!!! #Repost @thestairlady ・・・ There's a quote "Imagine how incredible you'd be one year from now if you stopped fantasizing about a better life and actively starting building one" ... well... not even a year ago could I have imagined this. Losing weight has been great and I can't wait to accomplish more goals but being in the state of mind I'm in is even better than the weightloss. The amount of happiness, confidence, love, pride and self-trust I have for myself is beyond any number on the scale. So that quote means so much more to me than numbers and looks do. Keep believing in yourself and keep working hard one day at a time, one year goes by faster than you think. . . . . . . . . . #transformationtuesday #bodytransformation #weightlossprogress #weightloss #fattofit #obesetobeast #fatfitgirl #ketotransformation #weightlosstransformation #ketojourney #fitmom #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #ketoworks #goaldigger #transformation #beforeandafter #ketomom #beforeandduring #progress #igfitmom #tfitqueen #determination

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